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From murrica, to strayans
With love <3

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First the toast

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Now the Mayo

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A gentle but firm hand turns this into a decadent sauce
Vegemite is on

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Cheese please

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Sexy mushies

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And the peace day resistance
Fuck yeah

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Now if there's anyone I'd want to die, it'd be you

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This whole thred

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Degenerate pot toker.

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Cool. Now eat the screwdriver. Put some tomato sauce on it.

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i dont like this

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There goes your chance at buying a house mate

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Could be good.
Best regards, German.

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Agaritine has been shown to induce adenomas and adenocarcinomas in the lungs of mice when administered through drinking water.[11] It has also been shown to cause bladder cancer in mice.[2]

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I didn’t know this but I guess I won’t eat raw mushrooms anymore lol

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Why is your toaster sideways ? It's gonna fly out and drop to the floor

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That’s the pre-vegemite seasoning m8
Down in straya, a plate comes at the cost of walking a country mile or two.

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Do Strayans really do this?

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Using dental floss to slice avocado?

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Thanks for understanding my appreciation of a fine man
No the knife retard
Bastardized versions in foreign lands do

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You can't backpedal now degenerate.
Fucking dental floss, fucking burgermutticlaps

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Just because I make food on my bathroom counter doesn’t mean I include the bathroom shit in my food preparation
God, the knife is even visible in the pic you retard

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>tape measure
>dental floss
>weed grinder
>duct tape

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yo this nigga eatin' floss

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>Lol so random
>Aren't I random and wacky? XD
>Give me attention
>Lol lol how random I am
That's nice, sweaty

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