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What's your favorite piece on the bird?
>Do you like a nice meaty thigh?
>How about a big juicy breast?
>A pile of tasty chicken wings?
>Or a savory drumstick?
What's your pleasure /ck/?

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smashed and slammed

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Is that a purebreed American

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blacks are the missing link connecting humans to monkeys

everyone knows it but we aren't allowed to talk about it

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My grandpa eats chicken like that

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i dont think youve ever seen a black person because that nigga is most definitely not black

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I only eat the meat because I'm not dark enough to scarf down cartilage

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Loved this episode of star trek, shame they didn't make more originals.

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Pretty sure that's some sort of pacific asian islander.

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Back to pol retard

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This guy is Filipino lol, some sort of local internet star or something, forgot his handle

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Marcus Chong really has fallen on hard times since the Matrix.

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Why are you associating chicken with /pol/?

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Bone in skin on thigh, also drumsticks

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thats a brazilian not an african

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