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What are you supposed to look at when you eat alone at a fine dining restaurant?

I don't have a problem eating alone at fast casual places, the patio of a cafe, or even sitting at the bar. However, eating alone at a fine dining white table cloth type restaurant seems uncomfortable to me, how do you do it? It seems gauche to pull out your phone, and you don't want to look around at other patrons, so do you just stare at your food the whole time?

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They put a Japanese folding screens around your solo table so that other guests don't have to look at the incel.

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Bring a book

Bonus points if it's philosophical garbage or economics and depending on where you live you might get some nods from a cute waitress at your epic decision to bring Marx's Capital to your $40+ fine dining solo meal lmao

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Find the toughest looking man there and stare at him to assert dominance

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I usually like to browse /b/

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Bring a laptop and watch anime with the sound up

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Cellphone is fine or just plug in some headphones and catch up on podcasts or audiobooks.

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You look at whatever the fuck you want.
I will literally browse listings of Japanese girls selling their used school socks.
No establishment which caters to a well-paying customer base will ever EVER do anything judgmental which would make their customers feel uncomfortable.
If they somehow made an issue out of “anon was buying used socks so he could smell Japanese girls feet”, then they’d also lose customers who want to discuss insider trading or political favors.
Discretion is a rule at such places, or they aren’t in business for long.

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Who gives a shit what other people think of you, complete strangers lmao. It's not like you are bothering anybody by having a loud phone call or whatever.

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always bring a date

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The menu, probably, and keep your mask on when not shoveling gruel into your yapper. Obedience is virtue.

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