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/ck/ YLYL you lose

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Oh, this is going to be a good thread.

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I'm a on seafood diet I sea food eat and it

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People pay for this

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>paying to eat this faggots elbow flakes
>guy is clearly an NPC
>robo chad

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would probably be good if if he chopped the rib, halved the amount of meat and cheese.

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mac and cheese is easy to overeat

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fuck it plug in the turkey

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my turkey is battery operated because I live innawoods

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Nearly got me you silly rascal.

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>women amirite fellas?

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This is one of those memes the blue checkmarks think ought to replace comedy that makes fun of minorities

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I'll see your Hot Possums, and raise you Hot Rockets.

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>modern western women

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why do they call it oven when you of in the cold food of out hot eat the food

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So nice that the singer from Coldplay finally got to meet his idol, thom yorke

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god I hate w*men

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how do you fuck up that hard

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This guy is a bona fide clown

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This got a solid exhale from the nose and a grin from me. Dumb fucking bitch. I hate people ignoring table manners to take picture of their food bt its ita some kind of exquisite 200 dollar plate I dokt get mad at it anymore. But this bitch putting herself front and center with that stupid fucking duck face. Spilling her broth which was probably a let component but she doesnt know or care. I'd have her removed if that were my restaurant.

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I couldnt believe how many of these tweets there was

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I love these memes. This one caught me off guard

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The thumbnail alone still gives me anxiety

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when you've had servants spoon feed you your whole life

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is this the boomer meme thread

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woke zoomers were more into it anon

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well that's just a lot of pain in one image

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I'd beat the shit out of that whore, break her ugly nose, then kill her in minecraft

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Based Chef John. This is literally how must speak with modern day Americans so that they get it. They really are this retarded.

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why did it catch on fire for a second?

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i see nothing wrong with this

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then read the hashtags. you may also marvel at the quantity of them

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what did u say mutherfucker?

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i don't get it

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what is a bay leaf

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I wish this guy would get covid and die

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These are great

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this thread is officially shit

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Must of had the munchies to come up with this kek

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Does he contract an elementary school for his graphics design?

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The Best You'll Every Taste!

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God why so much hate? I would never eat that crap but he did a good job making it look so good and cool.

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Oh come on, we've all done that before

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crazy thing is lawful good is the exact same as chaotic evil because there is a small unpinched space that the bag clip can't hold closed. twist and tuck is the true way, or twist and tuck + rubberband if you really feel the need. also ALL unopened loafs go in freezer.

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Are men like this redeemable?

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No. Twitch mods are the lowest of the low, there is no way back from such degeneracy

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alright ya got me

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You guys know about twist and reuse bag clip, right?

>> No.15727898

post bob and vagene

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I do

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almost forgot what kind of thread this is you motherfucker, nice try

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>get covid

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It's filmed on video and the metal reflected the studio lights which overloaded some of the censors in the camera briefly

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>Yeah bruh, I can handle icy food. I eat coldpockets

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I'd pay extra for this guy to not prep my food

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>chile pepper

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Premium german engineering, the force exerted on the milk by the scissors created a miniature sun

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i think that was a new carton design he didn't like and he was being retarded on purpose to try and show how bad it was

>> No.15728074

>so i made this recipe but i didn't use any of the listed ingredients
>i give it 1/5 stars

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I can't tell if this is a genuine attempt at humour or if it's some anti-joke.

>> No.15728122

It's Glen Larson, it's not supposed to make sense

>> No.15728143

it's sad that i remember that post
almost five years ago

>> No.15728146

Retarded fucking dipshit alcoholics

>> No.15728154


>> No.15728162

Lost, you pleasant bitch.

>> No.15728195

I don't read dune coon runes. What's that say?

>> No.15728198

It doesn't matter. The joke is that the Swedish fish are Arabs.

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>Comes in 4 flavors
>Lists 3

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This image is cursed, it's 666 pixels wide and the man pictured is clearly pozzed by the devil himself.

>> No.15728226

25k for a recipe that is probably abottle of vinegar and BBQ flavourings

>> No.15728229

>he thinks pozzed means possessed
lol how embarrassing

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This is sadly still a very common mistake in Europe.
Turkeys are American and therefore made for 120 volts. Plugging them into the standard 230 v European sockets will fry the circuits.

Thank God this guy showed up with his fresh Reddit meme to fix the shitty thread.

>> No.15728296

i want this cake

>> No.15728321

He comes off as a pretentious jackass. He also ruined that meat with the full pound of cheese he poured on

>> No.15728355

>windows' printing test page
keked hard

>> No.15728359

I dont get it

>> No.15728362

He's holding the ice cream incorrectly, normal custom would be to hold it with the stick rather than the chocolate edible part.

>> No.15728365

I have seen the light

>> No.15728378

you tell me

>> No.15728388

You're welcome.

>> No.15728392

wonder if anyone bought this yet

>> No.15728408

Chicken isn't vegan?

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>he thinks there's a difference.
How unfortunate for him.

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>not using wireless turkey in current year

>> No.15728454

Maybe it's because I'm not an bitter incel but I thought she's just dissatisfied with that shit she got.

>> No.15728457

God I hate when poor people get their government money and blow it on pretending to be wealthy.

>> No.15728459
File: 2.94 MB, 640x360, Vegan Chicken Nuggets.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Chicken CAN be vegan

>> No.15728466

>Plays rich but trashy retards like a fiddle by being a fucking clown while cutting meat and letting them pay triple for it.

>> No.15728483

wow biden looked great when he was younger

>> No.15728495

Yep, I lasted that short as well

>> No.15728504

Holy fuck my Grandma was neutral evil all along

>> No.15728516

It's how older people have to talk with younger people. I don't know any older people who watch chef john.

>> No.15728536

I don't even find a single one of these slightly funny, this must be some special kind of autism

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>> No.15728553

What the fuck is american mustard?

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you tried

>> No.15728558

Basically the same as ketchup, but with turmeric instead of tomato

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jack: the rolling meme

>> No.15728569


Shit that got me early

>> No.15728615

Thanks, these are all gold

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love ya jack bby

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A horse walks into a bar.
The bartender say: why the long face?

>> No.15728732

Ok the pineapple tickled me a little bit

>> No.15728780

find yourself a girl who looks at you like she looks at an Ortolan bunting

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>> No.15728851

>does literally nothing

>> No.15728853

Bless their gearts, except the obvious bullshit
>I hope it's obvious bullshit

>> No.15728884

only the PBR one stands out to me as "you couldn't possibly be this dumb"

>> No.15728904
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>> No.15728916

lol, post it on /g/

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>> No.15728923

Wrong, leaving the bag open has much more airflow. It will go stale quicker. The bag clip works fine. That's why bread isn't stale when you buy it with a bag clip on it

>> No.15728996

/ck/ has completely convinced me that bongs are literal trash people but also the ones to survive any apocalypse

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>> No.15729004

the country of norf fc will not survive any major war again.

>> No.15729014


>> No.15729061


I don't get it.



You should take the bay leaves out of your food BEFORE serving it to people, even if they are Chipotle costumers.

You shouldn't mix chicken and pasta on the same dish.

These are the people who call your food "sloppa."

>> No.15729095

fuck you you got me

>> No.15729110
File: 2.90 MB, 640x360, 1614179684061.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15729114

kys fucktard

>> No.15729128
File: 2.91 MB, 532x300, 1614025876170.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15729136

God I wish I saved the version with sound

>> No.15729178



>> No.15729182

yeah this guys fuckin possessed, standing around with his shirt off. serious demon activity.

>> No.15729191

where's fridge?

>> No.15729198
File: 134 KB, 1027x1051, 1407717072593.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15729208

where's the fucking chicken?

>> No.15729219

says i'm coming to rape you lol

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