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Is he a genuinely a good chef or just a pushed meme celebrity?

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He's a good chef but an abusive asshole in the kitchen.

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someone post the webm's

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When they do kitchen nightmares does he get to now own a percentage of those companies

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He did I think 5 seasons of the Kitchen Nightmare UK version... I think it was called Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares.

It's one of the finest food related series/shows I have ever watched. And you can't help but just love Gordon. He is the real deal. Super down to earth, but really intense as well. Very interesting series to watch and I highly recommend if you can find it somewhere. It's nothing like the USA trash TV kitchen nightmares.

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Yes. He is a TV personality but he's also got more Michelin stars than anyone else.
Gordon plays to his audience. Thats why the American version is so bombastic and dramatic. He understands catering to your audience is an important part of being a chef.

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kek he fell for the meme

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is everyone on this site fucking retarded and young? another post asked how McD's became popular if there are hundreds of other cheap burger places.

do you think Ramsay just became relevant because you saw him on tik tok? or because all his hell's kitchens episodes are free now? yes he's a good fucking chef. he owned and operated a bunch of world class restaurants around the world. he is very theatrical and is one of the pioneers in in the professional/entertainer crossover.

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Of course he's a good chef, his records speak for themselves in terms of his Michelin stars. The main reason he's so popular is because of his entertaining personality though

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the only bad thing about him is he is a (((scot)))

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>he's also got more Michelin stars than anyone else.
Thats blatantly false.

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Personally my measure of a good chef is whether or not they can execute the simplest of meals. Take grilled cheese for example. Any "chef" who can't pull of melting cheese between two slices of nicely toasted bread doesn't deserve to call themselves a chef. Does anyone know if Gordon has ever filmed himself making a humble grilled cheese? That would answer our questions well.

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He was good, but then he got a taste of making American television and went downhill fast.

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>Personally my measure of a good chef is whether or not they can execute the simplest of meals. Take grilled cheese for example. Any "chef" who can't pull of melting cheese between two slices of nicely toasted bread doesn't deserve to call themselves a chef.
They used to say that eggs was the litmus of beginning chef to actual chef. Temperature control is paramount. A good chef needs not to rely upon adding cream or cheats, just good technique.

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Yeah, a great one!

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reminder that James May beat Ramsay at making fish pies

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he just mimics that man who taught him, Marco Peirre White, who taught all the big Celebrity chefs, while Gordon is fun angry calling people donuts, Marco was an actual sociopath, both are good cooks though

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imagine giving a shit about gold stars from a tire company

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this is how I feel when I'm cooking or preparing food in front of "an audience".
I can make delicious food with no worries on my own, but with someone at the table watching me work, I feel I can see every indelicate slipup, every jerk of the wrist, every dripped-drop, etc. in hyperfocus. And it is moritfying.

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>make sure bread isn't too thick
>cuts inch thick pieces
>randomly putting in kimchi
>salts the bread
Gordon, pls.
Butter, bread, cheese. That's all you need.

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>Marco was an actual sociopath

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his genes betrayed him

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What the fuck. Even comment section is shitting on him.

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Who is that faggot?

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I like his shows, both usa and uk
Very good food shows

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He’s just an asshole

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>solo guitar riffs in background
i hate american television

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he 3 things
1. a great chef and restaurateur
2. a tv celebrity and media character
3. fucking old and desperate for attention & relevance OR a victim of his producers that are wringing him for every penny

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Complete tosser

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if you can't tell the top one is significantly bigger than the bottom u have autism friend.

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literally google it you retard

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Watch his first TV show.

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reminder that I beat Ramsay at making grilled cheese

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>two types of cheese
>throw them next to each other half and half instead of shredding and mixing
Please develop an equal aversion to American imageboards.

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Marco Pierre White's son. A literal subhuman.

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He doesnt even try to eat the bottom one.

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That’s a work brother

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Yeah the uk show is pretty good less theatrics but I noticed on the newest season of Hell’s Kitchen he’s more just himself less with the angry chef gimmick

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He used to be a fantastic chef. He sold out and now he fucks up grilled cheeses and whatever the hell >>15725481 is

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bottom one is still too big

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He once set fire to James Cordens studio trying to fry bacon.

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he makes me lol

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if i had to guess he's a pedophile who cooked children for the elite rituals

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if i had to guess you haven't taken your meds yet today anon

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Top tier kek

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Do you feel the same way about Christian AKA Dubs Man?

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Marco is more intimidating anyway

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Haven't been to a restaurant of his he actually works in since the mid 2000s but he certainly was a stellar chef, and his restaurants are still good. However I just see him as an entertainer now. Makes good informative shows for the UK market and makes retarded same script 10 season shows for the retarded Amerifat buffoon market. He knows which one is easier and makes him more money.

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In Anthony Bourdain's book Kitchen Confidential he talks about a time when a chef de partie was complaining about being too hot in MPWs kitchen. MPW got a knife and cut the back panel out of his chefs jacket while he was wearing it and told him he should be nice and cool now.

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That's based

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Go watch Boiling Point on Youtube.

Great documentary about him opening his first restaurants and trying to get 3 Michelin stars. Bonus points for Marco Pierre White appearances

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I think he's a very good chef that knows how to play the game and how to market himself very, very well.
I wish they went back to the more genuine, UK type of kitchen nightmares. So much better.

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I think everyone ITT agrees that he was a great chef trained under another highly exceptional chef, but once he fell for the fame and money meme his skills declined and went to the shitter.

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>is skills declined and went to the shitter.
I mean maybe but how do you know this?

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how would you feel if paying customers came to your restaurant expecting high quality dining and someone walks up and drops raw bland shit infront of you and asks you to serve it to a customer? i bet you would get pretty mad.

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>good cook

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>The kimchi, which will give a nice spicy texture
>spicy texture
I had to turn it off

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T. Never worked in a kitchen

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unironically, you should.

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The bottom one is big but still manageable to fits in your palm and also stacks a bit higher.

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