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Trying to find the absolute best stuff collected/written in existence.

Double the stuffing in this recipe

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Have you made these?

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good bread , i'll bump until i can get to my recipes

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thanks a lot OP
I'd contribute but...
I know one by heart so here. chili dogs were tradition on Xmas eve at grandmas house. dogs warmed in the chili.
3lbs. ground beef browned, & drained grease
chop an onion and cook it with the meat in getting brown
return to sauce pan
one of the small cans of tomato paste
three cans of water, use the empty tomato paste can
stir and add seasoning, have fun with this part
chili powder, home made chili powder please. salt pepper. add what ever you like. the most compliments I received was when I made it with cayenne pepper and cinnamon
it wasn't my favorite but stoners are easy to please when camping. and we had a hobo pie maker so that chili sauce was gone before the night ended
I like to add regular mustard and ketchup to the sauce.
simmer and bob's your uncle

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Yup, about 4 times now, make double the stuff but don't necessarily use it all up, you can kind of sus out how much is the perfect amount of ooze.

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Love this

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homemade tacobell

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first step, get to drunk to drive to taco bell

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next take a ridiculously long time doing prep work
first cut up;
iceberg lettuce
bell pepper
green onion
then shred cheddar cheese and heat refried beans while you saute onions, peppers and garlic

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>buying flour tortillas
If you can make bread you can make tortillas. You just need a pan and a rolling pin

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put all that shit on a wrapper along with some sour cream and hot sauce and roll it up

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>put all that shit on a wrapper
Tortilla. It is called tortilla.

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light sear in a tiny amount of butter and enjoy

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give me the best dough recipe, I'm down to save some money
Can I bake a little one in a toaster oven?

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Imagine if this were a forum devoted to cooking, where contributors felt competitive pressure to post uniquely great recipes....


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They need to be made in something hot and flat, like a pan. No oven.
Let me search for a few recipes in spanish.

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i bake all the time but if i want some quick munchies i just steal my room mates shit, plus if i'm making wrappers from scratch i'll make corn wrappers because when they're fresh they actually taste decent (unlike store bought corn wrappers which taste like chemicals)

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it just like flour, water and lard and roll them out with wax paper and toast in a dry upside down cast iron pan.

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but i'm white :(

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Would an unridged panini press do the trick maybe? Or do you mean just an actual frying pan/wok?
Can I substitute unsalted butter or will it just burn/crumble?

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The word wrapper is used as a substitute if you don't know how the thing is called, but you know it is called tortilla.

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never tried with butter, Crisco works. Butter might brown up to much because of it's low smoke point, you might wind up with more of a cracker then a flexible wrapper, idk try searching for a recipe that uses butter because you might just need to use more or less to get it right (or close)

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Get a room.

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A pan and a wok will work just fine, it just needs to be hot enough. Rural ladies would use discarded circular blades from agricultural machines over a fire.

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>The word wrapper is used as a substitute if you don't know how the thing is called
It's also used as a substitute if you're to retarded to spell "tortilla"

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You can try, but lard would be preferred, and shortening as a substitute (people generally use shortening), and if in an emergency you can just use normal oil.

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based and comfy
okay, thanks, I'll look around

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Remember, you need to use warm water on the hot side to mix the dough. Also when cooking it, after putting the tortilla in the pan and then flipping it once, you need to press the tortilla intermittently with a towel or something into the pan so it will be done more evenly and hopefully puff up.

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made this with my mom today in fact, sorry I don't have any pictures of the completed project

Turkish pickled cabbage - Tur┼čusu

You'll need:
Mason Jars with good lids
White Vinegar
Red Cabbage
Hot Pepper of any variety (used jalapenos this time)
Dill (Optional)
Carrots (Optional)
Whatever other shit is good for pickling (Optional)

Try to get as fresh ingredients as you can so that they don't go bad during the pickling

1. Chop up your ingredients - Red cabbage is better in BIG chunks, 2 inches wide and as long as you like
Peel your garlic and half your carrots in both directions - you can slice the garlic if you want
Slice your peppers however big you prefer, I like em thick

2. Boil your jars:
- pretty simple. put your jars in boiling water and let them sit in there for a bit.
you should also boil your lids, but no need to go for as long
make sure you let them cool down a bit before moving on to next step

3. This step will change based on how big your jars are, we used 1 Liter/1 Quart jars so scale up or down based on what you have:
- Shove your cabbage, 4 or five cloves of garlic, and a handful of pepper slices. add carrots or whatever if you did that too.

4. add salt and dill
2 teaspoons of salt for a quart jar is what we decided to try this time, but we always forget what we did last time so itll be up to you to experiment some.
also a teaspoon of dill if you want

5. add vinegar
1/3 of the jar full of vinegar usually does well, and it transfers between sizes :D
fill to near the top with water, but leave a bit of space up there.

6. final steps
Close up your lids, throw it in the fridge for 2-3 weeks until you've got a nice purple color
open up and enjoy on sandwiches or whatever

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i recall a video i saw years ago where a Mexican lady split open a large ziplock baggy and would put a ball of dough in the center then roll it out and it would peel off real easy to be cooked, seemed like it worked well otherwise you'll be trying to scrape it off the counter and it will want to tear apart and make life harder then it needs to be.

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Looks good. You're mom sounds cool.

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>White Vinegar
Wanna give it a punch? Use an unfiltered red wine vinegar, trust me.

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man i loved canning food at the end of the season until we made some pickled banana pepper rings with my grandpa... 6 months later he tried some and died from botulism, it was fucking horrific! we threw out everything we had canned (entire pantry) and now we're super sketchy about all our food. Just be careful anon, follow sanitation steps carefully because it's impossible to know how much you rely on someone until they're not there

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thanks anon, she really is.
I'd post her recipe for borek, a baked spiral of spinach and feta chese(you can cheat using blue) inside a crunchy and flakey outer dough;
but I don't have it perfectly memorized and I'd hate to do it a disservice.

I'll try that next time

thanks for the advice, we've had a few batches that went bad, but nothing as scary as botulism before. You tend to forget the risks associated with making food until it happens to you or someone you care about huh.

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>Post yr mum's best recipes
If I posted them, and you faggots started making them, they wouldn't be my mum's recipes any more, would they?

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