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Rate my Walmart haul

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Are you black or brown?

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How many threads do you make a day? 100? You suck dog dicks.

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usually 2 at most

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Too much spice.

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>old trapper jerky

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How long do you think you can keep this up? If you’re in late 20s like I assume then you have five-ten years until a health problem develops. Really hope you don’t smoke cigarettes.

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dude you never fucking eat vegetables. stop eating overcooked meat and shitty whiskey

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no cigs but weed sometimes

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Youre gonna just die one of these days

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we all will

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That’s good. But you gotta stop this if you want to see 40 without beetus/hypertension/sickle cell

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Do you ever eat fruits and vegetables?

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yea I like the green giant broccoli in light butter sauce. I also like the popeyes spinach in a can

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Are you black?

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no, im white

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he's probably a line cook or a bartender

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Pretty sure he’s a NEET. Not that there’s anything wrong with that

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i wish my walmart sold fireball.

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your walmart doesnt have a liquor store in it?

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im in the bible belt. most of our grocery stores cant carry anything stronger than wine.

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I think he works at McDonald's

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I dont think an indoor job would tolerate what this creature probably smells like.

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Na Uncle Joey pays me more not to work and thats gonna be extended till Sept

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man you have shit taste and definitely a spic or nigger. you're not planing on living long are you?

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lol you realized reused the same lager and fireball bottles from last night for your gay little photoshoot.

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Since OP is a drunken illiterate, I'll translate the best I can:

"I purchased and/or stole a can of peanuts and a bag of jerky from Wal*Mart. Then, I drunkenly proceeded to the nearest gas station equipped with metal detectors and bulletproof glass to purchase and/or steal malt liquor and a few bags of potato and corn chips. I then took this picture with a vintage olive oil jar that I stole from the local thrift store and strategically placed in a way that I might seem like I've read the first three pages of The Great Gatsby."

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oh so cute littledoggie. u not smart u is dumb. glasses dont change that face

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>man you have shit taste and definitely a spic or nigger.
Not even. Spicy chips are the big zoomer craze now. They got it from spics and niggers, of course. Spics at my middle school used to grind up hot cheetos and snort them along with some shitty candy powder called Lucas.

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You’re a fag

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>whiskey glasses in full view on the kitchen counter

i would hate to be ur wife

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Further OP has ever gotten with a girl is asking to borrow a pencil in special ed

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Hit the nail on the head, huh, OP?

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u seem mad

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I’m not OP. You’re a fag for writing that out though. OPs a faggot too as usual

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>I’m not OP

Sure thing, not OP...

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>sickle cell
I'm not saying this guys life style is healthy but I'm pretty sure that's not how that works.

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OPs typing style is totally different.

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I figured he was implying OP was black.

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he gets the same thing every night bro.

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I cannot even imagine the levels of indigestion and how bad your asshole must hurt every morning.
It’s probably raw and bleeding and chapped

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its not actually

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They don't do shit.
The doritos taste like shit. They only offend your tongue.
A single serrano pepper has more spiciness than the whole bag.

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Post butthole

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>trash goes to a trash place to buy trash
wouldn't expect less

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Walmart is a American classic

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Its fucking steel reserve

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its technically not malt liquor

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Dangerously based
Except the fireball

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>Walmart haul
About what you'd expect/10

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why the fireball hate?

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early death/10

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This is legit depressing. Are you showing this to us because you're proud of yourself? I'm asking sincerely because I need to understand what is taking place in your mind when you look at all this.
What you have here is fine if you're taking it over to a friend's house for poker night with the guys.
But we know that's not what this is. This is shit that you bought for yourself to sit at home and eat while sitting in a second hand recliner watching reruns of Rue Paul's Drag Race before kicking off your 86th replay of Cuties. Later you'll start a dozen BBC worship threads on /b/ then pass out with those empty Fireball bottle wedged halfway up your ass.

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fuck those oversalted shits

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honestly, really want to go find some steel reserve now. I haven't had any since before covid
Nice haul OP

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do it bro

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im not eating it all one night or even in the next few nights lol just like snacking on it

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I bought some last night because I'm broke and fucking hell is it so much worse than I remember.

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