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Love a light brekkie me

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How many kcals is that?

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Why does the sausage patties look like burnt car tires?

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That's black pudding not sausage patties dumb Amerishart

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Thats blood pudding, my yankee doodle dandy.

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Well, then the rest of the meal and associated beverages is fine, non Amerishart.

I see no issue here.

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God why are Americans always this dumb?

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gr8 b8 m8

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Can someone identify the sauces?

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Amarillo hot sauce
Not-hp with mild chili

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Why beans? I mean really? Beans?

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How are you going to get through all that fatty meat without an acidic component?

The beans themselves are tender and give you the resistant starch you want from a meal meant to last like this.

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>Waaa waa waa acid component
Man the fuck up you pussy bitch

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Proclaims the mutt scared of a few beans

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Thanks based anon.

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Remove tomatoes and mushrooms
Replace white toast with hash browns/soda bread/more potato farls

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Nobody fucking eats blood pudding in America, why would we know? If I saw someone eating some shit like that for breakfast I'd probably kick their ass and shove my dick down their throat for breakfast. MM MM GOOD

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Because of ww2. Heinz baked beans were given to Britain as aid and the rest is history.

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>remove tomatoes and mushrooms
what the fuck is wrong with you?
>replace white toast with hash browns
keep the toast, add extra hash browns

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>Amarillo hot sauce, Not-hp with mild chili
Not with Heinz red sauce

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>blood pudding

Barf. I'm glad I live in a civilized country and not middle east #2

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>red sauce

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Red sauce is much more traditional on a fry up than some sort of curry sauce.
Trust me.
I've grown up around this food all my life

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England has like over a thousand years of history yet all of its food comes from shitty WW2 rations. Wtf is up with that?

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that is a light brekkie because only 1/4th of it is edible

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...What part of those sauces mentioned seem like a curry sauce to you?

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remove blood pudding because what am i harry potter? remove tomatoes and mushrooms remove sliced ham and replace sausage with proper breakfast sausage and I'm golden

heck, add some flapjacks on the side for me too

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WW2 is the foundation myth for our society. Yours too. You can tell this because it's impossible to properly study it like you would study, say, the Civil War or Franco-Prussian war. WW2 revisionism is to the modern westerner what Catholic heresy was to the medieval man.

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Go on

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The English unironically eat blood? what is wrong with those savages

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Absolutely spot on.

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>Nobody fucking eats blood pudding in America
citation needed

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>no marmalade
>hot sauce instead of Worcestershire
>pitiful amount of beans
>fucking Guinness
>no ale
3/8 would not eat

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Just gonna be honest here
Sub out the puddings for more bacon, sub the beans for more tomato and mushrooms
Know it's not traditional but i like it better

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Fucking based

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Because they're tasty, and it looks like Americans like them too

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Is this the recommended size of serving by the Queen?

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By drinking tea.

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Black pudding is great, maybe you should actually frequent a butcher.

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>implying they consume blood pudding in the middle east

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looks like at least 1,5-2 megacalories (Mcal)

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>Amerisharts having an opinion on food

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Can someone explain why Europeans are so easy to troll? Do they have a different system of humor?

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they cant handle banter very well

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For real though, it would be a top tier breakfast above criticism and mockery except for the "traditional" blood pudding which is always going to be the butt of jokes, the name is compound stupidity even as a native Brit, and it's not even good. Poverty food absolutely can be a treat but in this case we need to modernize. It's not a remoaner thing either it's just good sense.

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Kill you're self redditfag

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Unbelievably based. The best way to filter foreigners and fags and strengthen UK-US relations is to come together acknowledging the joy of baked beans.
Mexico is also invited though just for being bean experts.

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>remove mushrooms
I'll remove your focken teeth m8

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Because we have been conditioned to expect Americans to be retarded.

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You really don't understand how true that is

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Bruh just say 1500-2000 kcal you absolute retard.

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I love beans. When I do baked beans I always add some mustard, brown sugar, maple syrup, fresh black pepper, and worcestershire. Though I just can't do it for breakfast. Cold pizza, Chinese take out, I've eaten all sorts of stuff for breakfast, just not fucking beans.

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>The metric system is so much better because conversions are easier!
>*converts big numbers to something more manageable*
>What the fuck, don't convert units you retard!

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by far the most nutritious part of that unhealthy af britfat meal besides the eggs.

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flibbin eck, got the supreme brekkie, do we? how delightful

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remove all the pork and dare we call is based

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>remove all the pork

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whats the name of the two different sized stuffed sausages?

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papa died while ham was cooking in the oven

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Noice....now whens lunch?

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How I would fix it

>Replace the beer with water or black coffee
>Get rid of the toast and the other carbs on the right
>Only 1 kind of pork, not 4
>tomatoes not fried
>baked beans in something less salty than that sauce

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mexican here
that looks good but I like my eggs mixed with the sausages

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Americans seething YET AGAIN

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So destroy all fun? You know not all of us are fatasses with no self control, we can enjoy a meal like that on a semi regular basis.

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>no u
>no U
>no UUUU
I would invite everyone to cook with me if I had the money and you're lying to yourself if you think different.

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So can any englanistan break down a basic blood sausage to illegally make in post-trumpistan or is this thread a lost pissing contest?

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This post made me laugh a lot but I don't know what it means.

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yuros eat blood? wow ok

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Topkek is that pic real?

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so you're dumb AND gay

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Blood isn't Kosher, eating non-kosher non-goycattle feed (such as (((bacon)))) is a capital offense in the united states of zogbotia.

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I have no problem with tomato ketchup.
Calling tomato ketchup "red sauce" is unacceptable northern working class slang.
Take off your flat cap, put down your whippet, stop crying about coal and step into the 21st century.

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remove beans and it's based

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Breakfast without beans is repugnant

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Yeah alright Count Bongula you enjoy your blood patties.

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Beans are tasty as fuck

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Not him but I've never heard of ketchup being called "red sauce"

I've heard of it being called "tomato sauce" but not "red sauce"

t. Southern Brit

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even gordon ramsay says, that american breakfast is vastly superior to an *nglish breakfast.

>> No.15689450

He's Scottish, so he opinion is automatically discarded.

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I don’t trust meat from the uk after mad cow

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They can really pissy over the tiniest remarks. One sentence can potentially bring you a swarm of (You)s.

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9.5/10 if had good bacon

>> No.15689564

the same can be applied to Americans or basically any country you can think of, it's laughable that you think it's just a European thing

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There is no sliced ham on that plate

Small ones are chipolatas, big ones are probably Lincolnshires

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It does have good bacon

There is no ham on that plate, what the fuck are you talking about?

Who the fuck would add something a sweet flapjack to OP's Full English?

>> No.15689585

Nah, I see a bunch of america bad comments all the time and almost all of them have no replies

>> No.15689588

The beans have as much if not more fibre than the rest of the plate combined.

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Ketchup is what yanks and metrosexual half wog Londoners call it.
Up north it's called red sauce.
Enuff ssid

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no its only loin, and no skin

>> No.15689647

It is good bacon.
Who the hell has skin on bacon?

>> No.15689716


australia :)

>> No.15689740

>Enuff ssid
Indeed. Continue to use your crude vernacular. We'll continue to be better than you.

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This is literally just a bunch of ordinary breakfast foods placed on a plate together. This isn't some country's cultural food icon I hope. Trash garbage.

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It looks like 1.5-2k Cals to me bros

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Fuck off cunt guinness is fucking delicious

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Literally seething.

>> No.15689948

2/10 for getting idiots to reply

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>that's not a dish it's just a load of ingredients put together!

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Putain d'merde !

>> No.15690039

Whom are you quoting?

>> No.15690040

>This isn't some country's cultural food icon I hope.
It literally is...

>> No.15690063

Literally this: >>15690033

Literally seethe

>> No.15690066

Made with rabbi circumcision blood

>> No.15690079

Literally cope.

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>literally seethe
Hola, Reddito!

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A full english is usually 800-1000 kcals, so you can eat three meals like that if you exercise

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Literally seethe.

>> No.15690284

>baked beans in something less salty than that sauce
Heinz aren't salty though

>> No.15690288

Literally cope.

>> No.15690481

maybe it you order the little kiddy plate

>> No.15690488

Literally seethe.

>> No.15690676

And the rest.
The bacon and three thick sausages come out to 930 alone.
Probably looking at 2500 for the whole thing easily.

>> No.15690678

Literally dilate.

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You're actually not far from the truth

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Literally seethe.

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Post your average breakfast lads.
>2-3 cups of black coffee
>a biscotti if I have any
>2 or so bananas with peanut butter if I feel like it

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>1500 calories
>2 fried eggs
>1 bacon
> 2 sausages
>baked beans
>3 hash browns
>1 mushroom
>1 tomato
>2 slices of toast

Meanwhile >>15683635 contains:
>2 fried eggs
>6 bacon
>6 sausages
>baked beans
>5 mushrooms
>2 tomatoes
>2 slices of toast
>2 blood puddings

And retard anons are trying to say OP's pic contains 1200 calories or less. Fuck off, retards.

>> No.15690764

>muh calories
lmao try going for a run fatty

>> No.15690780

He belongs

>> No.15690803

-bowl of costco frozen fruit and a handfull of mixed nuts
-1 packet oatmeal with some hemp seeds sprinkled in for fiber and good fats
-english muffin toasted with pb
-2 eggs, whatever veg is leftover, and the most highly processed cheese i can find with ketchup

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I dont know about the UK but in the USA I wouldn't trust nutrition facts on a restaurant menu at all. The best you can do is recall what the caloric content of the item would be if you bought it from a grocery store and then double it for all the butter and sugar they douse your meal with. I honestly don't like eating out because it makes a lot food nauseating and off-putting if you're not sugar addicted. The perils of life in America I guess.

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I like breakfast sandwiches that have ham and potato

>> No.15690853

>3-4 egg cheese omelette with 2-3 strips of bacon crumbled into it
>bit of hot sauce on the eggs
>2-3 strips of bacon on the side
>plain green tea to drink

>> No.15690878

Blood Sausage, however you call it in your part of europe is a wartime atrocity that should die out already.
I can understand old people but younger generations are literally memed into liking this.
Bongs, Frogs, Krauts, Polacks, you can all suck my cock, this shit tastes bad and has the texture of grainy fat, fuck you and your black turds

>> No.15691120

This makes me uncomfortable.

>> No.15691421

Seething Amerimutt seethes about Europe.

>> No.15691984

adderall an egg and half of a coke

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mmmmmmmm can't wait to have this for tea eh

>> No.15692052

There's a brekkie that would have me sleeping until lunch.

>> No.15692217

they all really hate Americans, like saving a folder full of anti American images and having it readily available kind of hatred. Anything they perceive as an attack on them will make them assume you're an "amerimutt".

>> No.15692330

That's not tea, anon, that's a sausage.

>> No.15692435

I awe at the size of this lad

>> No.15692536

go seethe cope dilate and never have sex somewhere else nigga

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>> No.15692840

Damn those prices are low af! Where did the meme that Britain is expensive come from? US would be 3X those prices plus a fucking tip!

>> No.15692864

it's pronounced gee-ger you fucking tard

>> No.15693774

what is those black things? tar biscuits?

>> No.15694398

You're really seething a lot, aren't you?

>> No.15695223

I don't know why but this post sent my sides into orbit

>> No.15695257

Price is in lbs.

>> No.15695269

How do you order an english breakfast in bongladesh? Just say I want breakfast?

>> No.15695355

براہ کرم ایک مکمل انگریزی ناشتہ

>> No.15695408


>> No.15695886

Do you mean in Britain?

In England it's called a "Full English". So assuming you're in England, you'd go into a greasy spoon (a.k.a. caff, a.k.a. café) and ask for a Full English.

>> No.15696045

>Where did the meme that Britain is expensive come from?
Probably from people who visit London and don't realise that just like any tourist cities the prices will be 3-4 times higher.
Also these prices are from wetherspoons, which is the pub equivalent of a mcdonalds, so even though the quality is below average, it's consistent and cheap throughout the country.

>> No.15696052

might as well put it in a trough

>> No.15696079

That looks delicious, though I'm not sure I could handle the black pudding. I would want to trade off one rasher and one link of sausage for an extra egg, and two pieces of toast for hash browns. I need a big glass of milk and a big glass of orange juice to wash it down, too.

>> No.15696157

>only two eggs
I gotta have 4+ eggs with my breakfasts

>> No.15696320

Looks awful. Where’s the pancakes? Waffles? Fruit? It’s all just meat.

>> No.15696365

Fucking Americans disgust me

>> No.15697066

Anon i...

>> No.15697090

Get in the van, sir.

>> No.15697926

Gotcha lmao

>> No.15698038

this is enough food for 3 people, and people say americans eat like shit.

>> No.15698055

>I was only pretending to be retarded

>> No.15698106

2000 kcals? So two-thousand-thousand cals?

>> No.15698912

They do

>> No.15699090

>he actually knows

>> No.15699095

Not even anon that posted that faggot

>> No.15699123

bless your heart

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For me, it's the breakfast roll

>> No.15699795

tomato> acidic.

>> No.15699829

Why are Brits and Aussies so obsessed with serving food on printed paper?

>> No.15700381

2 black coffees
thats it

>> No.15700706

just hipster poofs
most fish and chips shops used to wrap the food up in newspapers in the olden times so i think thats where it comes from

>> No.15700711

Is pudding good? I always wanted to try it.

>> No.15700716

Nah he burned it

>> No.15700740

Get off /pol/ bro

>> No.15700816

>WW2 is the foundation myth for our society.

I've recently started thinking this too.

>> No.15701125

I feel like brits banter more than americans, and are smarter about it

>> No.15701156

Fuckin based

>> No.15701410

I notice this on a lot of the less trolly boards like /b/ and /pol/. I see a bunch of "Why do Americans do this?" bait posts and literally think nothing of it. Just browse until something interesting catches my eye. They save a great deal of American influenced content and are always at the ready to post it. I could see if it was still the 90s where we ruled the world. But I guess some of them still think we do.

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>Up north it's called red sauce.
Norf lad here can confirm

>> No.15701925
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Calling tomato sauce "Ketchup" when you're not an American is the ultimate form of cuckholdry.

The fuck are you gonna do next you pseudo-seppo? Drop the u from colour? I'll drop you, cunt.

>> No.15701955

Agree, fuck the stupid fuck american.

>> No.15702030

Look mate, if the pace of the banter is too much for ya, just say so and we'll slow it down a bit.

>> No.15702847


>> No.15703171

Because it tastes good, why else?

>> No.15703279

Its weird because as another soufern Brit we call HP sauce, brown sauce but we dont call ketchup, red sauce. The mysteries of life man...

>> No.15703360
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ur missus eating fookin rabbit food again

>> No.15703384

a pot of black coffee
sometimes a hard boiled egg with soy sauce and togarashi

>> No.15703612

Only thing you drop is your pants when my dad comes round and fucks you. Faggot.

>> No.15703633

>he doesnt make sausage tea

>> No.15703703

Your dad is gay? Explains a lot now.

>> No.15703763

the word "ketchup" was used before tomato ketchup was a thing