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what's the secret sauce?

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her ass sweat

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Those countertops are disgusting

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I know this building

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I want to protect her smile and purity. :)

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this, stop giving these whores money and attention.

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How cum her asshole looks fine compared to pic related

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female babies should be aborted postnatally

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Who is that?

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Shiny granite countertops look like shit and are awful to keep clean.

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they do gay porn too, if you watch their stuff your an lgbt activist.

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the way she eats is fucking gross... do americans really?

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Name? Why is she even in a kitchen?

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How the fuck do you now know Sasha Grey?
She's even used in a banner on this site.

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Well she is a retired pornstar now. Presumably she gets simpbucks from her cooking streams

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that's the Twitch streamer, content creator and social media influencer Sasha Grey

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why would someone be in a kitchen? pornstars eat food too

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a whore can never stop being a whore

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Okay, thanks for your contribution

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There's honestly something weird about a porn actress preparing food. Feels wrong.

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it's never too late to start being wholesome.

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you are welcomed my dear beloved amigo.
Is kind of ironic the most famous chef in the world is from the country with the shittiest food.. kek

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is that sasha grey?

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Just watched a couple of her cooking streams on Youtube and they're honestly pretty wholesome. Might subscribe. I met her while camping in Yosemite in 2014 and she let me borrow her lighter to light my camp stove. Pretty nice lady desu.

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At least she's not pretending the porn never happened like that other whore.
"a bloo bloo, I don't want people to associate me with the porn even though I still use my porn name and the same exact hairdo and glasses that made me famous"

I read Sasha's autobio years ago and it was not a terrible read. Decent wank material as well if you're into written stuff.
There was a part where she was fucking on a table in the kitchen and they knocked over the spicerack and she got all sorts of spices in her holes. Probably smelled amazing.

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Thats exactly what I mean. She is standing there, neatly dressed and all pretty, pouring wine into a pan. But she's, a pornstar. A profession thats beyond dirty and dishonorable.

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>I met her while camping in Yosemite in 2014
Tell us more. Did she realize you recognized her? What did you talk about? Tell us everything.

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>mid-tempo heavy rock riff

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I had a friend who married a stripper which we met at our local bar.
My friend always hides her in the back of his house and doesn't let her come out until we are all gone. I always see beautiful girls in porn and I wonder what it would like to be married to a pornstar. Love is such a bitch

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Always nice to see the house you grew up in :)

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whatever female ejaculate is composed of/10
i wish the girls at my local little ceasars would spit on my pizza

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I get you, bro. I get you

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does she still strip or did she quit when she got married

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Was on a road trip with my best bro for my birthday. Our camp stove wouldn't light because of the altitude and wind (we were at the highest car campground in the park, 8000+feet), so I went to go ask the girl at the camp site next door if I could borrow a lighter since I'd seen her smoking a cigarette earlier. The second I set foot in her campsite and uttered the word "Hi', her Doberman came flying out of her tent and tried to bite me, followed by a very angry woman telling me to fuck off and "can I not find anywhere in this fucking world that some fucking dude doesn't want to fucking talk to me?"

After a few tense seconds explaining that no, I really just needed a lighter and no, I had not known who she was before I started talking to her, she calmed down and apologized profusely. She gave me a full-size candle lighter that she had in her car so I wouldn't burn myself, and after I got it lit she came to our campsite and brought us some Montucky tall cans as an apology for her dog almost killing me. We talked for a bit about our trip and what she was up to. She was honestly pretty cool. She has a really weird sense of humor. My friend never recognized her and still has no idea, haha.

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not sure bro... she married?
fuck this gae life

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He was asking about the friend's wife. Fucking hell, man.

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ay lmao, sorry
no she doesn't.

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she eats dick for breakfast

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Today's dish is called: AH YEAH... FUCK YEAH

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Did she realize YOU recognized her?

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>full-size candle lighter that she had in her car
This really pisses me off for some reason

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Same. Candle lighters are for faggots (or women).

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>Montucky tall cans
you realize they're optimal for lighting a fire right?

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Stormproof matches/lighters are superior.

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she is a woman though

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This has never been proven.

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hes cucked for marrying someone he wont even trust to meet his friends, she cucked for marrying someone who hides her in the house

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I was talking when compared to a regular lighter

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I know, i was just saying. But seriously, have you ever seen a normal man use those long lighters? Me, never.

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I have never seen a gay man using one either.
then again, the only gay men i know are from the gym, and they are manlier than all of /ck/ combined

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You need to go outdoors more often then. Only faggots, women and liberal soyboy types (i guess they count as a subtype of faggots) use those long lighters.

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>believes soybos meme
>tells others to go outside

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>her ass sweat
her ass IS* sweat

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I bought my ex those same panties

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I watch that retard Jack and Gordon Ramsay, what fucking difference does it make?
At least she actually has a decent channel.

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>At least she actually has a decent channel.
what happens?

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You use what's best for the job. If a stick lighter is the best choice then so be it.

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I understand her frustration and the regret she will likely care with her for the rest of her life. But all things happen for a reason(sometimes it's because you were dumb and made bad decisions). I'm glad she apologized and shared her lighter with you. :)

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Is her ass still amazing?

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While speaking with her, you should have whipped out your dick and start stroking it. She's a filthy whore and performed some of the most vile acts on camera for a few shekels, so I guess she would have been okay with it.

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>she's reformed
>she's a good girl now
>she's not a whore
>she's not a shekel-lovin' slut

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you never had sex, dont advice others on what to do with their dick

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I don't get it

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Is that the naked lady wrestling building, looks familiar

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What you meant was
>You have never had sex, don't advise others on what do with their dicks.
If you forget capitalization, you have 2 grammatical errors- 3 if advice was intentional-, and 1 spelling error. Punctuation is a rare commodity, too, it seems.

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That comma should have been a semicolon. Yet, if he indeed wanted to keep the comma, then he should have included the conjunction "so".

1) You never had sex; don't advice others on what to do with their dick.


2) You never had sex, so don't advice others on what to do with their dick.

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Typical pedant. You completely ignore the existence, and beauty, of the beloved em dash.

>You—never having sex—should not advise others on what to do with their dick.

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>*respect the rebrand*

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honestly if you don't believe the meme, I'm more inclined to believe you've never been outside. at least not in an urban environment

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>like that other whore.
Who do you mean? Do you mean "novaruu"?

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Montucky is literally the best cheap beer behind Rainier.

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Imagine how many people attain the ability to silent fart there.

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Things I would do to her.

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