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alcohol tastes like hand gel and makes liver-kun sick, dark chocolate tastes like carefully refined shit, coffee without milk and sugar is disgusting, and a good alphabetti spaghetti with chunks of toast mixed in is the finest dish this world can provide. your palette does not get more sophisticated as you get older, you are all pretending.

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is today your 18 birthday op? sounds to me like you're still a child

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>a good alphabetti spaghetti with chunks of toast mixed in is the finest dish this world can provide.
PREACH!!! I haven't had spaghetti on toast since I was a child.

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They say if you don't like something to continuously try it over time to gain a taste for it. For all of my childhood and teens I hated asparagus and blue cheese, but one day I ate them again and loved them. I'm trying to learn to like lamb, goat cheese, and gamey tasting meats/cheese in general since I really want to make fucking lamb.

Just keep trying OP, if you want to. Otherwise it's fine to not like fancy stuff/enjoy stupid foods, just try to eat healthy. I mean no shame I eat fucking 7/11 nachos with the fucking onions and Jalapenos (even now during covid) that homeless people piss in, so we all have our vices.

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look, anon. I'm a picky eater too, and I can relate to easily being repulsed by tastes that aren't plain. that being said, beer is fucking delicious, and so is dark chocolate. in spite of my autism, I actively seek out these treats. I really like Valor's dark almond chocolate. reminds me of late evenings in La Vila Joiosa, idle banter with russian expats and the sound of the ocean.

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>mamma mia goy, you must drinka ma champangia, it is a made with la cat piss mixed with diesel and costs 100000 shekels a bottle, and if you no like it then you are a no a real man, ah ha ha ha ha ha!

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I can understand the distaste for alcohol. I can even understand not liking black coffee. But dark chocolate is delicious, you whiny little prepubescent brat. Back to daycare.

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Your palate does get refined over time. Alcohol is different though. That shit is literally poison and your body can tell.

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sweet is objectively and empirically the best taste, so when you choose dark chocolate over milk chocolate even though it is more bitter you are deliberately reducing your own pleasure in exchange for no benefit, and therefore when you eat dark chocolate, you are self-harming, and also a cuckold

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Kys Lainposter

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>your palette does not get more sophisticated
Have you heard about a concept of learning? You know, able to differentiate different things, like tastes.

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How the fuck can you not like champagne? It's practically grape juice plus soda minus the sugar.

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Okay everyone has their own tastes and opinions
>you are all pretending
Oh wait you are one of those

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any clear/light coloured alcohol is horrible and white wine/champagne in particular tastes how i imagine battery acid to taste. would much rather get drunk on something more akin to soil

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what don't you like about lamb? it's the best of commonly available meats by a country mile

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As you get older sweet things seem more overpowering. Suddenly you find that you can only finish half of that milk chocolate bar before you get tired of the sickly sweetness that coats your tongue.

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How often do you drink soda or other sweetened drinks?

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lainfags have a habit of being manchildren

good thing you proved them otherwise op

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i have a glass of OJ a couple of times a week, maybe a can of fanta every few months. the rest is trash

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>and a good alphabetti spaghetti with chunks of toast mixed in is the finest dish this world can provide
This is so specific I think OP actually believes this, what a fucking loser

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Are you under 20? It will happen to you too, don't worry.

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there it is, this is the reason all you faggots pretend that artisanal fairtrade organic chocolate handmade by peruvian pygmies in the amazon rainforest and sold in whole foods or waitrose for a 100 dollars a bar actually tastes better than mass produced chocolate with shitloads of delicious artificial additives in it, or eat fucking muesli for breakfast rather than branded sugary cereal or whatever the fuck, you actually connect your social status to the food you eat. if little kids enjoy eating something you don't feel allowed to, you have to find some pretentious alternative that tastes worse and costs more for fear of being judged. you fucking disgust me

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Did I, hit a NERV?
Just because you failed at life doesn't mean you have to fail at cooking too
>Eating cereal like a literal child
Learn to cook eggs faggot, you're not a wagie tha'ts "too busy" are you?

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cereal tastes NICER, you falseflagging reitard

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How dare you call me a Reifag you underage cereal eating redditor

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imagine you're a father and the dietary knowledge you have gained is now to be passed to your son. are you going to tell him that "cereal tastes NICER"? i too hate eggs, but you can't deny that someone else might love what you think is shit, you autismal fool

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this thread is incredibly homosexual

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asuka would never judge someone for eating the tastiest kind of food there is instead whatever overpriced hipster trash adults are supposed to eat in the current year, shaming people for not obeying herd values is an exclusively normalfag AKA reitard activity

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Quads confirm.
Tranime fans need to go back to discord

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You can eat whatever the fuck you want nigger, you realize the guy shaming others for enjoying stuff that he doesn't like was OP? Go eat your diabetes bomb for breakfast, nobody will call you out for it.

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>Eggs are overpriced and hispter

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>Eggs are overpriced hipster trash
You are an idiot, Asuka judges everyone did you even watch Evangelion you poser? She'd mock you for having a childs palate relentlessly, she literally mocks shinji for not liking the taste of meat and derides him as a child for it

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if you stab someone it feels bad and if you suck their dick it feels good, at their most basic level physical sensations are universal. the only reason a person would claim museli is better than cereal is to appear superior and more advanced for "liking" something that people younger than them hate, there is no other explanation

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>nobody will call you out for it
>Eating cereal like a literal child

>implying I fucking said anything about eggs

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obviously asuka was using whatever opportunity she could to bully shinji, if normalfags say not liking meat is shameful then she will use that to her advantage, that has nothing to do with what she actually believes. she is obviously the kind of person who eats pop tarts and leftover pizza for breakfast, because she doesn’t give a fuck
this is your mindset, reitard

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I mean IRL. Of course people will call you out for your dumb shit on 4chan, that's what it's there for.

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>my opinion is objective truth

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but anon, this argument is taking place on 4chan...

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Yes you did, that other anon mentioned that you should at least learn how to cook some eggs and your response was that cereal taste "nicer"

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why do people keep pretending dark coffee with no milk and no sugar tastes bad? i mean, i guess that holds true for instant coffee, but it barely qualifies as coffee anyway

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People here like to be contrarians, if you say you like black they will say is shit and vice versa

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obviously I stopped reading after he started shitting on cereal so I didn’t know what food he was recommending I eat instead, besides the point was whether or not I consider eggs to be hipster trash or not which I disproved by saying I had never brought up eggs before, so while saying that actually I had indirectly discussed eggs in a previous post shows that I have been technically wrong at some point, it does nothing to prove that I consider eggs to be hipster trash. irrelevant nitpicking like this is quite pathetic anon, also
>that other anon

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>anybody who doesn't agree with me must be the same person
Lmao you could just say you were autistic in the OP

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>someone using their time to disagree with me over the tiniest irrelevant details in an argument I was specifically having with one person is probably that person
sounds pretty reasonable to me desu

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OP there is something wrong with you like something is actually broken, based on your posts it might be actual autism. People actually like those foods they say they do, and even if they like one thing better than another they can feel like having something different than their favorite food every day. To claim people only actually like sweet things and every other taste out there people pretend to like in an attempt to act superior is a batching insane claim, and an ironic one considering you're trying to act superior and more mature with your infantile taste. Cereal is pretty lacking in nutrition, so even if you like it you you're going to need to eat other foods, surely there's something savory you like right?

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You know champagne is a French invention right?

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Maybe I'm a broken individual, but I loved dark chocolate even as a kid. You can't get the same tempered chocolate snap and deep flavour from milk chocolate. That being said the best dark chocolate isn't pure dark chocolate. The best dark chocolate is Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange

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why does it get so fucking bitter after certain point thouhg?
I love dark chocolate alot more than milk chocolate, but if it's over that certain treshold it becomes nearly unbearable

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Rye bread and sweet pastries are only good if they are fresh.
Black coffee is disgusting.
Whiskey, rum, cognac and generally all liquires taste disgusting.
Beer is only rarely good.
Fish tastes and smells disgusting.

If you don't like blue cheese, you are just confused.
If you can't handle salty liquorice you're a baby.

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>sweet is objectively and empirically the best taste
oh man you have no idea
I'm kind of hypersensitive and my stomach gets upset easily and even from early childhood I have preferred savory over sweet
I view food more as fuel as a means of enjoyment and would rather not have the food have additional side effects that sugary foods have
I prefer the milder from of just about everything and to this day get weird looks for it because people actually belive what you belive
It's like I'm expected to go with the choices I like less because it's the general expectation

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Cereal is trash and so are you, it's literally human kibble

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sounds like less of a "don't like lamb" and more of a "not growing up eating lamb so it remains unfamiliar"

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>human kibble
so its something that dogs eat except if it was something that people eat instead? baka
oh no he's got a cereal-related reddit screencap, I don't know if I can ever recover
I hope he doesn't have a cereal-related wojak too, then I'll be completely btfo

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:( I eat ducks that I raise and slaughter myself.

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cereal is nutritionally poor, leaves you hungry, doesn't keep hunger away, has too much sugar, isn't patriculary healthy and tasts like cardboard
why would you eat that?
I'd much rather have bread instead

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how do you represent french people using only text? the only really distinctive thing they say is hon hon hon. italians are much easier
anyway the point is all food and drink that is presented as high cuisine that only refined adults can enjoy is a fucking scam and you should stick to the same diet you had when you were 12

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>not tasty
not true
>not healthy
don't care
>everything else

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>I am deformed and cannot derive pleasure from eating
opinion doesn't count then
>It's like I'm expected to go with the choices I like less because it's the general expectation
the tu toi fallacy: the suggestion that the accusation that a person or group is guilty of doing something is not valid, simply because the person who made the accusation has done the same thing

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that isn't even the correct fallacy you buffoon

>> No.15636156

the gaslighting fallacy

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what is the fallacy of pretending to hate cereal?

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Enjoying alcohol and bitter tasting foods is a sign of mental illness. Bitterness literally exists to tell you not to eat something.

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probably something in latin

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I agree with that. It's like really strong smelling cheese. You can't eat too much of it.

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Nah salty is def the best flavour

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Based non-conforming lainchad.

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Im starting to get the terrible feeling im never going to get to sex Lain...

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Good bait thread OP. Almost believable

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French can't pronounce english sounds like "the" and will instead use something like "ze".

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I got a pretty strong asexual vibe from that girl, I think you may be right.

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