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Don't forget to thank your local essential workers for this hard times we're experiencing here in Texas. They're the Real American Heroes

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fuck Texas

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This again? Last time it devolved into a shitting match about college tuition fees.

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what do they do with all those extra toppings that fall off into the trough

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scoop them and put them on the supreme pizzas?

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Baste closing chads leaving the make-line for the morning normies.

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>Texas gets a little teeny tiny bit of snow
>Hell breaks loose like it's a 9.0 earthquake and katrina where even Ted Cruz just straight up leaves his own state and makes headlines about it
Do Texans really?

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Who wants to pay for indoctrination?

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At The Bell they throw it in the trash. I don't know about Shitminoes.

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what happened here?

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Unironically better than healthcare workers. All nurses and doctors are scum and should be executed for crimes against humanity.

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Pick the toppings out. If it's too mixed up toss it when nobody is looking.

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Texans are notorious for being loud mouth fake tough guys. All those states more north than them took it like champs.

All those posts about their loser dads making cup o noodles in their beat F150 on reddit for their family. They should make a rule you can't pretend to be a tradesman and drive a pickup if you can't wire up a generator to your house.

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I don't get the Ted Cruz hate to be honest, he doesn't have the on/off button on the power and water lines, what the fuck do you want him to do. Thousands of northerners fly to Florida every year to avoid the winter up there so I don't get why people got mad when Cruz did it

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I don't get it also, I thought it was a 200 IQ play to go to Cancun. I give him points for being agile to get out before snow storm. I was a putz and thinking "do I have enough canned food?" but could have gone to a resort also. But they are searching for a new Voldermort.

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Ive lived in Montana and Texas and the difference between the two in terms of redneck capabilities for lack of a better term is about as great as someone from Texas and the cityslickers they diss on

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he's the defacto face of the state that is the face of the right. it wouldn't matter what he did they're going to treat him the same

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This. Leftists will screech about anything, just like they did with Trump and deportations even though Obama is the record holder.

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Thank you for the heroes, heroes.

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It's not really any different from when the north got nasty heat waves a few years, except for the cold being more dangerous for the unexpecting.
This might be a valid point if montana wasn't full of rich putzes imported from california now.

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Shit, linked to the wrong post with my second paragraph. Meant for

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Dominos wants you to reuse the toppings but most times it gets tossed. The whole thing is sanitary and chilled so it's not gross but most the time there's too much shit to pick apart.

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It's more about the windmills freezing over than Texans unable to handle a little snow

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They were struck by a smooth criminal

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Because the left hates him so any chance they get to criticize him they jump on it.

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I volunteer to eat her ass

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Not even remotely. Renewables make up a tiny percentage of Texas's power generation. The problem was billionaires convincing the Texas government that deregulation was a good idea. Then they built power plants without the necessary insulation, and are price-gouging Texans by spiking the cost of electricity during a crisis. Which is completely legal in Texas.
You know what Texans are going to do? Continue voting Republican, because "hurr-durr, letting billionaires be in charge of how much my heating and air cost is a good idea!"
Pay attention to how Texas power companies bribe the government to deregulate, gouge the customer in a crisis, and expect a bail-out from the Fed because Republicans refuse to take responsibility or be held accountable for the disasters their greed causes.

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It makes no sense. The same people criticizing him are the people that rant on 5 types of social media immediately after their internet comes back after being out for 20 minutes.

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when i worked at a mom and pop pizza shop, we had the same sort of line setup, and would make some pretty filthy staff pies with the topping shrapnel

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Booo hooo, dinner rush for your four hour shift. These two bitches wouldn't last five minutes swinging a hammer.

Also if the Democrats would have provided another $1,400 check like they said they were going to, everyone in Texas could have went with Ted Cruz to Cancun and had a great time.

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>Be state senator
>Fuck off during crisis
>Be surprised people are pissed
He could have been at least honest and stay as planned. The "I just brought my daughters to Cancun because I'm a good dad" lie was just too obvious.

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People want a Representative of the people to do his fucking job and help while his state is in an emergency and his constituents are dying instead of fucking off to Cancun for a few days. People want him to use his power and influence to do anything instead of leaving people high and dry. You do understand this, don't you?

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Okay. Now tell me what will he do different in texas vs cancun? Does he have a button that warms the state? Or brings back power? Or will he just sit around and make phone calls and send emails

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lmao fuck wagies

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>Implying any Dem would stay for anything more than virtue signaling.
Anyone who dies from a couple days without electricity deserves to be dead.

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>You do understand this, don't you?
No, they don't. Ted has no spine and switches his positions more frequent than his underwear but his brain-dead followers still think he's god-sent.
Cognitive dissonance, nothing you can do about it.

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How is he supposed to get anything done if he stays in an area without power and communications, retard?

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AOC raised a million dollars to aid Texans. Beto O'Rourke volunteered at a food bank. That's what.
Texans are too goddamned stupid to appreciate that, and too proud to admit they needed help from liberals while their conservative abandoned them for Mexico, the main country they're racist against.
Fuck Texans.

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>Or will he just sit around and make phone calls and send emails
Sure, he can do that in Texas or Washington. Or he could work at a soup kitchen, meet with local food banks, restaurants, actually hustle a bit and try to get some money, shelter and relief care packages together instead of catching a flight to Cancun.
Do you think he went to Cancun to do any work or did he go there to drink and be fat on the beach? It's so wild to me that you are defending someone that works for the people of Texas going on vacation to another country while his state is experiencing a dire emergency. While people are freezing to death. Soak your fucking head.

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If he wanted anything to get done he would've flown to Washington.

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Food and cooking

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You guys know that representatives and most people in government that work in D.C. live in D.C. right?

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no you're wrong bitch im right.
why are fucking retards the first to call others retards

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You cannot legally be a representative without your official residence being in the state you represent.

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Because that would help how in the era of social distancing and retard masks? He can accomplish more on Skype.

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You can live in D.C. and still have your state be a resident in your state. I'm saying people here think that he just lives and works in Texas and goes to D.C every once in a while when that's just not true.

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>Administrator doing peon work.
That is for media. If anything it hurts the process because it distracts the regular workers.

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he's accomplished nothing on Skype so far. That AOC bitch literally did more than him and that's not even her state. Fucking local restaurant owners are doing more than Cruz. how is this acceptable?

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AOC is an evil commie witch and I would not accept any food touched by that faggot.

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>He accomplished nothing
Because you shadow the man 24/7? You are discussing things you are completely ignorant about.

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Cruz needs to go, and speaking as a Canadian, we don't want him back.

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>Beto O'Rourke volunteered at a food bank
Wow, you’re right. Empty virtue signaling is exactly what we need politicians to do.

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>Empty virtue signaling
It's what they are best at, after all. It's the skill that got them elected in the first place.

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Sometimes all you can do is help out in a little way. But you wouldn't understand that, because you're just a tedious child.

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God bless those Xbox repairmen

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No one cares, U.P. Lite.

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If a politician has the time to volunteer at a food bank, they are a bad politician. The problem is the narrative and public perception sees this as a virtue.
Your feeling of needing to add an insult only reinforces the weakness of your argument, puerile hypocrite.

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>tedious child.
That phrasing doesn’t even make sense, faggot; but going out of your way to use words like ‘tedious’ and call someone else a child definitely shows you’re underage.
Volunteering for a re-election photo op doesn’t help anyone except the politician doing it.

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>still defending a rich fat hispanic man named Rafael Cruz going to Mexico over a man that volunteered his time to help the needy

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>Oh no work!

Literally the weakest generation

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>bros I watched the NEWS and they said he did NOTHING and I'm upset because I'M pretty sure he could actually do SOMETHING.
>at least AOC is doing SOMETHING, the NEWS told me SHE was being HELPFUL.

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*coughs in your general direction*

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Would you say a politician that has time to go Cancun during a state wide disaster is a bad politician? How does volunteering make someone a bad politician? What do you think politicians do that should keep them from volunteering?

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>t. boomer with a "fuck you I got mine" mindset
your kids and grandkids (if you even have any) hate your fucking guts and we are all waiting for your shitty generation to die out

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You're so fucking dense. Helping out at a food bank makes for a bad politician but flying away to another country during a crisis isnt? Listen to yourself you fucking buffoon

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Dude, you are literally such a retard its painful...I am done with this conversation
also, quit projecting so hard, its embarrassing

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>Runs away like a little bitch when state is having issues with the cold
>This is the same Canadian/Texan named Rafael who tries to be the big strong man that kissed Trumps feet even after he insulted his wife.
>Power company that segregated power grid from rest of U.S. isn't regulated and didn't weather proof power system
>Beto and AOC come to help, while everyone asks "what can Cruz do", like I guess a Senator shouldn't act as a leader during a crisis?
>This is week after Texas wanted to secede, but they still asked or Federal aid, and got it because Biden isn't a narcissist that wanted Texas to kiss his feet before sending aid.
>Years ago when California was having power issues, Cruz voted against sending them federal aid
>Mayors telling people it's survival of the fittest, and former secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, said that Texans would prefer to outlive the cold then have federal regulations as people freeze to death.
I mean how can you like him?

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Yeah you quit because you aint got shit to say because you're a retard

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>Fights against people leaving Mexico to have a better life
>Runs off to Mexico when shit hits the fan to have a better life.

>> No.15624822

>waste your time doing fuck-all
>Leave to an area with working telecommunications
Jeez, I guess I iz a dumbdumb
You are just jealous and spiteful. Where he is makes no damn difference. If he had gone to Florida or California would you still bitch? What about Mississipi, or Utah?

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>flies to vacation spot because PHONE LINES

Yeah nah you're a fucking moron

>> No.15624833

>15-20 percent wind power
>tiny percentage
Ok so you are full of shit.
Also lots of the problems initially came from gas plants which are often built as backups for wind. Because you know, wind isn’t reliable, and it’s not easy to flip a coal plant on and off quickly.

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Anyone who shits on California is okay with me.

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my job is hard 24/7/365
kys, faggot

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Again, you are missing the crux of the issue.
>He could have gone anywhere.
>You cannot.
That is why you are mad.

>> No.15624847

im sure it is zoomer

>> No.15624852

>hate your fucking guts

Nah little anon. My hard work went in part to give them a leg up on life. They are going to be fine. You may hate your grandparents, I don't know, nor do I care much. I am glad though, that there will be plenty of people around to make my grandkids a burger when they want one.

>> No.15624854

Lurk moar, moron.

>> No.15624860

>Americans LITERALLY reference burgers when they are in an argument
holy shit the memes are true

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imagine killing your brain slowly by oxygen deprivation for minimum wage.

fuckin cattle. they deserve the culling.

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Imagine spending your life idolizing anime girls and pissing into bottles

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It's the lowest tier of foodservice in the country. Hot dogs are a step lower, but more often than not you have to serve yourself.

>> No.15624877

People who say this unironically, especially as part of an argument, have never worked a difficult day in their lives. It's all indoor work for them, which is easy as fuck, whatever it might be.

>> No.15624880

HVAC installation
there are harder jobs, no fucking question
masonry, frame, roofing...
also i'm 40

>> No.15624971

I’m sorry you come from a shitty family, anon :(

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Some church brought us a bunch of panda express today at Kroger. I thought that was weird but OK. Anyways I hadn't eaten from there in over a decade, seemed good, but it was free and I was hungry, the two best spices.

>> No.15624989

we would pick them and reuse them.
Yes, its as tedious as it sounds, but that's not the worst you had to put up with working as an insider.

>> No.15624998

hero food. for a hero man.

>> No.15625007

The only time I feel like a hero is when I yell at customers trying to take 20 gallons of milk.

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>> No.15625025

at least i'll die in the comfort of my room after living a life of relative comfort. no regrets.

>> No.15625038

>trying to take 20 gallons of milk

Trying to purchase 20 gallons of milk you mean? Perhaps on behalf of others unable to come to the store themselves? People like you are amusing. Oh keeper of the milk jug. Angsty self righteous wagie.

Did your little heart go pitter patter when you took your valiant stand?

>> No.15625097

These (yous) are pretty ambivalent.

>> No.15625102

Free food is best food. Anyone who complains about free food should fuck off from life and go live in the woods.

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Yup, couldn't turn it down even when tonight is steak night.

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Oooo some faggot poured some soup? AOC stopped being an incendiary cunt for 5 minutes and raised 1/5000th of what texas will potentially need in aid. Wowee blessed be these politicians who made millions of their careers while everyone else suffered from their lazy bullshit. Gee mister, they're so much better than old ted! Let's elect them in 2024 unless the rock is running LOL

Fuck you

>> No.15625271

Ted Cruz went to Cancun while an East Coaster had to do 12% of his fucking job instead of taking care of her own constituents. Sucks to suck.

>> No.15625282

>12% of his job
She fucking tweeted some bullshit and made a couple phone calls. Fuck off if you think what they did means ANYTHING

>> No.15625291

Based dubs

>> No.15625298

>Communist screeches and beta bux roll in

>> No.15625307

Wow I'm sure they're tired making that pizza. I performed post-mortem care again today.

>> No.15625308

Cruz went out of state so that he wouldn't be a burden on an already fragile power system. Had he turned his lights on, it might have been just the straw to break the camel's back, and power would have been out for a month.

If more people would be as considerate, there would not have been any sort of power crisis, due to lack of demand, but no... The greedy shits all stayed home and turned up the heat.

>> No.15625311

I built multiple exhaust systems for back up generators in hospitals and grocery stores, but yeah these guys must be wiped

>> No.15625314

At east there's no hurry in your line of work....

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>Boomer works 20 hr/week for one summer at a factory and pays their way through all of college because they fit lucky and were born into the right country during an industrial revolution
>Boomer works a cushy desk job with zero competition and calls it a "career" making metric shitloads of money because they buy their goods for 0.01$ thanks to Chinese labor laws and bankrupt the city they live in by accepting federal money to build roads for their single family housing r1 zoned suburb ponzi scheme that won't collapse for 25 years down the road
>Boomer gets "promoted" to an administrative role in a bloated upper management system and gets a massive raise despite their only responsibility being signing papers placed into their desks by millennial overachievers who work themselves to death for minimum wage or even worse millennials who are struggling to survive and have to accept intern positions just to get it into their resume
>Boomer retires with 6 million dollars saved in their 401k and instead of allocating their capital towards projects that benefit their society they hoard it by voting for politicians who only promise to lower taxes, cut social programs, extract wealth from foreign lands, and increase the burden of labor to the young


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>Low skill high pay jobs non-existent for millennials
>Cost of living skyrockets due to suburban hellscape financial disaster
>Administrative bloat cause college to be 2.5x as expensive despite not being 2.5x better (also causes government agencies to bed bloated and expensive, but not nearly to the same degree as uni)
>Automation wealth creation event only benefits existing owners of capital
>Predatory student loan system turns the ones who want to be successful into slaves
And yet these stupid. Fucking. Subhuman elderly retards claim that they aren't the problem.

And on top of all that:
>Boomers throw unlimited amounts of money at healthcare hoping that it'll cure their aging problems, causing an aging-population event which decreases productivity and deflates currency
America is 100000000% fucked beyond repair. Politicians will try to stop the bleeding but it won't last long before someone snaps and either assassinates the president or Nero gets elected.


>> No.15625382

It's everyone's fault but mine!
It's everyone's fault but mine!
Mommy! Tendies and hunny mussy!
It's everyone's fault but mine!

>> No.15625392

Will you stop posting all in green. It's difficult to read and I've left my bifocals downstairs.

>> No.15625393

There's a plethora of trade jobs available to anyone willing to put in a year of training. Millennials and zoomers are the laziest people I've ever worked with. And I'm one of them

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The more they demand the young take responsibility, the closer we get to taking them out

>> No.15625402

Voila. This anon speaks the truth.

>> No.15625411

Ah yes. yet another internet hooligan. Why don't you join the military. You'll get a job, get some solid backbone training, and after, you'll be able to go to school.

>> No.15625428

Every time I read something like this, I "hear" it in the voice of Eric Cartman. The only thing missing at the end is "Stupid Jew!"

>> No.15625434

Cry more, you lazy commie faggot. Your life sucks because you suck.
And fuck you, jannie bitch. I will warn my foot in your ass.

>> No.15625444

nah id bet they wont. Cruz is a fuckin neocon moron, and unfortunately a lot of southerners still fall for that charade.

>> No.15625452

t. neocon faggot

>> No.15625456

>muh boomers
Ever tried not being a useless piece of shit? Worked well for me.
But when anyone else my age complains about “I can’t find a job”, it boils down to “muhjobs.com didn’t email me with a 6fig starting position! My mom said I’m special and can grow up to do anything I want!”.

>> No.15625471

Same. Once I stopped being a dumb lazy faggot I landed a solid job that now pays real well and own a house. All this over the course of about 5 years

>> No.15625560

Still more than what he did. Lmao.

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I don't care

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>muh boomers
yes, muh boomers....literally the shittiest generation to ever exist

>> No.15625594

>t. Useless lazy pieces of shit with no valuable skills

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>t. I got mine fuck everyone else
It's a sinking ship and we're trying to patch up the holes while you're just standing over there flinging shit at everyone else. Terminate yourself.

>> No.15625706

Yeah dude it's almost like you should learn a valuable skill and do something worthwhile for people in the states

>> No.15625713

I’m sorry I didn’t have shit parents and grandparents, anon.

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I don't know why you guys are arguing over politicians as if they were sports competitors. I mean I do, politics is a reality TV show. Point is. Unless we're talking about how we should cook them this isn't the time or the place. That being said, I wonder which current US politician would be the tastiest...

>> No.15625760

The Muslim broads pussy probably tastes like a sweet and savory curry

>> No.15625777


>> No.15625792

same energy as AOC sulking next to a fence

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Imagine selling your soul and your life away just to make ends meet. Maybe if you work more hours you'll do better, or you could always work a 2nd job. If necessary, consider working a 3rd job. Maybe if you pay for that college degree you'll never use you'll have more opportunities to work more hours to make money for someone else! It's called wageslaving for a reason, but it's a personal right all the same. Pursuit of happiness and all that.
Don't bother trying to wake up. This is reality. You can't wake up.

>> No.15625862

Imagine thinking reward comes without sacrifice.

>> No.15625884

>Newsom has an expensive dinner

>Ted Cruz flies away like a bitch while his voters die from snow
>What? He did nothing wrong, what's he supposed to do? Shovel snow and help the people he represents? Nah, that's communism.

>> No.15625897
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I didn't spend four years and 50 thousand dollars to do the same job as some retarded trump voting redneck. fuck off boomer

>> No.15625907

Who would win?

The ruffest tuffest state or some flakey water?

>> No.15625910

Kek I made about double that in a year working 4 days a week at my redneck job

>> No.15625922

Well get ready to take your 50k "education" and work the drive thru when he comes in for whatever. Be fucking polite too, or the manager. who is 5 years younger than you are will fire your useless ass and have you escorted from the property.

>> No.15626014

The difference is gavin newsom shut down indoor dining and put a shit load of people out of work and then did what he ordered everyone not to do.
Ted cruz just left during a snow storm

>> No.15626241

Imagine thinking any reward will ever come.

>> No.15626258

Reward comes to anyone willing to sacrifice for it. If you can't recognize it then you're simply blinded by pessimism

>> No.15626267

>t. privileged asshole

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>trade jobs
>sacrificing your literal health for a job that pays ok

>> No.15626284

My health is fine. I'd argue I'm doing better than the obese majority office worker. Minor ppe protects me from any bullshit

>> No.15626287

Your health is fine today. Your body won't be the same 20-30 years down the line. What do you do all day?

>> No.15626291

I was broke from 18 to about 27. Not privileged, just worked hard

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Ted Cruz got on an airplane and went to another country for a vacation for a few days while people were in crisis in a state that he is a Representative for. What is the point of downplaying this? What are you getting from misrepresenting what actually happened?

>> No.15626303

I mostly fabricate parts on a plasma table for the welders on my shift. So using solidworks and omniwin and just using a crane to get things on and off a big ol table. I also lift and bike

>> No.15626306

Fair enough. Is it as boring as it sounds?

>> No.15626308

The point is no politician does anything for any of their constituents. Name one fucking thing they've accomplished for you recently

>> No.15626312

Yeah that's why I usually listen to podcasts the entire time and fuck around with my coworkers here and there. It's a good time desu

>> No.15626338

And fuck you lone star beer.

>> No.15626371

Aoc raised money to say she did. Also was it Texas she went to when she pretended to cry while looking at a parking lot? You are a mark.

>> No.15626375

>Ow! This time I will vote Democrat!

>> No.15626396

ted, get the fuck off this thread and go help your people you fuck

>> No.15626403

The problem was a freak cold snap they haven't seen in over 100 years. Shut up. Why would they insulate something they didn't think they needed to? It's a waste of money and resources

>> No.15626404

>no politician does anything for any of their constituents

Why have them then? Just end the institution altogether and make Cruz get a new job.

>> No.15626412
File: 85 KB, 1125x1500, 369BE325-5F7C-4CA4-B379-11F7C9DAA1A0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

how do u think he handled it bros?

>> No.15626427

To keep society together. Without them there's no symbol of leadership

>> No.15626725

Dude Im from NJ, lterally 15 minutes from the GWB and we got hammered with feet of snow multiple times this year already and nobody here is complaining, God forbid Texans get a bit of snow without having dozens of people die lol no sympathy for making shitty choices about your energy grid and being borderline Mexicans when it comes to how you need your weather.

>> No.15626835


>> No.15626839

So the equivalent of the Royal Family in the UK then....

>> No.15626849

What hard times?

>> No.15626934

Guys, we've gone nearly 50 posts without anyone talking about food or cooking of any kind.

>> No.15626941


Texas got a bit of cold weather and because they’re incompetent when it comes to maintaining infrastructure, they lost a shitload of rhe ability to generate and deliver power, meaning not much heating or electricity. Theyre melting snow to drink like its 1960s USSR and dozens of people have frozen to death and a handful died of CO poisoning by doing dumb things like sleeping n their garage with the car on or running a generator indoors.

>> No.15626960

I work at a hospital and all I can say is fuck you.

>> No.15627154

Nah. Dominoes sucks.

>> No.15627163

ESL retard.

>> No.15627166

>Jooice did it!
I guess time to gas the millenial nazis.

>> No.15627202

I think you fail to realize how much budgeting and protections are put into place in areas that consistently get cold that would be a massive waste of time, money, and effort

for example chicago has 300+ snow plows. why would a similar size city like dallas buy that many when they average an inch of snow a year? I live in a small town that averages almost 10ft of snow a year that has a $16 million budget, and almost $600k goes to snow removal

>> No.15627280

Fuck you anon

>> No.15627284

(Beer can noises intensifies)

>> No.15627318


>> No.15627434

>republican senator runs away to mexico after decades of bad policies leaves state without power, food and water
Can’t make this shit up

>> No.15627442

amazing. god bless the USA

>> No.15627472

A lot of right-wingers are sociopaths. They know what they do is wrong but they don't care.

>> No.15627474
File: 22 KB, 674x366, Capture.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>this is """"freezing deathly cold""" in america
cannot wait for the final deathblow to be struck upon your cursed nation

>> No.15627481

*unzips cock*
here's your tip bitch

>> No.15627484

its what they voted for, clearly its what they want?

>> No.15627586

They go into the meatball machine

>> No.15627817

Am I the only one that thinks this picture looks completely pathetic?

Whoever took this photo and uploaded it to the internet is really doing a disservice to these two people, they truly do look pathetic, I can't think of a better word to describe them

>> No.15627847

One anon talked about eating ass

>> No.15627859

All my life my stereotype of Texans has been that of the strongest and wildest Americans but they really are a bunch of pussies destroyed by a little surprise winter (during wintertime lol)

>> No.15627864

No there aren't.

>> No.15628453

they should bang.

>> No.15628454


This isnt a USA issue, its a Texas issue. Despite not being one of the original 13 colonies they simultaneously consider themselves both the most American state as well as not truly American. Im not sure of the exact circumstances why except “muh freedoms” but Texas’ power grid is completely isolated from the rest of the USA mainly to avoid Federal oversight and regulations which I guess is alright, except in situations like these. If there was a major blackout in my area, we could request power from NY, CT, most neighboring states because our power grids are connected; Texas can’t do that. Its like flying an airplane without emergency power source.

>> No.15628466

you might be too young to remember american politics before trump, but no one, literally no one, republican or democrat, likes ted cruz
>I'm the senator who likes ted cruz the most, and I hate ted cruz
-al franken

>> No.15628481

That's disgusting, why can't those lazy fucks clean that working area?

>> No.15628484

quintessentially american

>> No.15628805

worth noting that those dominoes workers got payed for like a normal shift and were told to stay home that weekend.

>> No.15628812
File: 42 KB, 720x835, 1610708951902.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Opencucks btfo yet again
Clean it up opencucks

>> No.15628911

Yes there are

>> No.15628953

What's your point?

>> No.15628969
File: 1.86 MB, 279x235, 1612595738468.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15629320

What sort of world are you retards living in?

>> No.15629327

Full pay for 4 hrs work.

>> No.15629341

Wagie type jobs ARE pathetic. There's no dignity in assembling factory food for a living

>> No.15629362

The one where they ignore democrat run cities are on the verge of bankruptcy and full of human shit from a mass homeless population even though their taxes are insane and people pay 3k to live in a 300 square foot shit hole. Oh let's not forget mass homicides.

One party rule will always fail, unfortunately that's all anyone wants anymore

>> No.15629382

>*Texas power grid collapses*

>> No.15629731

It is funny to see the left do the same shit the right does when california has rolling blackouts for a week or just no power at all for a solid few days.
>It's the liberals fault!
>It's the conservatives fault!
The cycle continues

>> No.15629907
File: 105 KB, 260x326, aquaa81.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

You faggots talk about seceding and you cant even handle the weather.

>> No.15629938
File: 44 KB, 220x176, 831FBB1D-032B-4EB4-A2BE-43EEC7926CFE.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Did I say California’s infrastructure isn’t shit from overuse and under maintenance I just found it funny that as people in Texas were freezing to death their elected leaders were saying “Texans would rather die then take handouts”
I find the American mentality fascinating
>image related your average Texan on a brisk Texas morning

>> No.15630013

Beautiful dramatic renaissance-like picture.

>> No.15630209

Imagine living in America, any state, in your own house, and not owning at least 2 backup generators, battery-racks or fireplace. The electricity is cheap for a reason, invest in your own security.

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