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What do you think are the best technological improvements in the history of cooking?

For me, it has to be the invention of nonstick-pans, making the clunky and impractical castiron pans obsolete.

Also the invention of plastic cutting boards, compared to the unhygienic and inferior wooden ones, is a big improvement.

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in like, the whole history? fire.

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air fryers
steam ovens
sous vide

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when knives became mezzaluna

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Electric oven. No more dangerous open fire. No burning kichen, clothing, children, house. No toxic fumes and smoke in kitchen and house, no black soot on walls. No toxic or deadly CO2 and CO gases from open fire or badly working ovens fired with wood/coal/camel shit. No need for waiting until fire is big enough for cooking.

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If you consider reducing everyone's lifespan by about 5 years an improvement, then I guess Teflon flakes and plastic powder seasoning would count

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>muh deadlerino PTFE flakes

Lol. Troll detedted. Cast aluminium pans, (dry wiped out) rusty iron pans and stainless steel pans give more unhealthy nickel, chrome, alumium, and old overheated burned fatty chemicals into the food than PTFE pans give inert PTFE into the food. Proven by over 9000 reliable scientific studies and from independent consumer organisations like Stiftung Warentest and Verbraucherzentralen.

P.S.: As already mentioned some weeks ago, empty crass overheated PTFE dissolves at temps above 360°C. You cough but don't get alzheimer's like from aluminium or cancer like from Furane and PAKs.
And reliable cookware manufacturers produce PTFE pans without harmful PFOA for years.

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Not sure what’s more sad.
OP’s low effort bait, or the fact he could have actually made some points.

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sliced bread

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I dont know whos burning aluminium or cooking with rusty pots but im not European

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Cast iron pans, which are simple, inexpensive, durable, and reliable, thus good for pretty much anything. Also wood cutting boards, for much the same reason.

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Gaz you dumb fuck.
Its gaz.
This also

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Knobs on the stove to regulate heat are pretty awesome. The AGA system of heat storage burners isn't bad either, but knobs are ridiculously convenient.
Aluminum foil.
Rotary knife meat slicers.
Crock-Pots (electric slow cookers), and derivative devices (instant pots - electric multimode pressure cookers). The derivatives are overcomplicated, but people use them to great benefit.

Rice cookers. Blah blah, you can on a stove, how stupid you are. They are a technology advancement that largely automated a chore and improved life for billions.

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Otherwise enjoy your fucking salt pork you faggot.

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Studies have shown that the surface of wooden cutting boards is more bacteria resistant than plastic ones.

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