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Name a better American classic

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that, but with coleslaw

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Dying to covid and getting fucked by your government.

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And mashed cauliflower

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War in the Middle East

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PB toast, eggs, bacon, and coffee with some silly sweet creamer. It do be comfy.

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Kentucky style dark meat fried chicken. Mac and cheese. Pit beef. Carolina BBQ. A corned beef Reuben. etc etc.

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Oh fuck off

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Billions in aid to Israel, our greatest ally, as infinitum

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Two all meat patties, special sauce, lemon cheese and it's all on a sesame seed bun!

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meatloaf is without a doubt the worst food item ever invented by white people
I mean it's not on the level of dirt cookies from haiti or live dog from china, but it's worse than any edible product from North America, Europe, and the Mediterranean.

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Sigh. Thursday, meatloaf night, as it was, is now and ever shall be.

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spotted the european, bye

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chicken fried steak, scalloped potatoes and green beans almondine

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>lemon cheese

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There may be better, but a good meatloaf with buttery, peppery mashed potatoes is a thing of beauty.

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not even american

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Cope. It's been taken through conquest and devine providence. God bless America, suck shit turd worlders

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lol seethe, mutt. it was brought to america by your immigrant ancestors.

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The smart ones came here and all that remained in yurop were yeet'd during the wars. Lmao sucks to be you europoor

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Mmmmmm, free health care, free University, welfare. We don't mutilate our newborn babies and have less niggers going around shooting each other.

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Sometimes being an American is A-okay.

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Sure thing Eurofag
Just like burgers are European
We took the concept and made it our own. Cope

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*taps knife*
Texas/Kansas style barbecue

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If Americans adopted it as their own and its been a staple in house holds forever then how is it not American? Especially if they tweaked the recipe to their own.

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Let the Germans have it. Americans will always have Pizza, sandwiches and Chinese food as their inventions.

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>Bro Jews invented bread I guess baguettes are Jewish
Fucking retard

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i think italians are going to nuke you now

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are you retarded? bread was invented even before judaism existed.

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Orange Fool

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There's no such thing as covid, conspiracy theorist nutjob. Take your meds.

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>Name a better American classic
Exactly the same thing but with gravy.

It sure is

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>American food
>70% carbs 30% protein
>not 1 gram of vegetable
74% Of Americans are overweight/obese. No wonder burgers got destroyed by corona. When nearly all of your population is at the brink of death, a small cough is all it takes. Truly, they reside in the most degenerate society in human history.

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>Chinese food was invented by Americans
I weep for my country sometimes

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Blah blah God allow this blah blah abortion?

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Take your meds schizo.

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