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Why do Americans insist on using chopsticks whenever they eat any sort of Asian food? Everyone in Europe just eats with a fork and knife and the Asian restaurant owners don't care.

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>Everyone in Europe just eats with a fork and knife
That’s a bit of a sweeping generalisation.

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Because it's fun. Stop being a turbo-autist

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Here in de yurop the door in the houses opens from bottom to top liek de garage door. Ya it is efficient

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it's because it's all part of the asian experience
chopsticks require more mindfulness, you have to look at what you're doing more and thus be aware of what you're eating and appreciate it more
spoons and forks resemble shovels and pitchforks, they are perfect tools for people to thoughtlessly move material into their mouths while driving or watching tv
americans sometimes want to get away from that style of eating because of how pervasive it is here

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oh ya and knives are weapons, get that shit away from the table you savage
knives belong in the kitchen, if your food isn't chopped up enough to eat by the time it reaches the table you fucked up earlier

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>Why do people use utensils intended for the food they're eating?

Do you use a fork for soup? Do you use a spoon for spaghetti?

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Ehh...this all sounds like cope. To me, it just looks like you guys want to try and impress people by being "the cool cultural" one of the group who uses chopsticks every chance he can to show off.

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>while driving

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>Why do people use utensils intended for the food they're eating?

Do you use a fork for soup? Do you use a spoon for spaghetti?

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Forks and knifes are the most versatile and efficient eating utensils. There's no food that can't be eaten with a fork and knife whereas there's a lot that chopsticks can't do.

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Fork and spoon for spaghetti.

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american chinks hate them. its their petty revenge that asians are really prone to. They give you chopsticks or make you eat pecking duck while hiding behind the counter and laughing at the "white devil" dishonoring himself with ungraceful dining. Then they gather in their little apartments and share these stories with a cup of wrm plum wine or some beetlejuice. And the more dishonor their customers get, the more honor is brought to their ancestors, who, being taoist, are in hell. Its the same for tea by the way and i bet sake, silk trade and pottery

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the people who raised me and taught me to use chopsticks were humble rural people, they weren't trying to impress anyone, they were trying to teach me about other cultures. you're just projecting your own shit attitude onto others.

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no, they did it to make you chinese, they saw the whitness and desired to demolish it anyway they could. Every bit of food eaten with chopsticks is a tiny shitt thrown at you ancestors grave

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How many Asians actually eat with choppustikku?

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almost none, they use spoons and hands. chopsticks is a meme to fool western man

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>Everyone in Europe just eats with a fork and knife and the Asian restaurant owners don't care
I live in Europe and I never ate with a knife and fork at an Asian restaurant. So no it's not true. Maybe be more precise about your country, Europe is not as homogeneous as people tend to imply on this website.

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No they don't. I've always used chopsticks and they're provided in literally every Asian restaurant I've been to across multiple european nations.

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have the SJWs started complaining that white people using chopsticks is cultural appropriation?

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>why do americans
They really dont
I would say like 1/4 of them do and it's just the younger millenials

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op must in some eastern slavic shithole for chopsticks to be a 'novelty' in his culture

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yes it's pure SJW nonsense which evolved into 4chan "why are whitoids like this" demoralization trolling.
it's not a real problem

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Is there a problem?

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It is not just Americans. People from all over the world do that. In Europe too. It is of the interest of Asian restaurants to have customers eat with chopsticks because it provides a unique ambient that differentiates them from other places.

I don't see what is the problem with people eating asian food with chopsticks.

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>This post is extremely low quality

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>not using fork and scissors

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I've always known how to use chop sticks but prefer using normal shit because I'd rather eat the food than whatever the fuck this guy is saying >>15596634

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way to go you missed all the important parts of the dish

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If americans didnt use chopsticks you would say “haha look at the stupid american who doesnt even know how to use chopsticks.”

America seethe threeads should be banned on /ck/ because they belong on /int/

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and incel seethe threads like yours shoould be auto filtered. This is 4chan, not reddit

you want rules and rigid guidelines? go there

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gay thread

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It is easier to eat sushi with chopsticks. I use a fork if I am just getting rice and stir fry or similar.

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I cannot imagine being this retarded

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I didnt make a thread you retarded fucking newfag

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Would you believe that some people are just pretentious assholes?

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It depends on the type of Asian food you fucking mong

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They can't afford chopsticks AND regular cutlery, so you get forks and spoons because that's what the previous restaurant owner left behind in the kitchen

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never heard someone so out of touch with reality, but then again it's 2021 and you're a fucking retard. What else is new

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>And the more dishonor their customers get, the more honor is brought to their ancestors, who, being taoist, are in hell
Fucking kek

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>Everyone in Europe just eats with a fork and knife and the Asian restaurant owners don't care.
thats simply not true

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>Everyone in Europe just
American hands typed this. The rest of the sentence, as expected, is bullshit

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>americans never have any respect for foreign cultures and customs!

>ew wtf why do Americans incorporate this culture's customs when they engage with it

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After much discussion...

The conclusion is this.

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Why do you Eurofags care so much about what us burgers do? You guys can't go a day with out thinking about us. Rent free.

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>why does ___ group step outside their comfort zone and try new things?
Because that's what adults with a curious mind and a full set of teeth do, Cletus.

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>if your food isn't chopped up enough to eat by the time it reaches the table you fucked up earlier
Says the amateur retard.

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those are women and faggots, not americans. try again, anon.

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>Fork and spoon
thats how I do your mom!

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I live in Europe and I've never seen anyone do that in my life

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triggered multiple factions and also a legitimate discussion, high quality bait
chopsticks is one of the first songs kids learn in piano class, chopsticks are embedded into Anglo culture for over a century

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>And the more dishonor their customers get, the more honor is brought to their ancestors

this is hilarious

>t. asian

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but i am not white, can i still colonize?

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Nah. Its just fun.

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I can't either, because there's no imagining involved. Imagine not being a legal retard in 2021.

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I lived in China for a decent amount of time and would be forced to use chopsticks whenever I ate at a restaurant and eating out is a huge cultural thing in China. Everyone eats out at least one time per day because it’s very affordable and you literally can’t find spoons and shit unless you’re at some international restaurant. I knew how to use chopsticks since I was a young kid living in America but never used them unless I had to like when I lived in China. I mastered it and it became my norm. When you can eat rice efficiently with them you know you’ve mastered the technique. Of course when I moved back to the US, I went back to using fork and spoons but I can’t help it sometimes if I’m in a Chinese restaurant I just use the chopsticks because my brain registers chopsticks when I’m eating Chinese food. The Chinese workers or other guests think its quite amusing and when they find out I know how to speak mandarin I’m like a celebrity for the moment.

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based. fuck these manbabies, theyre ruining the board

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Cuz it's fun.
It's a bit of a challenge, especially when you've never really used chopsticks.
Just a little extra experience to make the meal a bit more memorable than the random dinner meal you ate because you couldn't bother to cook.

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nope. racism, colonization/conquering of civilizations and oppressing minorities (well, brown people, since whites are the unequivocal global minority) is reserved for whites

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I only make fun of people trying to eat fried rice with chopsticks and picking up like 2 grains at a time. Either shovel it into your mouth by putting the bowl up to your mouth or use a spoon.

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I'm from Europe and I enjoy using chopsticks. I use them whenever approppriate.

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seconded, I eat everything except for sushi with a fork, but sushi is literally easier to eat with chopsticks

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wee respecka da foo

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t. doesn't know how to use chopsticks

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Stop watching movies and thinking they represent reality.

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The funniest is when some pretentious ass tells you to use chopsticks in a Thai restaurant when 90% of food in Thailand is eaten with a spoon or fork

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I don't think I've ever seen an American use chopsticks for any reason. It sounds like city slicker shit.

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Chopsticks are fine, every east-Asian restaurant gives you them in the UK.
If you can't use them you can use a knife and fork gweilo.

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>Why do Americans insist on using chopsticks whenever they eat any sort of Asian food
I insist on using it for eating a bag of chips though
Clean fingers all the time

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>Why do Americans insist on using chopsticks whenever they eat any sort of Asian food?
They don't.
You don't have to ask for chopsticks or cutlery, either/or at most tables in America. They're both on the table already or offered. No cheapness.

Chopsticks are an acceptabl way to share appetizers without touching other items on the plate. It's like the child's game of Operation, and if you're good at not getting the buzzer you're not cross contaminating with the people you are dining with. You can reverse the sticks to make the unlicked ends as your serving spoon too, place on your plate and then enjoy after turning your sticks around. Getting a serving spoon sometimes requires a prompt of your waitstaff.
Chopsticks are also a way to enjoy something that is more than 1 actual bite, because it's taboo to bite off food and hold the second half in your fork in the air, but perfectly ok etiquette while holding it together in the grip of some chopsticks.
It doesn't fall apart. Not all food is bitesize, like a shumai.

>Everyone in Europe just eats with a fork and knife and the Asian restaurant owners don't care.
Really? Everyone only uses cutlery? That sounds exaggerated and so not true.
You don't speak cantonese or whatever, so I know you don't really pretend to understand the kind of talk disrespectful restaurant staff can and does say about their patrons. They talk shit, for sure and they're judging your manners, your clothing, and your lack of apparent class, just not to your face. They're from class societies. People not caring about controlling how you eat is one thing, but finding your manners acceptable is another. Chinese people eat like pigs, fact, but Japanese people are offended and extremely judgy, if you don't respect their ways of dining.

Do whatever you want, and if you want a spoon at the same time as chopsticks, with your long noodles, and to hold them both overhanded like a toddler, you live your life by your rules!

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if based kurt does it, I'm on board

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