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why is /ck/ such an incredibly angry board

even on /int/ where everyone hates everyone else because they're from other countries (and you can directly see it because of the flags) nobody is really that angry except a handful of brits

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were just having fun here

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I vent my real life inadequacies here

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do you need memes? do you need something to have fun?

just tell me what you need /ck/

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The jannies here are ban happy. I've been banned at least 3x.

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this, last time I was banned for 3 days for a jiro thread

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but that doesn't explain the anger

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Oh sorry I just wanted to bitch about jannies.

Anyway yeah the answer is because it is a food/cooking board and naturally the people that come here are probably chunkers and are miserable fat humans. Could be wrong

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The world is a mess. The world is as angry as it gets. What you think /ck/ is going to cause a little more anger? The world is an angry place. All of this has happened.

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everyone's hungry

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but why are you so angry
true could be fatties

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What do you expect from people who are obsessive about food and their own self-gratification?

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literally most of this website is full of people obsessed with self-gratification

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Used to be better, but /pol/niggers won't stay on their fucking containment board. This has been an issue on most boards for a good while now.

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Rope yourself you frog posting bumfuck.

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I have food trauma and am a raging alcoholic.

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food trauma is not a thing

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a fast food thread died for this, fuck YOU

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Most of the time it's good natured. We're moody cunts here but most aren't daft enough to take the Mongolian basket weaving forum seriously.

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shut the fuck up you cum guzzling fucktards
>muh rules
>muh unspoken social norms
literally hang yourselves you goddamn wastes of oxygen, this is 4chan, not reddit. you want rules? go there. you want order? go there, you want topic themed threads? GO. THERE

im fucking SICK and TIRED of you little bitch backed whiny shits complaining about EVERYTHING on this board. I will post whatever i want, when i want, and so can everyone else


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/gif/ is worse

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>a bunch of dopamine sapped, porn addicted trannies are worse
gee, would have never guessed

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>any interracial thread
>initial vids posted
>last 200-250 posts are fuckhuge essays visible from outer space

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>why is /ck/ such an incredibly angry board
large percentage of trannies and faggots

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I got banned for ridiculing an American who was bullying a Netherlands poster over a grammatical error.
Somehow this troll-frog poster gets to make 2-3 frog threads a week? Man fuck these moderators.

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Food snobs are like that. Burger munching food snobs

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i got GLOBALLY banned for 3 days for a thread about mead

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Pol is the angery board

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>decide to browse /gif/
>every thread has 1 file for every 5 normal posts

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Anyone who's been anywhere in the world that matters genuinely turns out angry st this point from what I've noticed lately

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Mods are smart retards that work hard for their tendie bux leave them alone

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it's one of the least visited boards. that's the best explanation i have. so the ones that do are going to be angry autists

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To be fair it was a low quality thread and you inexplicably posted CP pictures.

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shut the fuck up idiot, you type like a redditor

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no way. it's just full of bullshit, bad bait, and feds

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Why is that? Don’t people eat? Don’t they like food? Do zoomers just not cook at all? I answered my own question.

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>making posts about pizza on a cooking board is bad now

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it's an anime website. you think people that watch anime know how to cook. they would rather mommy do it

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how mad will you guys get if i start replying to anything with carbs with >carbs

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No, I think it was the pedo stuff that got you banned, you sick cunt.

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There’s the answer. There was a study of leniency of jurors before and after lunchtime, and unsurprisingly hangry jurors were less lenient.

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Threads about veganism are always the biggest and most vitriolic.

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what kind of “pedo stuff”?
explain in detail

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>least visited boards
If the only boards you browse aside from /ck/ are /v/ and /tv/.
There are way more boards that have much slower traffic than /ck/ and they are much comfier because R*dditors don't know about them.

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so name them then so i know what you're talking about?

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Sorry you said "one of the least visited boards" bad reading comprehension on my part. But there are still a bunch of other boards that are slower and don't get half as much autism as this place.

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I don't go on too many slow boards but the ones I do go on are pretty cozy like /his/, /an/, and /tg/.

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/ck/ isn't that angry, the worst I've seen is meal prep threads where some folks get ridiculously mad at the concept of not eating food cooked the same day

I don't visit all the boards but /an/ has my vote as the most irrationally angry. You have dogfags screeching at catfags, veganfags screeching at everyone, TAKE IT TO THE VET fags, 'I found a random wild animal and want to raise it' threads where absolutely everyone is self righteously angry at everyone else, and of course pitbull threads.

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>and of course pitbull threads.

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>seething this hard

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go back

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right and posts about religion or any controversial topics in general aren't? I never understood this argument or sentiment or whatever you would even call this? like what's your point

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they're comfy because only autistic freaks care about things like oragami

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my sides, 90% of the board is bait

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I got banned for a week in /fit/ because I was calling out uncleposter for somehow not getting banned for his pedo rape fantasy stories saying how does he get away with it. jannies are a walking plague

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it's a slowish board yet there's zero barrier of entry because everyone eats. most slow boards are a niche hobby or activity that most don't take part in or care about. cooking would be that niche hobby but it's overshadowed by food itself

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like look at how angry these people are

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I think its due to increased moderation, back before Shimoto bought 4chan there werent issues with people shitposting in boards because it was sort of the culture to do that, god forbid I call someone a faggot on /fa/ now though. Its the whole website being more prone to snapping quickly.

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American cuisine is the most chastised food in the world, or at least on this board

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The moderation is so fucking retarded here. They ban for the mildest shit imaginable and delete threads that aren't breaking any rules. Pretty sure they are from reddit.

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The CP you posted? That, and trying to groom an underage anon. You should be locked up mate.

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Kill yourself prep bitch. This board is for conscious human beings that enjoy FOOD. As in actual FOOD. Not soulless drones living off flavorless protein suppositories.

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OP you thin skinned pussy harden up

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Speak of the devil. There's one now. Odd bloke isn't he.

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>most 4chan is amerifat
>amerifat has worst food while also being fat
the seethe is understandable

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lmao...you are such an embarassment to you and your family

you should be skinned alive and have your pelt flown against the wind like ship sails you fucking disgrace

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fucking lol

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>worst food
Not even close.
When I traveled internationally for two months, I visited Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Italy, and Greece. In only one nation did I never have a particularly good meal. You get one guess which one.
Britain's only redeemable quality is breakfast. Anything worth naming you can get in Britain you can get in the US better, cheaper, and more easily.

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i posted there for the first time in 12 years the other day asking advice for plants in the general. some anon gave me well thought out advice complete with countless hours in mspaint diagrams, but apparently it was too good and the thread degenerated into bullying him. strange board

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this is the most real reply u r gonna get

its fun to act like a bunch of apes and people see this board as a playground. anger is a part of being ape-like so we act angry. if u think we have genuine hatred for each other, ur wrong for most people

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I think I’m pretty constructive but I will tell you your steak sear sucks balls if you post a boiled steak

>> No.15568706


Lol you’re proving that guy right. I think I’ll make a meal prep thread. Honestly I wouldn’t be mad if you meal prep spergs were just as vitriolic against the fast food guys and the people posting “how’s my pbnj”.

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i hope you guys keep staying mad and i'm going to keep shitposting with you <3

>> No.15568719

>i was only pretending to be retarded

>> No.15568748

Because your post stinks and you cook like a faggot

>> No.15568770

Prove Im angry you dumb bitch.

>> No.15568781

it's honestly my favorite feature of this board
i find it endearing and comfy
fuck you and the horse you road in on faggot

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The day people stop talking shit is the day this world becomes either heaven or hell- and I think the latter more likely.

>> No.15568789

>The jannies here are ban happy
That makes me happy. Thank you jannies.

But they need to step up the bans. There's still too much trash here.

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i was literally banned for starting a thread where i requested that people post food related jokes
what the fuck is that?
why the fuck is that off topic?

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In what world is /ck/ angry? If you've been to /pol/, /fit/, /tv/, or /v/, there's way more vitriol and anger.

/ck/ is my happy place.

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Hopefully they start with you.

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They really don't tolerate any thread that has even a hint of fun in it. It's like their life goal is to make the board as boring and soulless as possible.

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I got banned for 3 days for posting a picture of my balls and asking “since you love eggs so much, how about these eggs?”

>> No.15568868

Like Norm MacDonald. I too hate racism.

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there was a thread the other day of autistic spreads arguing about how to reheat old pizza

>> No.15568999

Too many puer drinkers here. Puer can make some people very aggressive.

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there's only so much funposting some people can take before they get fed up with it and treat it like what it really is: mindless spam

am gay btw

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They constantly destroy any culture that starts developing on this board, DT posts on Facebook more than 4chan because of them, people can't share weird cooking videos because the webms suck on boards that don't have sound enabled or people claim youtube links are self promotion, people call all posts about certain products viral marketing, and al/ck/ is banned. The mods really ruin everything anyone tries to do here then tried to make us make a sticky with cooking how tos like we're a fucking subreddit.

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I need a good place to talk about food with people who like food and are like me.

4chan is just a bunch of angry baby asses who can't or won't have an honest conversation to save their lives, who just tear each other down and try to preempt constructive conversation to fuel their meme-addled ADHD because everything is a fucking joke. Good posts & threads get deleted and administration is nonexistent; jannies do as they please.

reddit is just a bunch of pompous baby asses who can't or won't entertain ideas other than the ones they harbor preciously close, who just tear each other down and try to control and confine constructive conversation to fuel their fragile egos because everything is deadly fucking serious. Good posters get banned and administration is nonexistent; jannies do as they please.

Where can a person who isn't a boomer or instagram whore even go to talk about food on a real level? I come to 4chan for the 2% chance that I'll get to talk to someone interesting or learn something new because it's the lesser of two evils.

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Meta threads are pure cancer because at their absolute best, they consist of nothing but complete retards with horribly sorted priorities incessantly and impotently bitching and moaning about a board's quality instead making a worthwhile attempt to improve it.
Furthermore, meta threads at their worst are a divide and conquer tactic employed by trolls where they complain about problems that they themselves are directly responsible for, they do this in an attempt to persuade anons to either stop coming here or join in on their sociopathic crusade to ruin this site purely for the sake of acquiring a fleeting sense of sadistic pleasure. They possess the exact same mentality as a common drug addict. Since they think like a drug addict, they should be treated like one and either be rehabilitated of their unacceptably anti social behavior, removed from society, or outright euthanized if they prove to be beyond saving.
Also, meta threads are against>>>/global/rules/8 and>>>/ck/rules/1 so they must be reported as soon as possible and as much as possible for the greater good.

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Fuck you nerd

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we're in the same boat man. the internet is doing a massive number on us all

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