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It's been around forever for a reason, bros...

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Because boomers and boring faggots always gravitate toward cheap and familiar.

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Tabasco is only good for Pizza

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Pizza and eggs are the only things that tabasco doesn't ruin

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Why is the smell so pungent

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Enjoy your vinegary shits.

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this is better

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You're the same retard from the pickle thread aren't you

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Try it on hamburger helper

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I’ve switched to sriracha and been feeling like getting back in the tobasco train lately. The only problem is that I don’t care for tobasco is my shitty ramen noodles like sriracha and sriracha also goes on everything tobasco does for almost the same effect, minus the vinegary shits of course.

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There's no better hot sauce for eggs. People complain about it being spicy vinegar but that's what it's supposed to be, and a lot of rich foods like eggs or pizza really benefit from some spicy vinegar

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this one is even better

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I like to mix it in Ranch/Dressing/Tartar sauce

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whoa, sounds good on paper, how is it in practice?

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This on top of a sunny side up yolk before busting it to dunk toast in is pure joy

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In case you think that's a photoshop,

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is this the vinegar shits thread?


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Because there's a global super conspiracy that controls the food supply?

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