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And here we have it /ck/: dinner a la tendies

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The 80's called . They want their decor back.

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Reddit called. They want their memes back

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Pardon? Not sure what you mean. What is Reddit? Not familiar with that.

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a faggot called, he wants you back

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Yo when did Milo's drop the gas station tall boys?? Ya'll tendies look fresh af spicy af. Keep it one hunnit oh pee. Gangsta shit

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what are the other plates for? your imaginary friends?

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Yum. Looks like its from a restaurant. I'm making curry.

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Could've fooled me. It looks like diarrhea before even being consumed.

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>with fries
you muthafucka, I'm jealous as fuck

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What did your gf say to this?

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Looks like a real tasty buffalo sauce you go on those tendies, anon.

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Looks good

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The 80s were based and need to be revived.

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This guy gets it.

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Those are chargers you uncultured, pea-brained swine

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Are you a stinky foreigner??

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Ranch dressing is based.

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>Great Value

Oh look, a poor. Enjoy eating shit laden with chemicals. Maybe you can go buy from a store where the staff don't need welfare and where they treat their employees well.

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the fries are great value too

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You ever smell those chairs? Cushioned chairs like that retain all of the diners farts and odors. As a kid on frank and beans with boiled green nights I used to “play” under the table for hours after dinner with my Hot Wheels cars but I was really sniffing all the cushions for the mustard or turnip green with frank and bean smell.

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based seat sniffer

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I can just tell this guy is some mayonnaise eating pasty fat faggot who’s never stepped out of his shitty Midwestern state.

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Is it me or do all the sauces bought from grocery store taste the same? Is it the plastic bottle fucking with the flavor? Too many preservatives?

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Damn, he based.

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Coasties never get to talk shit. You live in nonwhite liberal commie shitholes with no guns lmao. Enjoy being overrun by mongrels

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>Dipping sauces
>Star Wars Funko Pop glass
You lost me. 0/10, reddit's probably more up your alley.

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I think I saw those chairs on an episode of Golden Girls.

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reddit take

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>The 80s were based and need to be revived

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tfw half the people ITT dont know that Milo’s is an Alabama restaurant chain and therefore have never had the privilege of tasting their delicious food

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Sorry hillbilly bro. I went to some place in Alabama where they threw bread at you though

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that place is called Lamberts and is incredibly overhyped
for anyone in this thread that cares to know the most based places in Alabama land to eat here is a list;
-Anchor Bar and Grill, Orange Beach AL
-Jack Browns, Birmingham AL
-Dreamland BBQ, Multiple locations AL
-Milos, Multiple Locations AL
-Big Bob Gibsons, Decatur AL
-Little Rosies, Huntsville AL
-Gus’s, Birmingham AL
-Highlands Bar and Grill, Birmingham AL
-Joe’s Italian, Alabaster AL
-Guthries, multiple locations AL
-Hot Hot Fish Club, Birmingham AL

im sure there are a few more i am failing to remember but yeah

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