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What do you all want from McDonald's?

I think I'll have two mcdoubles with fully cooked meat that's been sitting in a plastic tray for the past hour.


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Your post exactly but unironically

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hheeyy we got one post, this thread wasn't a complete waste of time.

Unlike my employment at McDonald's

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They switched over their corporate policies awhile back to ensure restaurants aren't precooking burgers unless it's a rush. You'd know this if you're weren't an ironic fan.

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mcdonalds in my country cooks everything to order

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I just have the Big Mac.

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Order it with extra bacon so they have to make it fresh

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haha McDonalds Bad

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I can only afford to eat at McDonalds once this month, what should I get??

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8 cheeseburgers, small diet coke, small fries

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double cheeseburger
small fries
large dr pepper

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one mcpeanus for me please

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Double quarter pounder with cheese, which I'll put in a the fridge for a few hours, then microwave it when I'm ready.

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fatty. who still drinks soda? especially a LARGE soda. That's 77g of high fructose corn syrup.

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I always keep it simple to their origins. Several single cheeseburgers. Everything else is meme shit designed by accountants.

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What's the point of this? How many are we talking when you say several?
Why not just got one double or triple burger? Otherwise you're just basically adding more bread to your meal.

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Double quarter pounder with cheese, add mac sauce.

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>4 McDoubles. Extra cheese.
>Large Diet Dr pepper
>Large fry
>20 piece nugget with bbq sauce
>Two chocolate chip cookies
Yes I'm fat I don't care

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I'd honestly want them to bring the international thing back as a bi monthly thing. Have foods from McDonalds in other countries for a month every two months or something.

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i know you won't believe me, but i actually get out of the house on a daily basis

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>4 McDoubles. Extra cheese.
Just get the double cheeseburger instead

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Large fries, cheese burger, mcchicken, if im really hungry ill get a 10 piece (usually the 20 piece because its like $1 more for 2x the nuggets and i can leave all extras in the fridge) with a medium coke, no ice.

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I don't care either because you'll be dead soon thankfully and not breathing up my precious air.

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2 mcdoubles w/o onions and pickles
20pc spicy nuggets w/ sweet & sour sauce

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Large Sweet Tea
Large Fries

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large mcchicken meal and a coffee frappe.

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Spicy McNiggs are back

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double quarter pounder with cheese

just that. and it better be good too, motherfucker

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