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Is it yummy. Sounds yummy. I want to make one. Pineapple slice on a homemade burger

picrel is my homemade burgers. I call them Samboiga

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Its not bad but I don't particularly like it.

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You're a little late to the party

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I'm allergic to pineapple.

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how do i cook the pineapple

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Why add the "I dont particularly like it". I dont even know who you are. What foods you like. Fucking adds nothing to what im asking. I dont fucking care that you dont like it. Just describe it.

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fuck you gook.

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kys gook.

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For me, it's the aloha burger.

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No response?

Maybe the gook OP actually followed through and offed himself. I hope so. Rest in piss gook.

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on a grill

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It's just atebranded McOz burger with the beetroot and egg taken out

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