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Who legitimately drinks this shit now?
It used to be a decent beer before inbev bought them but now tastes like a weird sugary cough syrup.

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It was never good. You were just in college.

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was never good

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Even from a college point of view it tasted way differently back then c 2010, not the best but definitely worthy on a hot summer day. Like more hoppy and buttery than sweet

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I think it tastes like onions. It's gross

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College kids are about coors and yuengling now

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this. No one under the age of 30 really drinks Bud unless they were an athlete desu

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Post good mainstream beer brands.

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I buy it when it is on sale. It’s a simple lager.

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I turned 27 and now i like bud light. Am I getting old?

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>but now tastes like
Are you honestly implying they changed the recipe?

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I'm 28 and I'm enjoying a variety of beers. I like Gravensteiner a lot. Zwickel beers and helles lagers. A good pale or IPA or even a big stout. BBA stouts can be fun. There's lots of interesting beers to try.

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you're settling into ethanol-dependency, sure!

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I'm 23 and me and all my bros drink it

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Haven't drunk it in years but it and light were my go to restaurant beers at places with no selection. It no longer tastes like a bread loaf?

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I'll start, shall I?

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My uncle drank Budweiser every day. He passed away and so now it’s all my cousin ever drinks. I’ll drink them with him sometimes when we visit his grave.

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Sometimes its so much diacetyl (buttered popcorn off flavor) I prefer budvar when it comes in a brown bottle.

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i posted about this briefly in a whiskey thread about a week ago.
i work at a liquor store and am trying to get into drinking so as to take advantage of that sweet employee discount. what are your favorite beers? or at least, of the really big name beers. wondering what i should try next. so far i've tried modello and stella. and pic related but i'd say it's not as much of a big name beer, so to say.

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This stuff is amazing, don't care what people think.

San Miguel draft is just nicest beer to have on a hot day and it's dirt cheap in Spain.

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Sam Adams Boston Lager my dude.

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beer is a perishable product in terms of taste (not in terms of making you sick) so it depends on whats available. Only buy beer in brown bottles, green bottles are likely to taste of skunk which is not how its supposed to be

Bohemia is really good for mexican lager if you like modelo but want more flavor. weinhepstahner original is a good german helles you may have. if not bitburger pils is decent and can be found everywhere. budvar/czechvar is a good czech beer. Once you want to venture out of yellow lagers, hoegardin is a great beer but far different (its a belgian wheat beer) than anything youve had before. beamish or guiness is worth a try. Sierra nevada pale is a good intro to american beer. Most of those should be able to find anywhere

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I bought a case to drink with my dad, it was his favorite when I was growing up. The taste reminds me of him. It was my first beer.

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I assume you're in the US - so you have a ton of micro breweries to choose from.

Careful though, you don't want to turn into a beer snob douche nozzle.

If you're worried about that, try German wheat beers and Belgian beers. Both are traditional and respected.

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San Miguel literally saved my life when I got lost in Madrid in 2006. Blessed post.

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Sounds awesome desu
I wish I had a crew of fresh bros who we could just smash coldboys and suck each other off all day, except strictly nohomo

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>German wheat beers
any thoughts on this? i picked up a single bottle not too long ago just because i thought the bottle was really cool. low IBU and apparently it tastes like bananas. then again they said troeg mad elf tasted like cherries and honey, it just tasted like shit.

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I drink that shit because it's the cheapest non-light beer that the Costco here sells. PBR is better but they don't sell it. It is oddly sweet but it apparently has no residual sugar.

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>Once you want to venture out of yellow lagers, hoegardin is a great beer but far different (its a belgian wheat beer) than anything youve had before. beamish or guiness is worth a try.
i've had a few darker beers but for the most part they were just seasonal or meme beers. mad elf as i mentioned in my last post, and a founders breakfast stout. didn't like either. i've been wanting to try guinness since i first heard that satisfying ball shaking around in the cans, i think i'll pick that up soon.

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Try it, if you like it, buy it again, simple.

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>tfw this was considered a "premium" lager at the first pub I worked at
I'm so glad I made the jump to craft beer. Better beer, better people, better lifestyle in general. Can't stand pikeys.

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You picked up a dark wheat doppelbock. That is a dark, double strong 8.2 beer. thats not represenative and thats a niche beer for people really into wheat beers and only drank on cold fall days. get a regular 4.4% hefeweizen, paulener, weinhepstaphen, schneidner, ayinger, etc

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They brag about brewing with rice like it's a good thing. Oy. Give me a Natty Daddy.

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Still better than Belgians adding fucking sugar.

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if you're not slamming modelos then idk even what to say anon

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samuel smith oatmeal stout. you'll thank me later.

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Hell yeh brother, my go tos are modelo and pacifico

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It's amazing how snobbish ck can be about wanting to not be a snob. Hilarious.

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You should learn more about adjuncts and bottle conditioning before critiquing superior brewing nations, Hans.

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I usually have a budweiser with my Jameson at the bar. These past couple months it has tasted different and far less appealing. I thought it was my taste buds that have changed. Thanks for posting now I know their beer just got shittier.

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People over 50 and foreigners

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A bar manager friend of mine openly mocks hipster faggots that order oatmeal stouts and IPAs. Keep thinking you're cool, buddy.

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I learned Inbev is Belgian and they've ruined everything they touched, Johnny.

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lol budweiser was never good, it just used to be that no one else made good beer either so you didn't notice much

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I legitimately drank this while browsing 4ch in 2005. Sad times. Since then I have expanded to 8ch, 16ch, 64ch, 76ch even. And i smoke weed now and dont drink. chris poolevwas a mistake

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yeah man drank a 6pk a few weeks back because thats the only thing the store had, and I got the worse headache hangover the next day, and I didnt even get much of a buzz from that shit either. No mas!

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This shit sucks. It's syrupy

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Samuel Smith has been around for hundreds of years now

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I didn't know syrup was light and citrusy.

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It's not. That's the problem with that shit beer

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>trips of truth in 7s
drink what you want and enjoy it, dunno why everyone has to become so dedicated to their dumb little opinions on things.

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You've tossed your credibility for nothing.

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Jesus christ man, get an opinion of your own. If someone likes something and it doesn't effect you in any way let them enjoy it. Don't be a gate keeping faggot.

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not him but how has covid impacted your hot sauce collection?

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Budweiser is consumed in three primary demographics or market locations:

1. Boomers. Boomers everywhere grew up with like 4 beer choices because the 1960s and 1970s beer game in America was essentially Budweiser, Coors, Miller, or Schlitz/PBR

2. Dude bros. Dudebros of all kinds, jocks, brahs, bros, buds, people whose friends group would refer to as "the boys" or "the bois". You know, retards. Lots of 18-28 year old dudebro retards drink Budweiser. Why? Because it's cheap and they were never consuming alcohol for its flavor, yet they're all far too terrified to start pounding whisky and actual hard liquor so they drink 48 Budweisers in an afternoon of "day drinking" or "pre-gaming" and get lightly buzzed because the drinks are such weak watered down garbage, but the dudebros still pretend they're getting "totally wasted!"

3. Fat and low IQ people of all walks of life who are attending a sporting event. Sales in this demo must be down tremendously this year, but find yourself unfortunate enough to be attending a bread and circus sportsball game at local stadium and you'll notice fat and dumb looking people all around you shelling out $10.00 a pop for those shitty aluminium bottles of bud light or bud light LIME. They choke down that swill and then root root root for the home team and shout at small children sitting nearby that this is their house.

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My sister in law drinks them a few times per week because she just had a baby and oddly enough those beers help with milk production.

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I think I'm a dudebro except I drink alone

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Slow day at leddit?

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found the enraged boomer, dudebro, or fat retard.

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>They choke down that swill and then root root root for the home team and shout at small children sitting nearby that this is their house.

Dare I say based?

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I'm going to go with fat sportsball retard, that's the vibe I'm getting here.

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I'm going to go with fat sportsball retard, that's the vibe I'm getting here.

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This shit on Tap with a orange slice is sooo fucking good holy shit. Especially if it's hot outside and it's Orange season.

This and Blue Moon in the same way.

>> No.15500615

ha ha what's it like being so different and interesting?

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I think chinks bought them. Just be a hipster and drink Pabst if you want a decent beer.

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Me because I like it DESU SENPAI.

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how come when I get drunk it gives me an uncomfortable tingly feeling under my jaw and behind my ears? am I allergic to alcohol or something?

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Sounds like you have a miswired brain. Put a cheap wig on and collect some oppression bux.

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bapst bleu ribbon ist terrible

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The copper cask they have is pretty good

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Blue moon is better and the same price. Fuck shock top and FUCK you

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Never had it, but looks like a good choice

Pic related is easily in my top 3 favorite beers of all time. If any of you haven't tried it yet, you're missing out. The fact that it only costs $3.50 is just a bonus.

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I mean to post this

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Their seasonals are lightyears ahead of their regular brews imo

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Nigger oatmeal stouts are delicious. Tell your friend to try one before hating on them

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I know its not a big name but I just bought this on a whim and am wondering what I'm in for

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sorry, neither of us are faggots so that won't be happening. do you oil your fucking beard and adjust your stupid fisherman's beanie while you drink your oatmeal faggot juice?

>> No.15502234

I apologize for my phone being a faggot

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Lol you're too closed minded and stupid to have your opinion taken seriously. I will think of you and laugh the next time I'm enjoying a traditional Sam Smith

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Very popular among rednecks.

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Guinness is very drinkable for a dark beer. Dark and roasty, dry, not heavy at all. It’s popular for a reason. Great choice.

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oatmeal stout is gay, just like you

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you need to drink more water

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>if it tastes good, then I proclaim it gay

Whatever you say retardo

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>tastes like a weird sugary cough syrup
Can you please tell me what cough syrup you're buying? Normally the mere scent of the stuff makes me gag, let alone the taste.

t. had my first budweiser at 26 a few months ago and enjoyed it

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we're talking about oatmeal stout here. invented by fags for fags.

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>invented by fags for fags
Ok I'll be waiting for your time machine for you to finish making your point

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the only time i ever poured a beer down the sink was a labatt blue

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Your friend is a raging retard. I get that IPAs and stouts of all descriptions are big memes, but they're also a good generic option aside from shit lager.

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Nah, Blue Moon is the bargain bin alternative you only get when it's the only Belgian on tap.

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The real Budweiser is really good.

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my point is you're a faggot and oatmeal stout is naturally your beverage of choice, because its fucking gay and so are you

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Imagine getting this mad over someone liking something you don't like.

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>t. has had stout bottles shoved up my ass as a child

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Underaged hands typed this post. I guess his daddy doesn't like oatmeal stout, and he's made that his religion in hopes of gaining his approval. He never will.

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