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Went to Burger King and they gave me two tomatoes in a bag.
I called and told them what happened. The lady on the phone called me fat and hung up.
I'm not even remotely fat
I paid 27 dollars.

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>gave Dylann Roof food
>bantzed da fuk outta OP

Is Burger King /ourplace/ or what?

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Did they just give you the bag with the tomatoes or were they under your food?

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No, this was right after I got home and opened the bag

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Did you not notice the bag was a little light?

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Judging by the fact that there's some sauce, I'd say OP asked for no tomatoes, got tomatoes, then pulled them off the burger to make this shitpost. He was too beta to even go mention the mistake to the cashier. He probably is fat, though.

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You are a fatass if you spend $27 at a burger king

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I'm not fat
Here's when I got domino's but forgot to post it

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I'm calling bullshit. You would have felt how light weight and empty the bag was when she handed it to you, and you could have busted her. Bought $27 worth of food and went home with an empty bag thinking everything was legit. Nahhhh

Even Apu the Frog would have reacted to an empty Happy Meal box on the spot.

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Based Sherlock Holmes poster

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You got that creepy child molester look.

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It's elementary, my dear Watson.

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His mistake expecting shitty fast food workers to honor a request for changing a menu item when they can barely be bothered to be there to begin with. I order my food as-is or with extra cheese and just pick the tomatoes off and I almost never get my irder wrong.
Ask for too much different and you'll get your shit plain and need to waste time waiting for them to remake and spit in it.

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Is it just me or does this guy look like a pedo

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that's what you get for asking for "just tomatoes" dumbfuck

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you look like Jake/Logan Paul’s pedophile brother

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She got your ass.

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Fuck off, lardass

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OP is a fag, but I can smell the envious poop skin through my monitor from these posts.

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so you took a bag that you thought had $27 dollars of food in it and didn't recognize that it was a little light?

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this thread is gold holy shit

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You fat goddamn sausage-gut fatty fat fat.

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......and this is why we do not have /ck/ meetups

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you look cool, how big is your cock

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It appears that me being a Chad has stoked some dissatisfaction - dare I say it, SEETHING.
Seek sex

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Are you from Alabama by any chance?

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you look retarded for a white b*y

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I am seeking sex, from you. Get that cock out right fucking now.

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Yeah, Mobile.

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Did you eat the tomatoes

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okay are there really more than 2 anons from mobile ITT? wanna meet up? i’m not gay or anything

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meet me at the mayor's mansion at midnight.

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You’re probably as gay looking as OP.

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Don't forget burger king himself

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Love is like a high prison wall. You could leave me standing so tall.

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You poor soul

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based /d2/ /fit/ /ck/ child predator crossposter

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He genuinely looks like he has some kind of problem - inbreeding? Downs?
And will absolutely try to fuck a kid someday. Probably while screaming something about tomatoes too.

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He’s from Alabama as well..

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based retard

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If you're really not fat, you chose the most unflattering camera angle to pose for. That jutting waist makes me think you're at least in the overweight BMI category. Put down the cheese pizza.

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I like to consider more that he got someone to take this picture for him. Imagine what they were thinking.
>"M-mom? C-can you take a picture of me with this pizza slice in a bag?"
>"What's /ck/, honey?"
>"I-it, uhm... N-nevermind"
Self proclaimed chads are never chads

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This isnt nearly as funny as the fat fuck who lives in a cabin threads. Why do people seek meme fame on /ck/?

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I was baiting for a thoughjak, de gozaimasu.

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You really, really don't get it if that's what you think it is.

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Correct I don't think he is a functional human being.

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$27 is SO MUCH burger king

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Considering the cheese pizza, he's quite open about it.

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ngl you look pretty hot, are you gay by any chance?

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You didn't check a bag worth $27 immediately after realizing it was light as fuck and had nothing in it??????

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you newfaggots make me sick

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My girlfriend took it, and I am from Philadelphia

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Also I'm 6'2 and I barely weigh 180 pounds
here's me and my based retard cat god rest his soul

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Holy shit there's something behind you

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I know your secret :)

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i must say i don't care for your face or your sweetie-boy faggot haircut

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Is this some cringe joke I'm too based to understand?

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>Anonymous 01/29/21(Fri)14:25:24 No.15488093▶>>15488103 >>15488211
I'm prettier than you

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No, people are just upset that I am a Chad and that they are virgins
Pic related: anyone insulting me

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Quit false flagging me
I don't wanna be a name friend

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I miss him so much, bros... he was retarded, but he enjoyed kino sips like Tab with me..

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clearly they've confused you with a fatty
you should steal the food of a nearby lubberlad to achieve balance

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Le Epic trolle

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What do you mean? He just looks high.

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You can't even see op. You should really get that repressed homosex addressed by your imam. He'll prescribe 300,000,000 milligrams of stone, to be taken all at once

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Nvm, I guess you can, but I was looking at the pizza, because I'm not a fag with white fever.

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I'll take "Things That Never Happened" for 400

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