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sup /ck/,

do we like La Croix? the lime is the best one right?

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Key Lime > Lime
Also, yes, we like LaCroix because it replaces having a beer can next to me at all times while I get sober.

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Official /ck/ hivemind here. LaCroix is for faggots. You guys have ten minutes to leave the board.

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coconut is the best one sorry anon

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no lol kys

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we overturned that decision back in 2018

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That was a failed coup by board tourists.

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sweet sexual tension

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it's like tangy shampoo water

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people that enjoy lacroix have a repressed edging fetish

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Real niggas drink bubbly

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Passionfuit is the best one lick my dong

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I don't get it, why buy these crazy overpriced cans instead of just adding a good lime cordial to dirt cheap sparkling water

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it's like $3 for an 8-pack

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They're constantly on sale and lifting a can reminds me of the beer I'd normally be compulsively drinking.

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eat water fatass

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they're 0 calories gayboi

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Mango best one

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Its dangerous to drink that shit. Water gotta have sodium and minerals like real mineral water.

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>can't eat normal water

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Eat the fucking water you asshole

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They're pretty good. Not as good as flavored perrier, but cheaper. I prefer the new Aha stuff though, their flavors are more interesting.

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>oy vey, water is )))free((((
>if you eat the water you're antysemitic!
>here, buy this kosher flavored water goy.

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You eat the water? I just swallow mine

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God tier:

High tier:

Good tier:

Low tier:
every other basic flavor

I have no mouth and I must scream tier:

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If you cant pronounce French names, kill yourself.

La Croix, aka The Cross

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>the Faygo of sparkling water
Just go with Perrier. At least it has some mineral content and you can get it in glass bottles.
>inb4 overpriced
Cheap as fuck at Sam’s Club. Flats of 24 bottles for ~$14

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I like all soda water, brand is irrelevant

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Fuck key lime. It tastes artificial.
Lime = lemon > grapefruit = tangerine

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Ill pample your moose

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yes and yes

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Ice your frying oil 15378848
>faggot beverage
>le consensus guis?
The fact you didn't get the red text you vermin deserve speaks volumes. I'd gladly accept a soybish general if it meant you tourists were permanently flushed. (You) withheld for tourism.

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>paying for water

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>drinking the fluoridated, xanax-laced, birth control-tainted jew

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I take advantage of my natural surroundings and collect and store rain water
And if you think your faggy laxcroix isn't full of all of those evil drugs and more then you need to wake up noob

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Bottling sparkling water while John Waters is in the plant does not count as flavor.

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I don't care to ingest fluoride

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Hello shill.




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So then avoid lacroix

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government organizations literally test the water and find it in the water and disclose this information to the public

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limoncello is the best flavor
fuck off

>> No.15380840

It goes through reverse osmosis and something else

>> No.15380942

Hello lebbit

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What do you think happens to all the chemtrail chemicals when it rains ?
Yeah there in your stored rain water. Which you probably use a plastic container for that wasn't made to hold water so you're not only drinking air borne pollution, detrius from your collection contraption and leeching xenoestrogenic chemicals from your plastic containers. Enjoy your bitch tits gay frog boy.

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Are you counting limoncello as a basic flavor? It needs to be in high tier at least for your ranking to be at all accurate.

>> No.15381228

key lime taste like skittles and is really good FYI

>> No.15381532

You like that, dontcha faggot? Do they sit next to your hot sauce collection too?

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>Official /ck/ hivemind here. LaCroix is for faggots.

Imagine getting this worked up over sparkling water.

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>Imagine getting this worked up over sparkling water.

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>essence of flavor
They all taste the exact same.
The color of the can tricks your brain.

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I like hibiscus flavor the best

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For me, it's
1. Limoncello
2. Apricot
3. Coconut

Anything else isn't worth it

Also Whole Foods has a ginger flavored one of their 365 brand sparkling water that's good

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lu cnonx? not a fan

>> No.15383918

It tastes like getting fruit described to you.

>> No.15383972

>he fell for the marketing
distill it and store it in glass, cope harder faggot lmfao

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every single la croix ive had tastes the exact same

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