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But muh epidemiological studies.

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I don't eat carbohydrates

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>you WILL get 50% of your caloric intake from carbohydrate
>you WILL eat 3 meals a day with snacks inbetween
>you WILL restrict your sodium intake to 1500mg per day
>you WILL maintain this lifestyle while your health fails and you will NOT ask question

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schizo samefagger

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>its low fat, therefore it's better for you!

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>boy I sure am glad they substituted all the healthy fats from this pre-packaged meal with copious amounts of hidden sugars!

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I eat meat only just like my ancestors :DDDDD

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>Nintendo Switch AND cereal?!
>Sign me up! XDD

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Hey guys whats going on in this thread?

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>lardass scared of bread, thread n° 17373646383844

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>hidden sugars
>it's literally listed on the nutrition label

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Fat faggot can't eat like a normal person so he demonizes an entire macronutrient.

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i'm 65kg and lean

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I mean, it's not wrong. A high-meat diet gave us big brains.

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Why do you people keep saying this like it's a good point? Macronutrients aren't natural categories. People consume lots of carbohydrates so they're classed as a macronutrient, but nothing bad happens if you stop eating them.

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addicts will say unreasonable things to defend their source of addiction

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Because thin people who exercise are not in danger because they eat carbohydrates, you fat faggot. Go to a diet forum for soccer moms instead if a cooking board if you hate an entire macronutrient.

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Btw, the American diet has a lower proportion of carbohydrates than the Japanese diet and the latter are thinner and live longer.

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>noo you can't eat fat it is too calorie dense
>calories per gram is important because when you are hungry your body just wants grams

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>calling anyone an addict

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It's entirely possible to be thin and unhealthy as a result of consuming too much carbohydrates.

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The fun part is when you study metabolism a bit and realise that the body has to spend additional energy to turn carb into fat, and that certain conditions must be satisfied to trigger lipogenesis, whereas fat just gets stored as fat.

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the east-asian metabolism has evolved to consume carbohydrate due to millenia of rice-eating

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