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I'll start
>Cast iron

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I'll finish
>op is a massive faggot

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Whatever OP uses

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He said Reddit cookware, not Reddit ingredients.

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nailed it

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cast iron, carbon steel etc are only plebbit if you're a faggot about it. Me, I have tinned copper, carbon steel, stainless, cast iron, enameled cast "iron" dutch oven (actually made railroad steel), and even a teflon nonstick pan in my kitchen because different food requires different utensils to cook with.

Tinned copper is by far the most based cookware though.

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open and shut case

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really, OP is a massive faggot. the whole point of this thread would be absolutely retarded. I don't even get it.

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OP’s been real quiet since this one dropped.

He got rekt so hard that it fucked him all the way back to plebbitt

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OP, I think you are done here.

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jesus christ not like this

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you're batman

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my nigga

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didn't know so many redditors also liked /ck/

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if from reddit why are you posting here you fucking faggot?

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at least not from the fag zone of reddit

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Yeah cast iron is so inconvenient.

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Jackin off that, good times were had by all!

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>different food requires different utensils to cook with
This. /ck/ are a bunch of retarded children that limit themselves.

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sup guys

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Do fuckers uironically use these shits?

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Use those in a fistfight.

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if you need those things, it means the meat isn't overcooked enough

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I got this as a gift. Fucking terrible, serrated knife and big fork is still the method

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Only when trying to live out a fantasy life as a bear

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I use my great grandmother cast iron skillet. Cast iron is amazing because the skillet is almost 110 year old and still work perfectly. No problem no hole no scratch no bending. Cast iron is not magical its old its rough and if you take care of it your family will never need another skillet, ever.

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>serrated knife and big fork
Just fucking pull it apart with your fingers. It's called pulled pork, not daintily shredded with a fork and knife pork.

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I never understood this shit. Why season the PAN and not the steak itself? Also the shit rusts like crazy.

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>when the first post is the best post

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did you forget to dry it after you wash it or something

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Jesus that pinky what the fuck.

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Electric stovetop

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Be op
See seamen
Pic related

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Gotdamn OP on suicide watch

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first post reddit post

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Op sucked my dick. Can confirm, massive homosex.

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>op cookware
I’ll start

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who's the fat youtube chef that uses these? he's a lolcow around here, I forgot his name.

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I agree. I'm actually In the market for tinned copper though, I don't have one yet. My stainless set is beauty, though. Cast is for steak and eggs.

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holy frickin based

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destroy d

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>whoaaa wait bro, dont use that knife, I have a special tool for slicing cheese

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thats not too cringe, it can be adapted to work for the elderly or disabled.

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u serious

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>it can be adapted to work for the elderly or disabled.
That's precisely what it was invented for. The Soylent company didn't invent that machine, nor was it invented with Soylent in mind at all in general. Someone did that as a joke because it was a running gag that the labels on the Soylent bottles would freely slide around so much that you couldn't get enough grip to open the bottle properly. The labels weren't glued to the bottle so you'd grab it with both hands and it'd just spin around. The easiest way to open it was just to rip the label off, but it became a running gag about Soylent and people made videos like that as a joke. It was never "I'm too weak to open a plastic bottle," the joke was always "Soylent bottles are so poorly designed they require extreme methods to open." Of course, retarded trolls with no connection to the context just think whatever they want because they can't be bothered to actually learn anything beyond just reacting to the surface level appearance of everything they see and then treating that like absolute truth.

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>different food requires different utensils to cook with
I agree. I do cook at home regularly but I realized this after buying a stainless steel and cast iron pan.

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I don't even use one but how fat are you?

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mmm delicious hypertension and dehydrated steak

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Didn’t read you hrt faggot

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The geometry of this person's hand gets me every time.

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I don't even drink Soylent, I just choose not to be an uninformed, ignorant retard.

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Damn that guy just called you an uninformed, ignorant retard
Get blown the fuck out you fagoid, how does it feel to be made into a cuck by some guy online?

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>if you dont use this meme tool you = fat
Literally what?

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He's saying if you have a spatula only for cutting cheese it must mean you eat too much cheese which must mean you are fat.

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You will never be a man

>> No.15375749

the question as old as time itself finally answered and I got a free lecture too

>> No.15375764

What's your IQ?

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How can OP ever recover?

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Literally every household in Scandinavia has one of these.

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As I said, Reddit

>> No.15375950

came here to post this

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I fell for this meme. I make a decent amount of shredded chicken, and they were on Amazon for like 20 bucks. They do, in fact, suck.
Only once, maybe twice.

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>Tinned copper is by far the most based cookware though.
why, other than cost

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Why are smokers Reddit?

>> No.15377112

Pellet smokers are redddit. The food doesn't come out nearly as good and it's a lazy way to smoke food.

>> No.15377137

I'm not familiar with the alternative. Using a grill?

>> No.15377146

An offset or a barrel smoker

>> No.15377157

Charcoal smoker, wood smoker, the only thing shittier is a straight up electric smoker. Fuck, I'd rather a gas smoker than a pellet smoker

>> No.15377177

Okay, I understand now. Not a lot of direct experience with smokers. But what makes wood pellets so different from wood logs? Given the same type of wood it seems like they'd have the same result.

>> No.15377179

I'm 99% certain I had beach toys for digging in the sand that were exactly like this when I was a kid

>> No.15377220

The results are not the same. The pellets don't give off a pure smoke flavor. Real wood is the only way to go.

>> No.15377222

That is what they are sold on (it burns wood), but the shitty pressed pellets don't give off much smoke, just heat and doesn't add flavor to the food you are smoking

>> No.15377251

Makes sense, thanks.

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I don’t get it....is this supposed to be funny?

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checked and informativepilled

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>he doesn't cook all his food by boiling it in gallium with the microwave
fucking caveman

>> No.15378176

formerly chuck's

>> No.15378183

>not using staub

Wtf is wrong with you

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Based. Also, fuck Jannies.

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Soybot, my strength is waning, I need your help.

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thank you satan

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>I'll finish
>op is a massive faggot

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Ah yes , the classic retarded non sequitur

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OP truly btfo

>> No.15379595

I feel bad for you OP, next time don't selfproject when making posts

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Wait, amerrikuns don't use these?

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We only ever had the type with a wire and roller in our house.

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Europeans actually think like this.

>> No.15379990

I use a knife, you know, that tool for slicing things

>> No.15380011

I literally have 4 or 5 of these and use them nearly every day. Perfect for cheese and cucumbers.

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cutting thin slices of cheese with a knife is a fucking chore
cheeses vary so much in consistensy that it's literally better to have it's own tool for it

>> No.15380056

i don't doubt, but it's still Reddit as fuck

>> No.15380078

>I use a knife
>Knife is shit for cheese
>I don't dobut
so you don't actually ever cut cheese?

>> No.15380286

Oh I get it now. Americans only use pre-sliced cheese. Gotcha

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>I'm too weak to cut cheese with a knife
LOL the state of soys

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This guy has to be memeing right? What's up with all of these soyboys who can't open the bottles?

>> No.15380614

What the fuck? Doesn't this break when the cheese is even slightly hard?

>> No.15380723

It's a lot stronger than it looks, but I never tried it on particularly hard cheeses, we mostly had softer cheeses growing up anyway.

>> No.15380845

>trying to cut sideways with claws
Why is he so retarded

>> No.15380872

Wiens’ reactions make me burst into spaz laughter at 3 in the morning

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I'm afraid you are, anon

>> No.15380990

How many parasites do you think Jack is host to now?

>> No.15381001

Copper is a great conductor of hear even more than Iron.

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Wait... People don't have/use these?

>> No.15381057

you don't understand, the parasites don't feed off Jack, Jack is feeding off them.

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Everyone point and laugh at the loser who uses functional tools for specific purposes!
Hey loser! Don't you know that owning anything that does something useful is cringe and reddit?! If you don't have 1 knife and 1 non-stick pan (since iron is reddit) to do literally everything in your kitchen you're a faggot!

>> No.15381146

>using a knife
Just use your bare hands like a REAL MAN, you soiboi

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>nooooooooooooooooooo NOOOOOOO, dont make fun of my meme kitchen utensils!

>> No.15381298

Nice shot, Delta-4. He's not gonna be walking after that one, over.

>> No.15381326

Whuu what is roddit`?

>> No.15381340

Redditors don’t cook lol. They might once in a blue moon for updoots but I guarantee they order grub hub every day

>> No.15381367

>Why season the PAN
>Also the shit rusts like crazy.
Based retard

>> No.15381391

>It was never "I'm too weak to open a plastic bottle,"
Yeah it was retard. People complained that the ridges on the bottle top were too rough and hurt their hands

>> No.15381518

>unironically outing yourself as a redditor

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>You can't post on reddit because...
>y-you just can't, okay??

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Tin has wonderful nonstick properties, is at most a few thousands thick and therefore has superior thermal properties to stainless lined copper, and it produces a truly incredible fond that I’ve never seen with any other kind of cookware. Furthermore tin is a more “”natural”” metal (not highly processes like stainless steel). This probably doesn’t matter at all but I do feel a tiny bit more comfortable cooking on it in terms of toxicity. Finally, If you know how, you can also retin your pans yourself (or hire a tinner). This means your pans will basically never die unless you beat the shit out of them. Even with careful maintenance stainless linings will get scratched up or pierced and the pan will be worthless after.
My dad purchased some 100+ year old pieces and we retinned them together ourselves. It’s straightforward but not easy.

>> No.15381969

Meant for >>15376246
And >>15373412

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Why are you mad though

>> No.15382017

>looks like I posted a text balloon of my opinion next to a Gigachad while posting a text balloon of your opinion next to a crying soy Wojak
>nothing personell kid

>> No.15382068


thank you, came to see this.

>> No.15382078


pellet shit is so bugmen can smoke without having to tend a fire. the pellets burn more evenly and stuff at the loss of good wood flavor after being processed.

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