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What do you get at the ball game?

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i hate americans

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an All-American weiner with ketchup and mustard...

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Also, what do you get at the ball game?

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Hotdog, mustard and relish

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a hot dog and a free designated driver drink

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It's weird how hot dogs can be called wieners or frankfurters which mean "from Vienna" and "from Frankfurt."

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Are you feeling better? Was it a good game?

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Nachos with cheese and a blueberry Icee.

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I don't get at any ball game, they all put me to sleep they're so boring and full off commercials.

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Is that caviar?
Are Americans really this classy/wealthy?

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Yeah, and in europe they just call hot dogs "sausages"

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Why would anyone in their right mind sit through any kind of "ball game?" Its downright boring.

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Looks like "dippin dots"
It's just ice cream freeze dried in little balls.
They stay cold SLIGHTLY longer this way.

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Do you mean blue raspberry, the best icee flavor, or is there an actual blueberry one?

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In europe they call manass a pussy.
That's eurotrash

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That's gay! You're drinking blue? WTF flavor is blue except gay!

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Yes, North American caviar comes from the indigenous rainbow trout.

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It's white bark raspberry flavor.

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For me it's the Boomstick

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what idiots in a focus group with marketing and advertising degrees related that to blue?

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In Germany, where Frankfurt lies they are named wiener and in Austria, whose capital is Vienna they are called frankfurter. It's the same for many other sausages. Some names also apply for different sausages in the same country.

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A knuckle sandwich

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Peanuts and cracker jack

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That thing in the background looks like a dalek.

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It was back when an ice-pop company used up all its red shades for cherry, strawberry, watermelon, and whatever else.
They didn't have a red dye for raspberry, and no blue flavor for their blue food dye, so they did the thing, and here we are.

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Do you tend to root for the home team?

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That's just plain goofy.

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named for the booming sound heard from the stadium shitter

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What the heck is a home team?

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IKR, they should've made the watermelon green

>> No.15365428

Yes. If they don't win it's a shame

>> No.15365431

Not these days, it's fake sounds piped in from empty stadiums.

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It means they field in the top of the inning, and bat in the bottom of the inning.

>> No.15365457

The chair?

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no shit sherlock, I'm an American and baseball is damn well boring. Even more boring than football, what's going on there, a one hour game, 4 quarters that takes 4-5 hours to get through, that will without a doubt put me to sleep.

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I'm a bong and they've always been called frankfurters.

>> No.15365476

something like that

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15 minute quarters, yet it seems to take 4-5 hours to get through, usually closer to 5 then there might be overtime bringing it to 7-8hours or boredom and commercials and bullshit halftimes. Who the fuck in their right mind can watch this shit?

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Big old American sauce with American sauce drippin just like the u.s.a

>> No.15365518

>blue raspberry
I suppose. I just ask for blue Icee.

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If you go to a ball game you have to have a hotdog, everyone knows that

>> No.15365568

they dont call them frankfurters in germany
they call them sausage

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I don’t attend shit sports, but when I go to a hockey game I like to get an italian sausage

>> No.15365659

here in canada we call hotdogs "hotdogs"

>> No.15365665

here in europe well canadians dogs

>> No.15365728

we call you migrants

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That doesn't have anything to do with what a home team is.

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>be americans at match
>cannot go the full 90 minutes without a sugar crash
>use emergency corn syzzurp and refined sugar stall to revive himself

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Two hot dogs and 6 beers

>> No.15366096

Europoors don't understand baseball games do not have a time limit.

>> No.15366098

Go back to Redd/int/.

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Don't you mean sportsball??

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Peanuts that I've smuggled inside. Maybe I'll get a hot dog if I'm feeling like I haven't blown enough money senselessly that day.

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You said 'match' so I logically meant a football match which lasts 90 minutes

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So you were an arrogant faggot speaking about shit you know nothing about?

And I've been to a couple of soccer games in the UK. We generally aren't that drunk and we generally don't have riots either.

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it's football you cretin

>> No.15366294

even basedier

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Last time I went it was a minor league game and they had a beer/nacho or hotdog combo for 5 bucks. The downside was that you had to get the food or the beer alone was 5 dollars, so I think me, my sisters and my brother in law split 6 nachos.

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>What do you get at the ball game?
I'll play your silly game...

I don't know I haven't been to a ball game in 40 or so years.

>> No.15366361

might have been a different STD

>> No.15366376

Sounds sad. Death would've probably been better than posting on 4channel on a Friday night friend.

>> No.15366421

no they dont

>> No.15366431

I pregame, sneak in booze, buy a hotdog and soda. Alcohol is expensive at sporting events.

>> No.15366436

I can't wait to watch the epic collapse of journalism once he is officially out

>> No.15366446

Nothing because I don't want to spend $20 on parking alone. But when I do, a churro.

>> No.15366456

It's sure more entertaining than going to a stupid ball game with an empty stadium and fake noises.

>> No.15366460

Where? All stadiums are empty and they pipe in fake noise to make them seem full. It's fake bullshit.

>> No.15366465

That collapsed back in the 1970s. Now it's agenda pushing.

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i like to get beer and i don't care that they cost $12 i'm going to get drunk anyway

>> No.15366473

Canada bux?

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Before the pandemic bullshit. I've been to NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA and NCAA football/basketball games.

>> No.15366500

I went to all of those when I was a kid and a close friend was on the NHL commission so used to get cool tix, for me it got boring really fast. The worst was basketball at MSG where it seemed like everyone was "look at me, look at me" basketball is the most boring shit on the planet.

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Just remeber Ringling Bros and Barnum and Baily circus, that was fun at MSG.

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howd u kno?

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>for me it got boring really fast. The worst was basketball at MSG where it seemed like everyone was "look at me, look at me" basketball is the most boring shit on the planet.
You just have to be into sports. It's not for everyone. Even baseball and basketball bored me at times.

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answer him. the trips demand the truth.

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i never go, i never get the overpriced food, but if i did, id get a hot dog, beer and peanuts and cracker jack. the whole nine yards so to speak. and it would be baseball, and it would be summer, and id be 12 years old. sipping dads beer, but root beer for myself.

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Thanks for reminding of this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=acPA-t7cD18

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It is a very aesthetic fish

>> No.15368418 [DELETED] 

This is why just a normal BBQ in your backyard with the game on will always be better than just going to it in person.

>> No.15368423

Dip n Dots, or shaved ice
Funnel cake or cotton candy
Pulled pork or Italian sausage.

>> No.15368666

Good answers
You need friends for this to work.

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This time of year, it's a pie and a cup of Bovril.

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I like to get some barbecue when I go to soccer games. Since they don't stop the clock, the game is almost over by the time I finish eating. That way, I don't need to watch most of the game.

>> No.15369142

>current year
>watching grown men chase a ball

>> No.15369191

It's baseball. You try to avoid the ball in baseball.

>> No.15369194

Popcorn, a hotdog and beer

>> No.15369211

That's dodge ball. Dodge ball has fewer tax payer subsidized stadiums.

>> No.15369226

Dime-A-Dog night

>> No.15369247

>current year
>being a grown man posting and arguing with literal manchildren on a mongolian basket weaving forum

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>> No.15369323

>it's the year that it is right now

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I had that once, best 25 bucks I have ever spent

>> No.15369844

Oh boy! What flavor?

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Hopefully get bashed and pissed on by heterosexual men in the toilets.

Beat me.
Fuck me.
Drench me in your piss.
I'm a sick queer with a gaping ass.

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As a child we were never allowed to buy food at sports games, movies, etc. We always had to eat before or after.

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>> No.15369906

did you miss the past four fucking years of TRUMP RUSSIA TRUMP RUSSIA?

>> No.15370395

Did you ever bring stuff in with you?

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cunt where

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>LEET get

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One of the best BBQ sandwiches I've ever had. The Punisher. Rib meat covered in Monster infused BBQ sauce. Absolutely delicious. At minor league games a lot of stadiums do those Krispy Kreme bacon and egg cheeseburgers. Those are also delicious

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>making a TiqTock reference instead of an ASDFMovie reference

>> No.15374286

Look top quality. Do they still serve it at the new Braves stadium?

>> No.15374331

Why the fuck would I ever go to a baseball game I am not some braindead normalfag.

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I got all inclusive seats to a baseball game one. It was like $75 bucks.

All you can eat/drink
>pulled pork

After about 15 beers the game was essentially free

>> No.15375209

Garlic fries and 4 bud lights whenever I go to a Mariners game.

>> No.15375210

sounds like something a braindead normalfag would say

>> No.15375251

A couple weiners. Then I go get a hot dog and a beer.

>> No.15376930

Are hot dog and beer euphemisms?

>> No.15377061

Glad I'm not the only one who thought that. I met Tomska once, he's pretty cool

>> No.15377968

Bud light and a hot dog and fries DESU.

>> No.15377972

My car broken into

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those chicken tenders that are like 70% breading.

>> No.15378105


hell yeah dude

>> No.15378108

Sorry to hear that.
any sauce?

>> No.15378120

I normally go with BBQ sauce.

>> No.15379033

>Used to go to minor league baseball games
>Local brewery major sponsor
>Thirsty Thursday
>$2 beers all night.

I never could drive home after a Thursday night game.

>> No.15379047

Jambalaya, weirdly enough. This was at college baseball games, though.

>> No.15379059

alcohol is overpriced everywhere in this country

>> No.15379080

Denatured alcohol is how you know public safety is a meme

>> No.15380160

what that?

>> No.15380287

what the fuck is that? A bowl full of pure sugar and artificial food colouring?

>> No.15380308

Same, fuck these assholes eating whatever they want and doing whatever they want. Don’t they have the governments dick 20 centimeters up their ass like us?

>> No.15381514

it looks like the shit you get at a bottom of a fish tank

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Those are Rainbow Ice Dippin' Dots in a novelty base ball helmet bowl.

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>> No.15383862

Drunk and sweaty probably into a few fights also

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Skyline of course. Go Redlegs!

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The humble burger bucket

>> No.15384144

Go to a game with my pops every season at least once, we're in Chicago so we can still see his team (Tigers... man had a rough life). It's one of the highlights of my summers.

>> No.15384184

How the fuck am I supposed to remember?
>being sober enough at a professional sporting event to remember what you ate
You clearly don’t know how to spectate.

>> No.15384304

>Monster infused BBQ sauce
who was the depraved soul that made this creation

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1. Tits or GTFO
2. >I want cheese and chili all over my face in public

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>> No.15384382

This shit is NOT the ice cream of the future

>> No.15385183

If you mean the USA then it varies a lot, I do mean A LOT by state and comes down to taxes.

>> No.15385196

Same with smokes for instance a pack of marlboros is like $10 in NYS, in NYC it's more like $15, in Virginia it's like $4, the price difference is assholes with their shitty sin taxes.

>> No.15385208


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Looks novel!

>> No.15386133

Based aa fuck anon

>> No.15386191

Alcohol with poison added so if some homeless guy dares to avoid paying vice taxes on booze he will go blind or die.
It makes me seethe whenever I think about it.

>> No.15386194

>Virginia it's like $4,
I wish, it went up when we started getting blue. Now it's like $7.

>> No.15386498

Based. Watching big men throw, catch, and hit various balls is for man children

>> No.15386564

That sounds like a cool deal now if only I liked baseball

>> No.15386572

Makes you truly for for those don't tread on me chuds.

>> No.15386815

How though? Is it like how they poisoned alcohol in the '30s?

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eurochads should have taken over this thread long ago

>> No.15386883

As opposed to replying to men who sit around here? Make no mistake. No matter what you do or say you will always be seen as inferior.

>> No.15386888

Yeah no one cares about yuropoors

>> No.15386891

>Going to sportsball games
Sorry, I'm too smart to be entertained by such things.

>> No.15386901

our minor league stadium used to have a fresh philly cheese steak sandwich stand that was always my go to. got me going to more games honestly, my dad loved mlb prospecting to he took me all the time

>> No.15386916

>t. 100 iq
A smart person can enjoy anything a dumb person can. Life is complex and beautiful. That doesn't mean you have to enjoy everything, but don't say it's because you're too smart.

>> No.15386921

You might be LARPing though, which is fine.

>> No.15387125

>I'm too smart to be entertained by such things
>browses 4chan
Checks out

>> No.15387317

What's mlb prospecting? Sounds neat.

>> No.15387325


>> No.15387337 [DELETED] 

You pick out the biggest guy to be the bull for your wife. Baseballers' have very strong legs/glutes, and will satisfy even the oldest woman

>> No.15387341

>Don’t they have the governments dick 20 centimeters up their ass like us?
We use the imperial system and holy shit if only you knew how bad things really are.

>> No.15387344

it's the method major league teams use to recruit players. they start in the lowest league and earn their way to the top of they perform well. it's always a gamble on their prospective talent and where they might fit on the team.

>> No.15387632

Makes my mouth dry jus looking at it

>> No.15387643 [DELETED] 

>He can't go five minutes without forcing his cuck fantasy into an unrelated conversation
Your parents will put your real name on your tombstone when you kill yourself

>> No.15387681

Real sloppa

>> No.15387757

>won’t somebody think of the poor bums drinking paint stripper?
If you produce consumable alcohol, you pay a ton of tax.
If you produce non-drinkable alcohol, you don’t. If your product isn’t intended for drinking, you’re retarded to not denature it.
I’m not paying taxable-alcohol prices for fucking camp stove fuel just so your precious bums can drink it, fag.

>> No.15387879

>Monster infused BBQ sauce
Do americans really?

>> No.15387893

Beer n' dogs

>> No.15387906

I'm very proud of whoever saw such magnetic creature and thought I'm going to eat that

>> No.15387913

Chicago dog.
The best dog
Fuckin fight me faggots

>> No.15387949


>> No.15387969

Don't forget that video of the bird that got nailed in a baseball game, the pitcher threw the ball and some bird flew between the pitcher and the hitter and all that was left was a bunch of feathers. Nobody was trying to hit the bird it just happened to fly in there.
Might have been Randy Johnson.

>> No.15387972

beans too for extra special farts

>> No.15388017


>> No.15388037

There aint no baseball no more son. Twas banned a long time ago.

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>What do you get at the ball game?
Soft pretzel, every single time. If pretzels are for sale and especially if they are not superpretzels brand, but some homemade version, oh I must have one. Mustard drizzle down the length of it. ICE COLD DARK BEER goes best with it.

If I am in Miami, it'll all be about Caribbean and S. American food. I don't fry much at home, so I'll be looking for an empanada or burger from pincho factory, yucca fries and cuban sandwich, or even a lovingly griddled venezuelan arepa. There are good restaurants at Marlins stadium from top sushi to ceviche. Jose Andres does some damn good mexican fusion.

>> No.15388166

Not as much as burgers do at least

>> No.15388260
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Only when your seat is in front a zinger zionist who unloads his lungs right behind you, then your fucked

>> No.15388950

That's what I thought. So, your dad liked to follow and predict who would move up?

>> No.15388962
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>best dog is a salad

>> No.15388969


>> No.15389695

yeah he made like 3 grand a year on fantasy sports

>> No.15389715

Why are hotdogs so tasty bros? You ever just eat a hotdog after not eating for a while and you just sink your dirty fucking teeth into that weiner and moan

>> No.15389723

Wait is liquid-nitrogen-frozen ice cream still a thing? I haven't seen it in years, I thought that was an 00s meme.

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