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Please don't eat me

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Sorry bro but your a the lick a tessen so I will eat you

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I don't eat pork because piggies are smarter than doggies :)

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i'd eat both :)

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Don't eat me she said.
yes no yes yes yes!

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Ever tried roasting a pig alive? Sounds pretty gnarly, buddy of mine did it once damn it turned out good too.

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don't worry brother, I won't, unless they put you into like greens and I don't realize it, but then i'm gonna finish the greens because it would just be wasteful to not eat them

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I won't ever, you are haram.

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I really like Bacon, but I make it a point to avoid you whenever possible. I'll only eat you when they include you in my burger or if I'm at a party and they are serving you, but I wont actually go to the store and buy you.

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bounce piggy bounce weeeeeee

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i wanna ____ ____ ___

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fuck miss piggy

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Being smarter than a dog really doesn't say much. Dogs aren't bred to think independently.

One could argue that rats and mice are also smarter than dogs, I have seen them solve puzzles and navigate mazes substantially faster than dogs. That doesn't stop people from eating crushed up mice in their oats, flour, peanut butter, chocolate, sugar, etc.

Pigs are also way uglier than dogs.

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I wasn't planning on eating you until you got older.

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There is no way that would have tasted good. The meat would have been tough and bloody. The lactic acid would also ruin the flavor of the meat.

The best meat is from an animal that experienced no stress before it died. Ideally killed instantaneously without even transporting it to the slaughterhouse. The meat would be super tender due to a lack of it tensing. There's a real art to killing an animal quickly and painlessly too. Low stress is premium shit. In fact its even been proven with fish. A fish that is killed ikejime style instead of air axphyxiation or ice bath will actually age instead of rot. A 2 week old ikejime fish meat will taste cleaner than a 2 day old conventionally slaughtered fish meat.

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It's delicacy you numpty

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Hope you're just an edgy teen, or an angry adult in his early 20s trying to vent some anger.
>image very related

I have a degenerate Godfather who used to buy them whole, and alive back in the 90s for his annual Christmas parties. He built a large wooden box to cook them in. One year he told the story of how he bought two little ones, and when they tried to take them from the mother she flipped the fuck out screaming and kicking trying to protect them, but she failed. He was laughing while telling the story and eating the babies.

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>He built a large wooden box to cook them in
How does that work?

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I had a patient last year, Polish guy who was here working on a pigfarm like many of them do.
Almost lost his leg to infection after a porker bit his thigh.
These farmworkers are always a hassle because the exposure to pigs means we have to isolate and quarantine them in case of MRSA, which he did have.
That wound got really nasty for a very long time before it started showing improvement. Animal bites are gnarly.

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>How does that work?

The one he had was way more expensive and impressive looking, but it's basically this. I think it also had a large wooden lid to cover the pig while it cooks.
It almost looked like an ultra expensive wooden coffin.

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You haven't met King. Malamute or Husky those are some pretty awesome and intellegent doggos.

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Nope, it's true.. no edge on my sword here.
We we're both kicking back having some beers and he decided to grab one of his pigs and roast it alive over the fire.

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If you want pigs look into this euro shit DSK going around trying to rape maids in NYC.
Dominic Struss Khan, the standard freaky French creep.

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I think DSK has been declared offically persona non grata here in the USA. He's not wanted here and his credentials have been nullified.

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... do euros really?

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Why would I eat average American when there is a lot of better meat out there? Beef is superior and taste better.

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does anybody else just genuinely not like pork very much? it's alright but i could go without it and not give a fuck

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Piss off south american, go have a hunta or revolution or something.

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I don't eat bacon because it's cruel, but however I do poison local cats. Watching effeminate men cry over little fluffy is awesome. It's not like a cat owner is going to do anything about it. I use fox baits which basically boils the animals brain, incredibly painful.

Come on. I'm 140kgs and six foot seven. You'd be scared of me IRL.

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Independent thought isn't very smart. Collectives are true intelligence.

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Poisoning is pretty cowardly. Like in the middle ages they tortured people for poisoning whereas they would just execute regular murderers because of the cowardice thing. So I wonder why you don't kill them like a man and not like a coward

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I would eat him in a second. This fucker would eat me too if I was dumb enough to fall alseep in his pen also.

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