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Is he right?

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i had my leg cut off in a chainsaw juggling accident and it grew back thanks to organic asparagus water

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you can stick a severed finger back on by rubbing a raw potato on each nub if it's a clean cut

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You can get a cool robot leg at least.

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Just pull yourself up by your bootstraps and you won't even need a leg, welfare queen. Think positive! This negativity is why you're a loser.

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>in after fatties and screen addicts

The majority of American health problems would vanish if we banned obesity.

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No. The need for healthcare would be reduced, but it can never be truly eliminated.

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lots of chronic health problems are due to shitty diets, but the "perfect diet" won't make you immortal.

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Ok tell that to my grandma who weighed about 95 pounds at her peak weight and still has super expensive medical bills because it turns out that when you're not 20 your body stops working perfectly all the time, idiot

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3 million Americans are injured in car accidents every year.
That's a single cause of injuries that still affects nearly 1% of the entire US population every single year.
Every American being fit wouldn't even come close to alleviating the need for health care.

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>A vocal member of the Libertarian Party, Mackey is a strong supporter of free market economics and has strong anti-union views. He co-wrote the bestselling book Conscious Capitalism, which was released in 2013.


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> Libertarian Party
I wonder how many terabytes of kiddie porn he has on his hard drive

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Nobody, not even the grossly misquoted and decontextualized John Mackey, is saying that we don't need healthcare ever. What we're saying is that most of the problems people are showing up with were preventable with ordinary lifestyle changes. By arguing about this, by caping for society's dregs, you are actually sabotaging outcomes for the people who really DO need healthcare. Why should kids who were born with diabetes have to fight for resources against adults who ate themselves into it?

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>but it would never happen to me!
That's the whole point of exceptions, dumb fuck. You don't aim for it, but you plan for the contingencies.

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Eat right? Does he mean keto?

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Healthcare itself is the contingency. It's not supposed to be life support for beached whales.

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Take your pick. Whatever you do, if you get glaucoma you didn't smoke enough weed, if you broke your leg in a fall you should have done more bossu ball exercises, if your spouse cheats on you and gives you AIDS you should have gulped more asparagus water.

These people will bend over backwards to destroy america because Ayn Rand told them that the only thing standing between their $5 billion net worth and the $10 billion net worth they feel they deserve is looters, moochers, and welfare queens.

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>oh shit, I got hit by a car driven by a drunk
>if only I hadn't bought KFC for lunch

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But you won't need healthcare if you just eat more 365 Brand kale salads, you lazy sack of shit.

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Actually it's the drunk's fault for not drinking natural wine, if he had only gotten drunk off Occhipinti SP68 instead of Smirnoff he'd have been clear headed. Send the bill to his private banker and if he doesn't have one it's your fault for not eating enough kale.

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You know what else is a good source of fiber? The straw man you keep whacking at.

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i wonder how many of these 1% are fatties distracted by eating or too fat to manipulate the steering wheel

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According to him, not enough

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A straw man like "everyone who needs a doctor is fat"?

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Are you fucking stupid? Do you not know what car insurance is and what it covers?

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No, there will always be people who need healthcare no matter how healthy they are.

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Car insurance wouldn't be necessary if people bought Auto Zone brand brake pads.

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They would need less healthcare definitely. But not all healthcare issues stem from obesity.

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Yes, that would be it. That's the thing nobody said except for people looking to deliberately misrepresent an argument.

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>working hard is bad

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Whata surprise. Look at his early life section. At what point is it no longer a conspiracy, huh.

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>say something stupid
>internet pitchfork mob forms
>b-but my argument was misrepresented!

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car insurance wouldn't be necessary if everyone obeyed traffic laws. Thank god for self driving cars.

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Obesity does not cause the majority of hospitalizations, obesity is the exception, not the other way around faggot.

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>33 replies
>18 posters
We've got a commie in our midst.

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>say something stupid

Show me which of the exact words Mackey said were stupid. I'll wait.

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Are you retards actually disagreeing with him? This board really is full of fast food addicted fatties who want to take no responsibility for their health. Eat a vegetable for once in your life you goddamn whales.

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You're not seeing it. The majority of the hospitalizations do not cause bankruptcy. yes it's going to cost you but it just means your funk-o-pop collection isn't going to grow much this year.

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Retardation. Please stop posting.

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>I mean, honestly, we talk about health care. The best solution is not to need health care. The best solution is to change the way people eat, the way they live, the lifestyle, and diet. There’s no reason why people shouldn’t be healthy

Yeah now that I read his exact words that totally makes sense. There is literally NO REASON why anyone should ever get run over by a car, have cerebral palsy, get infected in a pandemic, develop osteoporosis, brain cancer, or whatever. Just need to eat more kale bruv. Simple as.

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this guy nibbles all the choicest leaves from the highest trees while short neck plebs get the scraps

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Lol, whatever you say lard ass.

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>have cerebral palsy
100% malpractice.

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