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Back in my day, whiskey tasted like shit and that was that. None of this barrel-aged, oak-flavor, honey-infused bullshit. No matter what you may say, nothing is as manly as a bottle of Jack. No woman has ever dropped her panties for a man who orders Four Roses Special Reserve or what have you

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I like him beam Devils cut, op.

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Does that make you wet? Would you let me into your trailer if I brought a bottle of Jim beam?

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I use Jim beam instead of mouthwash because I’m a real man and drinking Jim beam makes me feel Like I can beat up my dad.

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>back in my day whiskey wasnt barrel aged!
Based retard

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exactly, only a faggot cares how it's made. I'm not gettin paid to write a paper on whiskey

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I sometimes wish I could try a typical "frontier" whisky, or some old west bar swill.

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how old are you

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I’m just like you op I drink my Jim beam straight from the bottle then I light my cigars and inhale them because drinking and smoking is cool. flavor and filters are gay. Man I though I was the only real man on this board before I saw this post.

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Probably tastes a lot like hipster small batch whiskey’s made out west by new distillers who don’t know that the fuck they’re doing

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Fucking newfag

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I drank a bottle of Jack Daniel's with my uncle once. I suppose you can guess the rest.

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Id imagine, no coloring added, high ABV, lost of impurities. White dog.

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>Yes, Old Grand Dad 114 is my spirit of choice

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Back in the day whisky tasted great. You lived during the great American malaise of the 1960s to 90s.

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So if I get a bottle of swill I'll get my dick sucked you say

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Four roses has gotten me pussy Anon. I think you may be gay

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George Dickel makes my dick tickle.

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I drink titos because it doesn't make me nauseated. Leave me alone.

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As long as you are also smoking Marlboros

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>he doesn't enjoy a crispy, fresh chelada after working in the hot sun all day

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>bud light
get the fuck out gringo

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>he doesn't drink himself into oblivion with coors banquet after teaching his cute next door neighbors son how to defend himself from bullies using karate

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this looks nice, how do i make it as an australian, we cant get any bud shit here.

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just mix cheap the cheap lager of your choice with clamato and add a squeeze of lime juice

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turns out i cant get clamato in aus either, seems like alot of work to make it myself just for some spic drink. guess ill have to stick to veebs

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>nothing is as manly as a bottle of Jack
you just got jewed by advertisements and movies
in reality the most manly alcohol is moonshine
>made in shacks or camps by some rednecks
>you can't buy it legally
>you can go blind from it

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the manliest drink is actually whatever you prefer drinking the most, and not being an insecure faggot larping as a "man"

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Define boomer. Define zoomer. Argue that it's not a collection of artificial terms to try and divide anons.

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Amazing how monster energy drink managed to sneak their viral marketing into this meme and co-opt it so completely.
4chan really has declined.

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Monster energy drink and sunglasses huh.

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I know right? That whole 'sips' thing was utterly retarded.

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whos better, led zepplin or kanye west?

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Neither, Hawkwind blows both out the water, and for a more modern band, Wall of Voodoo and for an even more modern one, Black Magick SS.

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your a boomer. also very based music taste, camouflage from ridgeways solo stuff has a very special place in my heart

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I reject the term and would suggest not using based, but it is a good song. I prefer Call of the West, Farside of Crazy, Drive She Said, Factory, Big City and The Big Heat to Camouflage but it's a good song and also close to my heard.

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>Smoking cigars instead of becoming a pipe chad.

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lmao ur boomer

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Why not smoke pipes and cigars?

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>nothing is as manly as a bottle of Jack
You have to be over 16 to post on this board.

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Tell you what, you bend over and I'll shove them straight up your ass.

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Literal 64 year old here, there's no one less worthy of respect than a man who determines his tastes around what other people want him to like.

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Based oldfag

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shut the fuck up geezer, your time is past

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Jack Daniels is for teenagers that think drinking Jack makes them hard as fuck.
It's just really bad tasting corn whiskey.
Fun fact about Jack Daniels, when you throw an empty bottle out of a moving vehicle they are actually extremely tough. I tossed one and watched it bounce down the highway all the way into the ditch before.

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lil yachty is better than both

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>Fun fact about Jack Daniels, when you throw an empty bottle out of a moving vehicle they are actually extremely tough. I tossed one and watched it bounce down the highway all the way into the ditch before.
Same here but with spic women.

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They both leave a bad taste in your mouth and make you regret spending money on them too, ironic.

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Drinking any alcohol is for degenerate losers. You aren't cool, you're just a pathetic faggot.

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Imagine being too much of a sissy to enjoy a tumbler of quality whiskey with a fine meal before sitting down to the evenings kino.
And then calling others pathetic.

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It probably would taste like flavoured cheap vodka and methanol.

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back to your containment hive /pol/cel, the "shills" are gonna get you if you don't counter them with frog pictures

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>No woman has ever dropped her panties for a man who orders Four Roses Special Reserve

Probably not, but, like many other things, women don't know shit about whiskey. And following a woman's opinion is probably the least manly thing you could be doing.

Personally I feel that mildly expensive whiskeys ($100ish a bottle) are in the best manly tier. They don't cost so much as to be irresponsible to buy (eg, Pappy), but yet also cost enough to be of a certain quality and something to buy every now and then to keep them special.

If it's cheap enough to where the average man could drink a bottle every night, then it's not something where taking the time to enjoy it is forced upon you, so less manly imho. That being said, Bulleit rye is super cheap and is incredibly tasty and is better than Jack in every way.

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Listen, anything under 300$ a bottle is probably just swill anyway.

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You're a bum if you think anything under a cool grand isn't just horse piss.

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You're a pathetic fool if you're not downing a 65k bottle of Dom Perignon every evening.

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I've tried a few different ones over $300 but don't really think the price/quality line is linear enough between there and $100 to justify the difference, let alone be able to definitively and consistently perceive an improvement. Is there any at your price point you would highly recommend?

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Bourbon isn't real whisky.
KYS you fat American faggot.

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I have never tried Jack Daniels because pic related is cheaper, should I be buying something else for this price range? What is the best cheap whiskey?

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I recommend anyhing expensive you can get at auction. It can't be bad, regardless of what you pick.

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JB and Coke is my go-to at weddings.

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Jim and Jack taste like crayons. Evan williams and wild turkey are good cheap whiskeys.

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>for the man who has limits of how far down into the barrel he’ll go to drink

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>i prefer mass produced trash to a higher quality product
Such is the life of a /ck/ poster.

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you guys had dinner at the drive thru afterwords?

>> No.15352653

naw they had some hot uncle on nephew anal debauchery or whatever euros are calling their weird coming of age rituals.

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is it true that cuervo gold used to be the only tequila available in the states until like...maybe the 80's?
(an actual boomer told me that once but i cant confirm)

>> No.15352667

yeah, nobody even liked tequila before reddit didn't start to make a big deal out of it
>t. 65 year old chicano

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Quit LARP'ing retard, the reason they aged it in barrels to begin with was because it made them taste better, before then it wasn't even aged.

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It would vary...A LOT...."Frontier" whiskey was watered down so it would've probably been around 30-35% instead of the regulated 40% minimum, it would've probably been aged for less than a year, and probably had actual sugar mixed in with it.

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Evan is way better than Jack on top of being cheaper, and in my opinion is one of the best budget liquors (not just bourbons) in the US period. Just stick with it anon

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Quit LARP'ing retard, the reason they aged it in barrels to begin with was because it made them taste better, before then it wasn't even aged. My guess is you're probably some 22-24 year old faggot who's try-harding to fit in.

>None of this barrel-aged
Whiskey has been traditionally aged in barrels for the last 200 years.

> oak-flavor
The oak flavor comes from the barrel aging.

>honey-infused bullshit
They literally used to add syrups (molasses/honey) to all kinds of alcohol over the millenia. Moonshiners would literally add apples to barrels of moonshine while they sat.

>nothing is as manly as a bottle of Jack
Ironic, considering it's aged, and then they drip-filter it through sugar maple charcoal.

>No woman has ever dropped her panties for a man who orders Four Roses Special Reserve or what have you
The only woman who's ever dropped her panties for a man drinking whiskey have all been hookers, since whiskey, especially bourbon, was considered the "lower class" drink, up until about 20-30 years ago.

So you can quit pretending.

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Fooking REKT

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I never.

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1 minute in paint

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jack daniels made me vomit. From that taste, not because I was drinking too fast. Shit tier booze. Get yourself a bottle of jameson or wild turkey, or the expensive shit no one knows the name of.

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Mary Stuart, ring any bells?

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Here in Ireland whiskey used to be something the working class drank by necessity, because they had hard lives and were alcoholics. They didn't drink it because they were victims to marketing and thought drinking whiskey was badass. They drank whiskey like the Russians drank vodka in the cold war and still the bar for quality was set far above Jack Daniels. Even a load of impoverished, alcoholic Irishmen wouldn't touch your dogshit meme drink.

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Didn't mean to reply to this guy but probably kanye. If nothing else his music is wholly his own

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Same, but i also drank half a handle and chased it with beer... The only JD product worth anything is the barrel select and at that price I'd pick out something else anyways.

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how did it get memed into popularity? Honestly, no one really likes it.

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I usually just get wild turkey 101, jack is disgusting and it's only like 80proof. I honestly don't know anybody who drinks that shit. The only whiskey worse than jack is fucking southern comfort. I have a family so I don't have to look "tough" by drinking absolute shit alcohol.

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>relying on a drink to drop a woman's panties
OP confirmed wizard

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Drink rum instead fuckface

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Re-read the OP.
He doesn't even know how whisky is actually made.
He's either a troll, or spectacularly retarded.

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