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Post stupid unutaskers

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I'm gonna contest this one, that's actually a really useful tool for the elderly and infirm

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This is unironically the best thread on /ck/ good job OP

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You eat pizza with a knife and a fork.

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Thought the same thing about electric salt and pepper grinders until someone brought that up. But if I was ever at someone's place and they had that kind of garbage for no justifiable reason, I would shit under their bathroom sink.

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my friend got me one of these as a christmas gag gift and I refuse to use it on principle

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>differential geometry
>just to make a self-righting gallon jug holder
kinda based ngl

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Yeah it’s like people who avoid gluten but don’t have celiac disease

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KitchenAid UltraThot 3000

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seems a little extreme, i think an upper decker would be better

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Not sure if pic related counts since it does make a good batch of popcorn. The theme is cringe tho and it takes up counter space. It will never be on par as a fryer sitting on the counter

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bro what if we made a bottle opener but 1000000* the price and you can only use it in a single room

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>counter space
That's a stand-alone unit meant to be put in your home theatre room, not your kitchen.

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Yeah that’s my bad pic wise but they do make ones with just the popper and you can take the ones with the stands off the stand

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>being poor and not having a man cave
btw you'll never be a woman

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she looks 1 step away from being a heroine junky

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>man cave
>and here is the spot I get to hang out in while my wife has her boyfriend over

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>man cave

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Why would a female tranny want a man cave?

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if you cant grind pepper or pour juice because of infirmness; you deserve to die. Darwinism.

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>man cave

flyover detected

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You misunderstand, that machine is usually sold as a very tiny replica that makes popcorn on countertops. That thing is smaller than a coffeemaker.

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A tranny man cave is the area where their ball and cock used to be post surgery.

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t. human sardine in a shoebox apartment

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Can you talk about anything without mentioning trannies? You seem kind of obsessed, this is a cooking board.

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Can’t really blame him with how heavily it’s pushed in the media

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I'd rather call you a tranny than a homosexual. That seems more appropriate but a bit more harsh.

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>t. no one loves me
You do you.

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>this whole thread
not gonna lie, it wreaks of poverty in here.

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Ah yes, the "my wife forces me to limit all my hobbies to a single room."

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I'm of the opinion that if you can't figure out how to open a beer bottle without a bottle opener then you're too drunk to have another one.
And I'm european. Ain't no twist-off caps in these bottles.

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most of these are under $20 and you can make your own for next to nothing. there are way more expensive waiters corkscrews meanwhile you can just get one for free from events and shit

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9 out of 10 times I see something related to trans, is a comment from an annon...

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Yeah but it’s only cause how trendy it is so naturally it’s trendy to hate it too

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omg le harsh man so crude epin toughs dude

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>muh safe space

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What are you even talking about?

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his safe space, I think

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Ah it’s just he was green texting and safe space basically means echo chamber which both left/right have.

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It's actually yellow

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Huh yeah but I’m not colorblind do it’s green.

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Not colorblind but you obviously suck at grammer and spelling.

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Huh yeah but I’m not colorblind so it’s green.

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Like you do at life

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Hi I’m a recent migrant from /pol/. I’m not allowed to go there because I called George Floyd the N word in public. What’s wrong with kitchen aids, I like them.

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FUCK those non-electric ones with just a shitty little knob too, it ought to have a crank, levers fucking exist for a reason.

the concept of a "man cave" is a communist subversion from American sitcoms that frame the man as a milquetoast who only does things with his wife's permission and would be lost without her. A healthy marriage does not require "man caves" because you share space like equal adults in a partnership instead of having it become a Freudian bastardization of the healthy parent/child relationship you never had with your mother.

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>man cave
>theres a whole house but im relegated to one room by my wife because im a bitch

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>man cave
the house?

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use a lighter.

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70% of us are Jewish on this board friend

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Ah yes the room where you have to jerk off while your wife has her boyfriend over

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>FUCK those non-electric ones with just a shitty little knob too, it ought to have a crank, levers fucking exist for a reason
based I love my little nigga here

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I would insist on using it based on principle

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Your meme game is AIDS. Go die from it.

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$300 heater so Amerimutts can eat more red meat.

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Pasta scissors are an actual thing in korea. At a korean restaurant they will cut your chapchae for you with pasta scissors. Why can't italians into pasts scissros. They are so helpful.

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For tranny faggots like U

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What a fucking faggot

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The ketchup comes pre-packaged with the meat.

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Does your Friend think you're retarded?

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100% you're jobless and live with your parents

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Hey guys can we just keep posting dumb kitchen gadgets?

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But jews have no culinary culture

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isnt that for hairwashing so you dont get poo in your eyes?

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I told my wife's boyfriend that he should have been george floyd.

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I have one of these in every room, aside each door.

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a fat 16y old posted this

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shoo go away

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ive only ever seen these outside of convince stores in mexico

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pffffhahahhaha you cant make this shit up

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Do they make a left handed version?

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>t. New Yorker posting from his hive

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what do you think "communist" means anon

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Lmfao you couldnt help it could you tranny

>> No.15337142

They have flat bread

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Oh geez, not him but let’s here it. Let us know your fancy definition of “true communism which has never been tried”.

>> No.15337158

lmao shut the fuck up retard im not talking to you. i was just wondering how retarded one can be to call 90s american sitcoms "communist"

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That's not stupid, that's genius

>> No.15337180

>your meme game
back to soyddit kiddo

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>glug glug glug all over the table

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post your bmi

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I'm actually going to contest your contest.
You have to lift it to get it into that and either;
Have that setup in your fridge being cold
Have that setup out of your fridge being room temp

Either way an old person would need to load it themselves to begin with, unloading and tilting obviously aren't a problem.
There are better products for accessibility out there.

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My mom gave me a retarded Stelton "Slice and Serve" pizza cutter, because, I quote, "you like pizza so much".

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You don't deserve her.

>> No.15337319

But you do like pizza alot?

>> No.15337362

are you banned from there, or did /pol/ amplify your autism that you couldn't regulate your own speech in public?

>> No.15337366

you do that too often, you'll have a small explosion in your face

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Can someone explain to me how souvee doesn't release the chemicals from the plastic into the food?

>> No.15337378

the waiters churchkey is the size of a swiss army knife
they cost at most $20
nearly every single bartender in the country uses a churchkey, even for twistoffs

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I think he's referring to the idea that feminism, etc (which can be seen in the shift of sitcoms to paint men as bumbling idiots), were communist subversion tactics to undermine American values, to work around the fact that they couldn't win a physical war, so they instead fought a cultural war.

>> No.15337394

that's so incredibly depressing

>> No.15337405

you don't use cheap plastic bags

>> No.15337429

This looks kind of nice but its convenience doesn't justify having to clean it every week.

>> No.15337498

sucks io de you??

>> No.15337621

when someone too old to turn a pepper mill, who either has long since reproduced already, (or hasn't regardless of the pepper issue) dies, then that has no influence on evolution or survival of the fittest. I bet you think fit means strong.

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Seems like that would be handy for things other than pizza though

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if you need to bring a banana in any sort of bag or pack I can vouch for this.

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I wonder what you'll think of your edgy teen self's opinions once you're old and sick lol

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I have some bad news for you

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No, not my wiener.

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I'm pretty sure swimming goggles will do a better job for a cheaper price

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Why would you peel asparagus?

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These are all pretty based, though.

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a 400$ machine that squeezes juice out of packets
it doesn't make juice, you have to buy the overpriced juice packets and put them in there (squeezing them by hand does the same thing, or you could just buy normal juice in a carton / bottle)

thankfully it failed to rich its startup goal

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Don't forget it was an internet of shit device that wouldn't work without an internet connection.

>> No.15337740

You can also get some cheap chem lab goggles, and not look ridiculous.

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is it supposed to look like a grenade

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This actually just makes more sense than the normal kind. It reminds me of those batter dispensers they have at diners for making pancakes quickly.

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it does. lol. that's why everyone you see using them looks like a soy goy

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I actually kind of like this one.

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Also the guy who founded it changed his con to selling "raw water" after it failed.

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Trains Wrights

>> No.15337820

But will it work on Abdul Kareem Jamal's wiener?

>> No.15337932

>not using a gas mask
its like you dont cook russian cusine

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>He's colorblind

>> No.15337988

God, i thought it would be cool to have one of these, but then i dscovered the joys of stovetop popcorn

>> No.15337995

Where I come from, the man cave is called the anus.

>> No.15338006

If it was a longer one that would be cool, like the ones pizza men use

>> No.15338052

not him but that T its barely distinguible

>> No.15338058

I have some bad news for you as well

>> No.15338062

I love when some unloved genetical dead end talks about darwinism, not realizing edgy virgins like him would be the first to die if we werent a social species

>> No.15338071

how do you get poo in your eyes while hairwashing

>> No.15338086

haha got you. i did not actually lol. that shit was not funny, it was what the /v/irgins call 'cringe'.

>> No.15338157

I have the chicken one in red. I clipped it on my microwave for decoration and have never used it for its intended purpose.

>> No.15338178

contrasts their broads

>> No.15338190

what a nice gift, why are you so ungrateful? jk fuck your mum what a dumbass

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>Man cave

>> No.15338278

You don't really need to for green asparagus, but white asparagus tends to have a woodier outer coating that often needs to be removed. Don't ask me why they're showing it with green asparagus though.

>> No.15338280

Imagine living as an adult and paying thousands to have a dorm room.

>> No.15338294

Oh no bro.
This isn't the W you think it is.

>> No.15338305

Not knowing almost every pot and pan has a hole in thr handle designed to hold a utensil.

>> No.15338319

For some reason this one sparked anger in me

>> No.15338326

you can pretend your hand is a dinosaur with this

>> No.15338337

The funny part of this is he's making fun of the guy for being able to lease property from the government instead of Moshe Goldberg, and not the fact that the guy is forced into an indoor cuckshed.

>> No.15338338

you can't fly jets if you're colorblind

>> No.15338339

My Dad has been losing strength in his hands in the last few years, I bought them a set for Christmas and they love them.

>> No.15338342

One potential side effect of T2 diabetes meds is gluten sensitivity that looks like Celiacs.

>> No.15338369

The plastics used in the correct bags (vacuum seal or freezer-grade) don't leech at the temps. Don't re-use, but it';s fine single-use.

>> No.15338383

Looks like a Blacked Raw thumbnail

>> No.15338397

why are they showing it with green asparagus though?

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>man cave
The whole house is my man cave faggot.

pic related

>> No.15338426

On the other hand, while yes, everything about it was stupid, you can understand the pricing when you see how ludicrously overengineered it is.

>> No.15338439
File: 472 KB, 467x568, Mogging99.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>posting the verge instead of AvE

>> No.15338633

In public at a family gathering. Girlfriend left me. Haven’t had a drink since then. Quit a bunch of shit that was detrimental to my life desu including /pol/. Getting fit again etc. I’ve banned every board except ck and o cos there chill.

>> No.15338685

prove it. seems like bs

>> No.15338728

allowed to go where

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File: 2.88 MB, 720x302, smalt.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stand back as I halt the thread with what is unquestionably the most unnecessary kitchen gadget ever to exist.

>> No.15338788

can people really not pop a can?

>> No.15338809

Why would it? When you cook meat in a pan, are you worried the pan releases chemicals from the pan into your food?

>> No.15338812
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>> No.15338823

>not using a hazmat suit
bro do you want to get chemical burns?

>> No.15338828
File: 579 KB, 1239x487, Screenshot_2021-01-03 SMALT The World's First Interactive Centerpiece.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

99% of these things are just get-rich quick schemes by Indian design students. Most of them don't even make it to market without being complete shovelled crap like that origami measuring cup.

>> No.15338836

I'm still not convinced SMALT isn't a joke.

>> No.15338844

go look up what arthritis is real quick

>> No.15338985

Obligatory video when Juicero is mentioned

>> No.15339109

What's wrong with this one? It honestly looks very helpful
t. no knife skills

>> No.15339136
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>> No.15339215

you sexist pig

>> No.15339527

And here another /pol/tard outs himselfbas a redditor. Don't you have a star wars lego set to build?

>> No.15339543

Precarious af

>> No.15339582

>People paid an average of $200 for this
An asteroid needs to wipe out this hell hole

>> No.15339607

I use a Chinese cleaver for that. Works very well.

>> No.15339618
File: 36 KB, 1200x1800, 1595568441491.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15339631
File: 113 KB, 640x473, Egg-Cuber.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Fuck off the egg cuber is based

>> No.15339635
File: 52 KB, 546x550, 1557237508872.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

W-what the actual fuck?

>> No.15339636

According to the indiegogo page, it's been stuck in the "design phase" for over a year. These guys just crap out a fancy promotional video and run off with the money most of the time. I wouldn't be surprised if money-laundering is involved here.

>> No.15339638

lol yes that why noone uses lead pans

>> No.15339684

triggered my trippyphobia

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I had a kiwi knife in my lunchbox when I was a lad.
They'd probably expel a kid for that now.

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File: 44 KB, 619x412, R02135_Tako_Sausage-2-619x412.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

cutting your hotdogs into octopuses is popular in japan for some reason

>> No.15339778

For the same reason you peel broccoli stems.

>> No.15339942

Big brain design.

>> No.15339961
File: 20 KB, 720x533, 14702430_1762174967392040_34547991987453544_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

jobs in countryside:
>dig hole
>inhale coal dust
>make $25 an hour, $50 if lucky
>die at 45

jobs in city:
>sit at desk
>microwave my stinky ethnic food
>pull 6 figures easy, more with a good resume
>live into your 80s

gee, wonder why people are fleeing flyover country

>> No.15340003

how is it a unitasker if it does 3 different things

>> No.15340044

>be engineering
>make the same money anywhere
I've lived in suburban California, NYC, trying to be rural next so I can try it all.

>> No.15340091

Not really because of my long fingernails. My boyfriend like them, with pretty colors and glitter

>> No.15340092

no, you don't understand darwinism at all you fool

>> No.15340144

>work fulfilling manual labour job where the fruits of your labour are evident
>work soul-crushing bureaucratic nightmare where you curse your existence and spite your equals

I mean, either way, you end up burnt out as a human being.

>> No.15340156
File: 166 KB, 1080x1080, 664f6fa1abcbd20436a8c08e9eb64e98.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I will admit I chuckled out loud, but this is actually a dishrack you straddle over the basin divider in your sink, the holes are for dishwashing water runoff.


>> No.15340168

Why not just laying it across the top..?

>> No.15340187
File: 112 KB, 625x333, 1-s2.0-S0141813020341647-gr2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

When you buy fresh asparagus, it is not always optimally fresh, and so the cellulose conversion will have progressed more than one would like. In those cases (fairly common) you would peel a very thin layer off of the stem to avoid a woody layer of cellulose. In pick you can see roughly how most plants' different structural compounds are organized. In Asparagus, the cpnversion of other sugars to cellulose starts as soon as a few minutes aftee harvesting, which is why it's better to buy frozen asparagus over fresh ones unless you can get them the same day as they've been harvested. Frozen asparagus is generally frozen with one or two hours from harvesting.

>> No.15340193

Aline cook's training wheel. Not to bad to build confidence with for a week or two.

>> No.15340200

lice comb

>> No.15340201
File: 73 KB, 800x627, Watican-0837938721499690778.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15340211

How'd you make the mouths..?

>> No.15340229
File: 47 KB, 700x700, H3b15b599f44d41b5bd59f7863529bc6dV.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

We had these deadly weapons. Growing up in such a dangerous environment though has made me so hard I just eat the skin.

>> No.15340233

damn that wins

>> No.15340250

Kiwi skin is delicious. I have no idea why it's considered "weird" to eat it like an apple

>> No.15340256

I don't like the feeling of the fuzz on it.

>> No.15340272
File: 313 KB, 800x450, 1584961628590.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

They all do.

“Almost all plastics leach endocrine disrupting chemicals, BPA-free onces partly even more”
>Results: Almost all commercially available plastic products we sampled—independent of the type of resin, product, or retail source—leached chemicals having reliably detectable EA, including those advertised as BPA free. In some cases, BPA-free products released chemicals having more EA than did BPA-containing products.
>Conclusions: Many plastic products are mischaracterized as being EA free if extracted with only one solvent and not exposed to common-use stresses. However, we can identify existing compounds, or have developed, monomers, additives, or processing agents that have no detectable EA and have similar costs. Hence, our data suggest that EA-free plastic products exposed to common-use stresses and extracted by saline and ethanol solvents could be cost-effectively made on a commercial scale and thereby eliminate a potential health risk posed by most currently available plastic products that leach chemicals having EA into food products.


“Non-stick kitchen utensils reduce T, penis length, semen quality and testicular size”
>We found that increased levels of PFCs in plasma and seminal fluid positively correlate with circulating testosterone (T) and with a reduction of semen quality, testicular volume, penile length, and anogenital distance. Experimental evidence points toward an antagonistic action of perfluorooctanoic acid on the binding of T to androgen receptor (AR) in a gene reporter assay, a competition assay on an AR-coated surface plasmon resonance chip, and an AR nuclear translocation assay.

>> No.15340460

seems like you couldn't even use this to seperate the yolk like when you crack an egg with your hands
beyond useless

>> No.15340479

>Your dad is so weak he can't grind salt anymore.
That's sad anon

>> No.15340487

You wont live to 80 in the sedentary, stressfull, polluted enviroment of the city. And thats assuming Tyrese doesn't cap you for your iPhone.

>> No.15340493

>"makes a square egg"
I love how no-nonsense this marketing description is

>> No.15340515

>Bananer not perfect bananer shape
>Sorry kid

>> No.15340541

Alton Brown tried this once. The results were unimpressive.

>> No.15340542

anon these are like 10 dollars and can be useful. I have one over my trashcan on my fridge, it's just easier to have it on the wall right there and the cap fall into the bin than anything

>> No.15340594

I actually got something like this for free once
idk if I ever used it

>> No.15340668

It's nice and tart but after one fruit, I get a little bit of an itch to cough.

>> No.15340670
File: 17 KB, 640x480, sddefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15340673
File: 50 KB, 1024x683, orange-blossom-on-tree-istock1200x800-e1560346768430.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah, that got me chuckling as well.

>> No.15340681

>wake up
>bonk your head on the ceiling

That shit would drive me insane.

>> No.15340704

My family has had one of these in the kitchen counter for many decades. No one knows what it's for and we've moved many times with it. What a bullshit tool though.

>> No.15340762

i would be if my pan was made out of plastic

>> No.15340792

>make $25 an hour, $50 if lucky
thats a lot of money for an easy job\
>die at 45
rural areas in developed countries have higher life expectancy

>> No.15341091
File: 24 KB, 500x454, 41UMt77AqtL._AC_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15341293

at least hes not a virgin like you

>> No.15341297

>Exaggerating the results of the studies

>> No.15341305

I would legit use this.

>> No.15341339
File: 26 KB, 713x611, 68541335454.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>copium overdosing

“PFC (Teflon) leads to fertility problems”
>Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) and perfluorinated compounds (PFC) (commonl known as Teflon) are chemicals that only break down naturally to a very small degree and therefore have a strong tendency to accumulate in the environment. While PCBs are known to be environmental pollutants and have not been legally produced since the 1970s, the use of many PFC variants is rapidly increasing in products such as water-resistant clothing and coatings in saucepans and frying pans.
>Marianne Kraugerud's thesis shows the effects of PCB 118 and PCB 153, which are two separate PCB variants with different chemical characteristics. In lambs exposed to these substances while in the womb and via their mother's milk, effects were demonstrated both on the formation of egg cells in the ovaries and on the hormones that control the function of the ovaries in female lambs. Kraugerud also found that sheep foetuses that had been exposed to these PCB variants while in the womb had a diminished ability to produce the vital hormone cortisol.
>Through laboratory cell cultures, Kraugerud demonstrated that both PCB and PFC can directly affect the production of steroid hormones. Steroid hormones, including for example oestrogen, testosterone and cortisol, are necessary for maintaining the capacity to reproduce, normal development and normal bodily functions in humans and animals.

>> No.15341375

That still has nothing to do with a single-use freezer bag being warmed below risk levels for leeching.

>> No.15341474

You do know that endocrine disruptors do not need heat to leech out? Fat will do just fine. Or sun exposure. Or scratching. Or food acids. Or it just being an ED which just leech no matter what. Plus heating means any warming at all. Putting it in a
70°C water for a couple hours? It is leeching.

Same goes for canned food. Officially made out of non leeching plastics, yet all leech to a degree where teens get gyno when they consume canned food regularly. If you blindly believe manufacturers claims of safety you are beyond retarded. I get it, you want to use your fancy trash bags but it's not worth your health. So stop coping.

PS: PFOAs are a perfect example of why nobody should believe such silly claims, when all available day is showing that it's absolutely unhealthy. So very much relevant.

>> No.15341519

>Still grandly over exaggerating the risks because r/theredpill told him these things

>> No.15341547

mentally ill cuck freak

>> No.15341592

Loading/unloading the device probably isn't that hard though, but pouring a controlled stream from a full gallon definitely is. I remember as a small child being able to hoist a gallon of milk around really easily, but gently controlling the angle of tilt and getting the liquid into the glass was way more difficult.

>> No.15341644
File: 13 KB, 236x237, 1483827310415.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>everything which doesn't suit my ideology comes unchecked from pleebit or affiliated sources
Imagine the degree of cope to sugarcoat cooking trash bags. Lmao at your life.

>> No.15341647

shitty opinion discarded

>> No.15341667
File: 23 KB, 720x348, 120017712_10164183429775577_2126064016815609753_n.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>every argument fails
>has to rely on added image of a painted frog to not accept reality

>> No.15341686

Checked and deeply based

>> No.15341696

>6 figures easy
Delusional ebt-fag.
In the city you make 4% more for 35% higher cost of living. The rate of making the top 10% of wages is the same as the countryside.
Everyone in a major metropolitan area is either trapped there or retarded and doesn't know any better.

>> No.15341714

Oh, and cities are depressing wages by not even matching inflation because bug people will never be important, regardless of who's in charge.
>Between 2001 and 2016, wages grew by roughly 50 percent across all counties. Most types of rural counties saw wage growth above the national average, while all types of urban counties had below-average gains. In fact, the smallest and most isolated rural places—small rural counties that are not adjacent to a major metro area—posted the highest wage growth of all, nearly 60 percent.

>> No.15341851

It’s a big ol blade it can cut anything

>> No.15341855

Actually she’s 12 steps away, respect her journey.

>> No.15341860

>he doesn’t exclusively buy freshly picked local asparagus in season from a local farm

>> No.15341866

Same the skin is bomb

>> No.15341901

Stfu tranny

>> No.15341935

This is amazing. Bring this on a date and you're getting laid.

>> No.15341975

slice of cooked pasta maybe?

>> No.15342107


>> No.15342156
File: 71 KB, 416x600, 1476801072534.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that dangerously low safety railing

>> No.15342162

This is so irrational and raises so many questions and yet I have no words

>> No.15342166
File: 21 KB, 600x315, sqQlid7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>roll a bit

>> No.15342173
File: 7 KB, 236x214, index.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15342179

Already posted, retard

>> No.15342181

Do places even sell pop-tab cans anymore? I grew up on stories of people slicing their feet on them in the creeks and rivers, and haven't seen them personally.

>> No.15342239

No. Nevermind foot cutting, they were an environmental disaster.

>> No.15342251

Bait post

>> No.15342379

America is a fucking joke lol

>> No.15342475

all kiwi implements are based

>> No.15342523

this is cute actually

it looks cool even if its one use

the line for the t is made of 3 total dots im using a red light filter its hard to see

makes it drip on other things, wasteful

soda cans are okay but other cans are harder
i just use a fork

>> No.15342557


I'm not even an engineering type and I loved that video.

>> No.15342597
File: 1.58 MB, 1280x720, Jack grating cheese.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>Product for cleavers

>> No.15342609

but based biden will make sure that YOU will at the mandatory antifa estrogen camps! :^)

>> No.15342666

have you ever had popcorn?
you can literally see the size of the kernels in the container. that thing goes on the floor.

>> No.15342683

it's hard to think of presents for your children once they get past a certain age.

>> No.15342833
File: 40 KB, 387x437, 1516895479537.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15342871

Based anon I too don't see any problem with kitchen aids.

>> No.15342911

Do people really not just eat the whole kiwi?

>> No.15342920

that's what I'm saying, dude. Imagine buying a fruit and throwing away half of it

>> No.15342923

Yeah, no one tells you that the worst part of growing up is watching your parents grow older and more decrepit in front of your eyes.

>> No.15343185

Anon, how often have you fallen out of bed? That's really only a problem children have.

>> No.15343189

Looks like ditalini.

>> No.15343207

Well that would probably be the same problem an old person has, less dexterity/grip/wrist strength to turn the weight and control.

>> No.15343241


>> No.15343263

Do you get shit everywhere when you set it down?

>> No.15343386

he's definitely using a buzzword to imply there are communistic conspiracies in American society hellbent on dividing the home and family even further

which I think is dumb. the truth is most people don't think deeply about their relationship before they get married and thus end up tied to someone they hate so they have to create their own space for privacy and control. it appeals to modern men because modern women hate it when men have fun and modern men like to put their toys on shelves to show off to their "friends".

>> No.15343470

That's actually quite useful, you can descale a fish a lot faster than with just a knife

>> No.15343482

Use silicon bags

>> No.15343951
File: 400 KB, 764x960, 1601642887147.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15343964
File: 416 KB, 2000x2000, rice.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15344006

>man cave
Is this what poor people fantasize about? Bitch, I own an entire house.

>> No.15344095

how the fuck is it a unitasker?

>> No.15344129

What is this?

>> No.15344134

why everything those red button nip monkeys eat has to look like an alien

>> No.15344147

>spun it good

>> No.15344189

In the south every redneck that can scrape enough money together for a (((down payment))) on a single wide or if he's really flush a double wide, builds a shack out back for a man cave with electricity provided by running an extension chord to it from his trailer and running water from a garden hose hooked to an outdoor spigot.

>> No.15344198


>> No.15344225
File: 30 KB, 474x474, Pizza Fork.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I was given one of these as a christmas gift as a kid. I used it a few times for the novelty of it but it is exactly as useless as one would expect.

>> No.15344278

Why is /ck/ so endlessly butthurt by rice cookers? Have sex.

>> No.15344305
File: 34 KB, 449x500, 1584397680215.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Do Americans really live like this?

>> No.15344312

the shampoo

>> No.15344314

One of the defining things about 4chins is that some people are here solely for the purpose of shitting on things, especially if they're nice things.

>> No.15344317

The delusional idea that cooking rice on a stove is a test of your skill.

>> No.15344319

>wake up
>immediately rise out of bed like a fucking vampire

>> No.15344370
File: 972 KB, 900x1200, 1544847105015.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>any year
>not being a vampire

>> No.15344376

it's an ice cream squarer

>> No.15344379

shut the fuck up about man caves you faggy virtue signaling incels
threads going down now bye

>> No.15344386


>> No.15344392

That hand is scary looking

>> No.15344416

this wins. just slam the knife down like a big boy only sissy bitches pound on the back

>> No.15344431

>b e c o m e s square

>> No.15344447

>iphone $1000
>android $400
>hi-point $100
for half the price I can get a robbery deturrant and a gun

>> No.15344510

>light up bluetooth speaker $11.99
>salt shaker $1.60
doesn't even come with a pepper shakers ffs

>the white man introduces shitty technology to the african, then calls him ungrateful

>> No.15344532

well duh, that's a serving fork not an eating fork

>> No.15344912

every time you cook small amount of chemicals leach into your food, if you sample the air you breathe you will find small amounts of poisnous chemicals, not mentioning the bacteria, viruses around you and on your skin right at this moment

>> No.15345068

So stupid.. What the fuck are you supposed to do with bananas that bend the opposite way? Fucking cut them into slices to make them fit or just throw those away?

>> No.15345271
File: 61 KB, 1080x864, 855bb580a3794f115b5d6f8a3f0932bb.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Turn it around anon

>> No.15345351
File: 516 KB, 498x380, tenor[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15345466

these are pretty decent if you have to process a lot of avocado

>> No.15345786

What are you quoting

>> No.15346098

Made to civilize people who eat long pasta with a knife
The next step is a normal, adult fork

>> No.15346529

While there is no data in ngative health effects of silicone, the fact that all plastics and other synthetics leech out makes me to susspicious of silicon as well.

Nah, not everytime I cook. I'm using stainless steel which only leeches when combined with acidic foods and even than only tuff which our body actually needs. I also do not buy new furniture made with synthetics which leech volatile organic compounds or at least let them air out for a couple weeks, plus venting multiple times a day makes their problem fully go away. Also do not compare synthetic toxins to bacteria and viruses, which are beneficial to our health (yes, even the deadly kind is beneficial for the population in the long term). Meanwhile there is no health benefit to inhaling formaldehyde, glycol and other air born toxins or consuming PFOAs and EDs through food.

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