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How do you like your steak?

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I don't. Carnism is one of the most virulent forms of white supremacy today, destroying the environment for people of colour so we can stuff our fat faces with flesh. I'll be overjoyed when the EU passes it's meat industry restrictions that will lead to bans, foot in the door legislation :)

Screw meat eaters.

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Well done smothered in ketchup

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Where the fuck can I cop those blades? 4 eyes master race cereal question. Please don't make me ask /effay/....

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you know... savage cultures eat meat too right? as do indigenous and non-white cultures in general? you do know this right??

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Gucci, from the early 80's, if I had to guess.

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Nnnnnnno. but thanks for the tip brah.

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Medium rare to medium. I like a pink center, and enough juices to soak into the mashed potatoes/ baked potato / bread that’s also on the plate.

Well done; not even once. My cousin always liked his meat well done. Then he stopped liking the taste of meat. Then he went vegan, not the proselytizing type of vegan, but definitely hard to accommodate for at cooking type.

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If I'm making a steak for myself, I like to cook it to the very top end of medium well, just right at the edge of almost crossing over into well done.
Like pic related but just a tad more done, but still not all the way well done.
If I go out to a restaurant I'll just say medium well and not give the chef a hard time about it, but if I'm doing it at home I can be very particular about it.

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Well-done, actually and unironically

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I could never get on board with that whole 'hating on well done' meme.
It's a doneness like any other, it has it's own caveats.
There's a difference between a good well done steak and a steak that's burnt to the consistency of an old tyre. I think maybe a lot of people who think they don't like well done just had bad luck and got the latter one time, and understandably didn't like it.

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I like my steak like I like my dicks, beaten and raw.

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This almost made me upset.

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I think restaurants hate well done steaks because it takes a long time to cook a steak well done.

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Medium rare, the way God intended

Why would you beat a steak you're not going to deep fry?

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It takes longer but it's also the doneness level with the minimum possible liability so there's that too consider

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It was a joke. I like my steak medium rare with a good dose of seasoning.

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Rare, medium-rare depending on cut and mood. Then smothered in ketchup.

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absolutely based
also black people in America eat like 90% of their meals as meat

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More rare than a quiet nigress in a theater

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au sec
Yeah, you heard me, ¨NEAR DRY¨.
Dehydrated staek.

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veganism is a white people lifestyle

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Medium with a very strong sear. I like it a little crispy on the edges.

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Medium, but rare is also good. Only reason to cook well done is to cover for bad meat.

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More than likely that retard was trolling and you niggers fell for the bait. Everyone knows the only two races that ever concerned themselves with not eating meat are whites and hindu’s, for totally and completely different reasons, and a lot of hindu’s don’t really mind eating meat that isn’t from a cow. That being said, Hindus will literally eat, drink, and bathe in cow excrement, so whether you can attribute the aversion to meat eating as mental illness or intelligent, I can’t say for certain.

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If OP post was actually Yuri Bezmenov instead of Pauly Cass, this would have been the perfect /thread post

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