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Why are whitemales ruining food now too?

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that's not a lot of statements for the white male waiter, i'd say? the reason white males service is so good and their banter so streamlined is that men are much better workers than women, generally. i wouldn't WANT to be waited on by a woman, but i could easily

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I wanna know the ethnicity/ religion of the person who wrote this.

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This is an English speaking site.

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Antisemitism isn't allowed outside /pol/

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If I get a male waiter I request them to give me a female waitress

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Stop being a faggot-shill and post an archived link to this if it’s real.

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haha le funnie onion articual!

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If you really wanted to read what the white male waiters are saying to ruin people's evenings you would have already searched it. https://femoid.com/annoying-statements-you-hear-from-every-waiter/

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Why is some rich jew who makes their money ruining the internet talking down to hard working members of the service industry?

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When I was a kid I was with the family at applebees and i requested my steak medium rare. the waiter tried to act all chummy with me and made some remark about how he was impressed by how specific I was about how I wanted my steak. dumb fucking asshole.

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Everything listed in that article is said by females just as often as males. The author is just a bitter cunt who hates men because they see as much value in her as she sees in herself.

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>t.neet who hasn't left his hole since mommy took him out for a pizza for his 10th birthday

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>posts link to clickbait website so people will take the bait
>doesn’t post link to archived site so clickbait website doesn’t get shekels for clicks
>deposited 2 shekels into your shill-account
>good goy

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>doesn't even have ads
>clickbait site
cope harder magafag

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Who mentioned hooked nosed jewishness? The only person bringing up kikes is you. Stop being antisemitical

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See? I knew it was antisemitism, every time.

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She isn't going to suck your dick for defending her clickbait on the internet.

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Thanks for the reminder to donate maximum tax deductible to SPLC

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You're the antisemite faggot, nobody brought up jews and the 109 countries until you mentioned it
Can't have one thread without you /pol/tards mentioning that the jews that died in the holocaust were almost exclusively from antizionist jewish communities (since all the zionist jews were allowed to leave before the deaths began) and that the word holocaust mean "burnt sacrifice" and that the nazis planned to move the jews to Palestine before they started losing the war and that starvation and disease resulting from the Allies destroying German supply lines are what caused most of the Jewish deaths in the concentration camps
Give it a fucking rest bro, we're sick of your conspiracies
Don't ever mention jews or niggers again

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What does the SPLC have to do with Judaism?
They're just an unbiased centrist nonprofit tracking extremists of all kinds

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Indescribably based

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>22 posts
>10 replies

Watchya' doin /pol/fag?

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they ruin everything, it's fucking disgusting

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I've been banned from 109 forums and I like it here because I'm given free reign
So i think I'll stay
What are you gonna do about it you fucking faggot?

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I really want the tranny/pol false flaggers to be hung, none mentally ill enough to defend this shit should be allowed to post outside of pol

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Not only that but I've been banned for my posts in 109 threads on here
Guess what? I just turn airplane mode on and off and I'm right back to posting
Yeah the jannies might holocaust my posts every once in a while but I'm far too agile for them to permanently ban me. They'd have to range ban my whole city and maybe even the whole state

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Take your meds, stop posting word salad

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lol, fucking karens and shit, shitting on the wait staff

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We stopped using the word Karen after we told everyone to start snitching on antimaskers
didn't you get the memo?

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Please go back to pol, any tranny wouldn't make fun of mental illness due to themselves being mentally ill, you aren't wanted here you degenerate freak

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nobody cares about your epic leetness btfoing jannys

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>wait staff
You seem to be retarded or illiterate, she said white and male, its an SJW you inbred ledditor

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No you're still a Karen if you correct someone for wearing the mask incorrectly though. It's racist because no black people ever wear the mask over their noses.

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This ain't reddit boy, here we dislike mods, licking boots just makes you show out even more.

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Have you seen the SIZE of their nostrils

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>making fun of non-white people online only counter-culture you'll ever know
>spend your 20s regurgitating muh jooz from /pol/
>see one dumb article on the internet about white men
>get butthurt
>rinse and repeat

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>itt reddior and pol boomer seething
This is neo-4chan we have nothing left.
God I want my dumb mindless shitposting back bros, I don't wanna hear about the Jews or how we can't have fun because its racist or some shit

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and stop virtue signaling you cringy faggot

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No, it's racist to notice things.

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All other countercultures are extinct

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You sound like the buthurt if you can't just say "haha shit journos" and move on bro

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Stop comparing black people to animals or i will be forced to report you to the Janitors

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It's racist to not want to be told you're racist.

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Hating cops, hating racism, supporting socialism, supporting blm.

McDonald's and my professor told me this

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>Reminder if you say anything about the jews that you see every day said about whites you'd be an antisemite.

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The only people bringing up jews are secular pseudoreligious science worshippers false flagging as cryptochristians false flagging as SJWs false flagging as /pol/ racist antisemites
Stop being paranoid

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I love browsing the banned book section front and center at the library
Nothing beats getting some forbidden knowledge, why do conservatives ban anything that offends their religious dogmatism?

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Powerful schizo post, when are you going to leave.
Bet you make all the fast food and eceleb threads

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Now find a copy of mein kampf or the bible and read it in public

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>banned book section
This is an oxymoron reddit-kun

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thanks non-retarded anon.

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>he doesn't know about the secret library in the Ministry of Truth
bruh, there's literally only one other copy of Galur Rithari's papers in all of Vvardenfell

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>why do conservatives ban anything that offends their religious dogmatism
Have you noticed, for all its proclamations about protecting the rights of property and preserving law and order, the Imperial legion does little enough to capture and prosecute abolitionists? That's a bit hypocritical, don't you think?

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>unbiased centrist nonprofit

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God i hate the working class, pol chuds defending them is pathetic
Kill all nazi punk working class scum

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Skimmed the article. Pretty sure all of the phrases he/she/it cited are just canned waitstaff phrases that they are required to spew out.

What next? The male plot to ask if you want fries with that?

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this is an obvious satire website, right?

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Looks real to me

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>Can I take your order?
Ugh no you cant take it! check your privilege Im paying for it its mine!

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The gender essentialism implied by the blue and pink speech bubbles in that image is deeply problematic.

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You're an angsty little cunt arent you

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Every single waiter in my town is either a young woman or an underpaid foreigner.

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