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pepsi is better

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It's ok to like coke
It's ok to like pepsi
People that act like coke is godly and pepsi is utter shit are brainlets repeating what they hear so they think they sound cool

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t. fat ass brainlet who loves drinking poison and replying to spam

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Pepsi > Coke
Circumcised > Uncircumcised

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pepsi max > rc > shweppes cola > lidl > coca cola > pepsi

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>Circumcised > Uncircumcised

Sorry for your loss

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Do americans really drink this crap?

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No, we drink Fanta and it's a beautiful thing

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sorry you got an inferior penis, you can fix that rn.
drinking one right now bud

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I mix 50/50 bepsi and coke

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If only we were as healthy as the bongs who drink nothing but the finest spring water and eat nothing but the healthiest of dishes to stay nice and slim.

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You have a dried boot dickhead, that can't be fixed.

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What do you think the pepsi's for?

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Barq's > Pepsi > Coke

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Giving your sister a yeast infection

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for me it's bangs. the best soda.

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My imouto is clean I just checked.

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worst of all

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>behold my enhanced mutilated genitals devoid of 80% of pleasure nerves

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Dr Pepper > Sprite > POWER GAP > everything else

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>shits all over your sody pop

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>Literally no evidence for missing pleasure
Keep trying your propaganda

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Pleasure is mostly emotional anyway. I wouldn't cum no matter what was happening to my dick if I didn't love the person doing it.

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That's cool and all but... it doesn't change the fact that coke is still better.

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dr pepper is best

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i just drink water

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Pepsi cold > Coke cold >Coke room temp >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pepsi room temp
Dr.Pepper is better than both.

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Nobody cares, fattie.

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These people either assume that if you drink soda you don't drink water (which is only a fattie thing) or just want to unrequestedly tell everyone they drink water (only a feat for lardasses).

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Trips tell the truth.

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lmao do you need evidence for nerve endings, sandpaper dick?

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>3 replies in and it’s already another dick thread. 4chin at its finest.
The foreskin has two sides - the inside and the outside. You mutilated mutts have no idea what having a foreskin is like, so let me tell you. The outside part is as sensitive as the rest of the skin on the shaft. The inner side is the most sensitive part of a dick. It retracts when you get hard. When a girl is going down on you, her tongue sliding up and down that inner part is the most intense part of the blowjob. When jerking it, you move the outer part of the foreskin back and forth, which indirectly stimulates the inner side and part of the head at the same time. Kind of like how when you’re stimulating a girl’s clit with your fingers or tongue, you do it indirectly through the clitoral hood.

A Mexibro of mine had to have his foreskin removed for medical reasons. He couldn’t believe how accurately I predicted the changes he experience, thanks to /pol/’s obsession with dicks:>Loss of sensitivity due to the most sensitive skin cut off and exposed head>Dick dries out pussy>Penetrative style changes from rhythmic, cyclical movements to jabbing in and out
Also, what cutfags don’t realize is that the foreskin isn’t unhygienic. I have never experienced the “smegma” mutts talk about. It also doesn’t smell bad. The reason I wash myself there so thoroughly is because the nutsack, thighs around it and the area leading up to the asshole stink after a day. Not the foreskin. If I’m washing myself before getting my cock and balls sucked, it’s those regions I focus on cleaning.

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Cutfags can go on about their Israeli-funded studies that (surprise, suprise) support their religiously mandated genital mutilation. In researching my master thesis I’ve learned enough about the politicization of science, and how methods can be tweaked to find the results wanted.

Cutfags can tell guys with normal dicks that circumcision does absolutely nothing, but guys with normal dick know exactly what having a foreskin feels like, how it affects sex and masturbation and what having normals genitals is like in terms of hygiene.

It is pure cope. Cognitive dissonance, because acknowledging what has been done to you is too hard to do. You have been marked as cattle by your masters, and any defence you offer for this barbaric practice ensures that your children will suffer the same fate.

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>implying pleasure is a good thing

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ok satan

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Vanilla Coke > Pepsi > Coke

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holy shit this is peak autism if not pasta

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>*bangs your mother in your path*
>"Heh, nothin personell kid"

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>People that act like coke is godly and pepsi is utter shit are brainlets repeating what they hear so they think they sound cool
It's well known Pepsi targets demographics for marketing. The black and hispanic celebrities are pepsi promoters.
For a long time, the only country in the Americas where pepsi could outsell Coke was Venezuela, because it was just simply more powerfully run like that. The world drinks Coke, OP, and to think one is better just shows you to be a victim of marketing. Maybe you are black? I find all colas pretty good, even Publix brand. but if you are like me, you are likely only buying them when you have a stomach bug, or for a rum mixer, then it's infrequent. I buy RC every now and then for nostalgia and it's also delicious.

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Set yourselves on fire then. That should make the good feels stop.

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honestly, though coke to me is way foamier than Pepsi is. I still love coke if I get a fountain soda I always get a coke than a Pepsi but can Pepsi is better than can coke

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i think i like pepsi better then coke, but diet coke is way better then diet pepsi

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diet pespi blows
pepsi max tho...

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That's doing something. We're talking about not doing something. Totally different concepts.