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"Welcome to in-n-out burger, what can I get for you?"

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Directions to the nearest Wendy's

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uuuuuhhh fuckin uhhhhhhh
lemme get uhhhhh hmmmm

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Double double and fries, all animal style, and a chocolate shake. Gimmie some stickers and a paper hat too wagie.

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3x3 with grilled onions and no tomatoes
Animal style fries

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Lemme get uhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhh

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the entire time i lived in california every time i went to in-n-out my california friends would be all "no bro you're soooo not getting the in-n-out shake bro! you gotta try SHAKE SHACK bro" and then i never went to shake shack so i never got a shake in cali anywhere
anyways can i get a fuckin uhhhhhhh 4 hamburgers and an extra large iced tea thanks sweetheart

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directions back to the east coast

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Double single, with onions, animal style. An order of fries, chili peppers, spread, ketchup.

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>restaurant has secret menu items

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Double Double with regular onions, Animal Style fries and and XL Arnold Palmer

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can i get uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 10:30 am please

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Incest porn and a cornish game hen with a large side of asparagus

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Two double doubles, no tomatoes, grilled onion and raw onions, large Diet Coke.

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#1 combo, no spread, add ketchup and mustard, medium fries, lemonade.

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#1 with just grilled onions and spread on the burger, and a 7-up friend. Lines moving fast today!

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All of them do you anti-social faggot

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I’d like a chicken sandwich and curly fries

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double double animal style with sliced grilled onions and sliced raw onions added

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Give me a root beer

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Do they have bang’s?

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4x4 with whole grilled onions n chili peppers, animal fries with chili peppers, and a chocolate shake. if you don't know chili peppers can be added to animal fries and just get me the animal fries without chilis I will be mildly upset for upwards of 15 minutes

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>Two double doubles and large fry, with that special sauce of yours, my good man.

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Why don't they offer a single double?

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in-n-out is the only restaurant where it's their whole shtick

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I'd like three 4x4s with no lettuce, tomato, or onion, and an extra large Coke with light ice, please. Thanks, sweetheart.

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cuppa diarrhea

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2 double doubles, animal style, no tomatoes, add chopped chilli peppers

1 fries

1 neapolitan shake

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Nothing since I would rather go to Whataburger across the street, not have to wait in a 20 minute car line, and get food that isn't cold and limp on arrival.

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Isn't that just extra cheese? You could still order it.

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>i have schizophrenia

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Not the disgusting coffee

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Can I have some sex?

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cum, animal style

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>ask for nutrition information while in the drive-thru

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ive worked at a subway but not ever a drivethru. i gotta know...when i pull up and the person asks what i want i always want some time to look over the menu because i dont go to fast food that often. Is it best etiquette to say "one moment" and then when I am ready i say, "ok im ready"? Obviously it'd be awesome if i knew what i wanted right away but asking for time has to be better than saying ummm uhhhhh ummmm right?

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yeah that's bullshit. i hate people like you. especially during this pandemic where fast food lines are a mile long. figure out what you want to eat before you go there. it's not like shopping at the grocery store. people behind you in line have things to do. figure it out before you go

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you mean barq's???

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really? but a lot of places dont have that preliminary menu before the speaker-menu. and if they do i don't always have enough time to square my order away before i have to move up.

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you don't figure out what you're getting when there are 10 cars behind you. i was right behind these 2 fat black girls at arby's and they were debating what to get for a lot longer than most average people. i was starting to get visibly upset, other cars saw me look visibly upset, and they started honking their horns at the fat girls. do not ever be this car

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is it true that in america you arent aloud to order food at a drive through without a car?

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yes but there are places like checker's / rally's that have a walk up window. that sort of thing is rare though. most places would probably turn you away without a car. what if you just walk up to the window and punch the cashier in the face

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what about a motorcycle?

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>ordering multiple double, triple, or quadruple burgers
holy fuck, i'm so glad this place is anonymous and I don't have to look at a bunch of profile pictures that are nothing but greasy fatasses.

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If other cars saw you were visibly upset from your car they were honking at you, you stupid mongoloid. There’s also circumstances where places run out of items or discontinue or don’t update websites or whatever. So what you want may not be what they have so things change.

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I'll have a 10x10.

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Two cheeseburgers, one with raw onion, one with grilled onion. Thank you.

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'no' *farts in your face*

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I'll take a Double Triple Bossy Deluxe on a raft, four by four, animal-style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim.

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2 3x3, both kinds of onions, animal fry well done with chilis, no drink.

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we serve food here sir.

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Double double with anime style fries

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i wasn't the one taking ten minutes to order. you're retarded

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If you don't know what you want, don't use the drive thru.

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in corona times, we have no choice now. and there's lots of dumb people in this country. idk who likes sitting in a drive thru for 15+ minutes, but, welcome to 2020

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i don't see people do this much but i think that would be OK. i live in the north. no motorcycles right now

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i thought about it and you'd honestly look like a retard doing this in previous years. but in this year, i'm sure it happened a lot in the summer time because bikers had no other choice. why wouldn't you just park your bike and walk in if it was any year before this one

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delightfully devilish. Make sure your minivan is packed with kids and you make them order themselves when they get to the window, so it takes even longer.

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3x2, light spread, extra toast, grilled onions, extra tomatoes.

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>packed with kids and you make them order themselves
This. It builds character and they learn that torturing other people by holding up the line is screaming good fun!

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It's okay

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Who the fuck would pay 2.75 for a single cheeseburger? Lol

>> No.15202981

You can go to a dollar tree and get a mcrib or a giant double cheeseburger for a single dollar and leave it on your dash as you drive to heat it.

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agreed. keep in mind these are leafbux prices too

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Two Double Doubles no Tomato, fries, and an extra large Dr Pepper

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>root beer

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Double double, both kinds of onions, peppers, no tomato, no sauce, fries and a dr. Pepper

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Same but no bun.

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A job application

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just drive east, retard

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pretty based
usually when a restaurant serves coke they also serve the inferior coke-brands of pibb xtra and sprite.

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Drive toward the North Star (Polaris) and turn right.

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3x4 animal style. animal fries. vanilla shake

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party size CURAZEE fries, with a large brisk, and a skor WHIYALD shake.

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A thick big titty goth gf, and a cheeseburger.

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>hur dur you guys fat for ordering two burgers
>oh me? I will take just one burger and an order of fries with cheese and thousand island dressing on top XD
I find it hilarious how stupid the general population is about macro nutrients. Kill yourself.

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There aren't any goths. The 90s were over 20 years ago.

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Yo senpai lemme get the combo

>> No.15203610

Can I get a number one no tomato with a pink lemonade PLEASE and thank you

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The cheese on an In-N-Out burger is too thick and the patty is too thin. All you fucking taste is the cheese.

>> No.15203630

can I get a 3x3 extra onions, fries and water please?


>> No.15203741

a cheeseburger? what's in that?

>> No.15203784

Plain double double, cheese fries, large vanilla shake.

>> No.15203823

based bucket of fries bro

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One the fuck outta here please anon.

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>1999 was 30 years ago

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Actually it was 21.

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double-double with onions and chopped chilis. Fries.

>> No.15203892

3x3 with grilled onions, no tomato, add chopped chilies, order of fries, and a cup of water.
Spread for the fries too.

>> No.15203968

you're 21. queer

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Can I get a large CNN fueled white guilt please with the George Floyd fries, a medium publicly funded holocaust museum and uhhhhhm, a mountain dew?

>> No.15204049

No I am not on both things.

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Double double
>fried mustard
>chopped chiles
>grilled onions
and a neopolitan shake. Put that order under Chad.

>> No.15204073

I am

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3x2 with grilled onions and an animal fry.
nice try, but they don't have mountain dew

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Dicks deluxe, two fry orders, and a vanilla shake to go please.

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>no fries
order up for CRINGE

>> No.15204251

>he orders carb fillers
Next time just say you're a fatass.

>> No.15204265

anyone who orders shakes needs an appointment with Dr.Now

>> No.15204271

Did you have an aneurysm while typing this? Forget to take your insulin, maybe?

>> No.15204275

actually I di- HEY!!

>> No.15204287

Grilled cheese animal style. 2 flying dutchmans. Animal fries. Root beer float

>> No.15204291

>he's on a board about food
Next time just say you're a fatass

>> No.15204295

hamburger with double the veggies, fresh onion

cheeseburger with tripple grilled onions, no other veggies

last time i ordered 5 year ago, it was under five bucks

>> No.15204331

>caring about the food you eat?
The opposite is true, anon. Sorry you can't keep your weight under control.

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>"how did i even end up here?"
>*drives to steak n shake*
in-n-out is an overpriced mcdonald's burger

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Do they actually train the employees on the secret menu, or do you have to explain to them what a certain "style" is every time you order something?

>> No.15205068

>”How can i do for you today?”

how do you answer that

>> No.15205079

Based protein anon

>> No.15205082

1 4x4 with a packet of spread and fries. Thank you~

>> No.15205110

>both grilled and raw onions on the same burger
D-does this actually taste good? I like both types of onion preparation, but I've never thought to try both on the same burger.

>> No.15205612

Lemme get uh 3x3 with whole grilled onions and chopped chilis, Animal style fries, half strawberry half vanilla shake, a grilled cheese also with whole grilled onions but no lettuce or tomato, and a medium soda. Thanks

>> No.15205636

Yeah, can I get a uhhhh

>> No.15205640

This album is good at least

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3x2 animal style with added raw onions, sliced chiles, extra spread and a side of fries

>> No.15205727

fries and a strawberry shake

>> No.15205779

double double animal style with fries and a lemonade.

>> No.15205782

they have like 1 shake shack in california and it only popped up a few years ago

>> No.15205972

They only have one size of fry

>> No.15205986

Fkin google the menu, 99% of restaurants have it online so you can figure it out.. peak autism

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When I lived in cali I was all "this shit is fuckin delish, hell yeah!" But like then moving out of cali everyone else was all into lame shit like raising canes (?????) And Freddy's and McDonald's or whatevs
Anyways, I was like "yall need in n out here" and they were all "the fuck is that?" And I was all "bro it'll fucking blow your mind"
Anyway I'm in Colorado now (still go to cali for the winter unless I'm hitting the slopes up in the mountains like right now)
They FINALLY got in n out here and all my friends are losing their shit
Always good to talk to another Cali bro, people from every other state don't know what they're missin, although colorado is getting pretty rad lately

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For me, its BaDed

>> No.15206020

>Anyway I'm in Colorado now
Go back to the shithole you crawled out of. If you miss it so much, go back. We don't want you.

>> No.15206024

three double cheeseburgers, no pickles. that would be all.

>> No.15206035

Chill bruh colorado got 10x better when Californians moved here
What are you afraid of? People that aren't crazy conservative religious nuts? Retarded rednecks like you are the worst part of this state but you mostly stay out of the way so its not too bad
Yeah maybe the worst part isn't the retarded rednecks since we never have to deal with you unless I wanted to go see a fucking cornfield lmao
The worst part is all the Texans moving here, they don't know how to drive for shit
Like stay the fuck off the road if you think Texas driving is ok in colorado
Or better yet fuck off to Texas of Oklahoma or some other irrelevant flyover

>> No.15206042

Plus we bring in more money than you sensitive "natives" (lol, latinx are more fucking native than you even if they were born in mexico) could ever make on your own so next time you think about how nice colorado is remember who's paying to keep it nice
You think weed would be legal here if it wasn't for us? Get the fuck out of our state, you don't belong here

>> No.15206054

I'll have a Wendy's Baconator Double, thanks.

>> No.15206056

Also, like I said, I spend winters in cali because the winters here are shit (unless I'm hittin the slopes)
So I don't miss cali, I get to go back whenever I want
Nice not being a poor redneck living in the sticks who can't afford to take a cheap southwest flight whenever you want
Colorado is just a little better than Cali politically. Colorado could still be less conservative, but in Cali the progressives have gotten way too out of hand
Don't get me wrong, I'd never vote for a republican in a million years but I prefer the more moderate democrats like Colorado has, even if they still try to appease some of the retarded conservatives rednecks here
And by the way, you speak for yourself, not the state of Colorado. I don't give a fuck whether you want me in Colorado. Free country, you're welcome to leave if you don't like it

>> No.15206179

Is the coffee and hot cocoa worth it here?

>> No.15206201

A Shakespeare reference on a fast food menu? Only in America LOL

>> No.15206518

personally I like the bite of oliet bang's

>> No.15206536

>Colorado could still be less conservative
Not that other anon, but you're literally a locust.

>> No.15206618

I kinda want to visit the meme LAX I-N-Out.

>> No.15206634

>nutrition information available upon request
direct quote from Titus Andronicus

>> No.15206638

extra large cup of sauce

>> No.15206665

This. I drove through Boulder the other day. Now I'm gay.

>> No.15206694

consider yourself lucky

>> No.15207126

Colorado is an irrelevant flyover though

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In n out is good but like its usually what you get when its late and you're away from your area with your friends so the only thing open that you know will be good, constant, and everyone will like will be in n out. Its a good place to go with picky eaters and its a step above fast food like Wendys, jack, or McDonald's. However the fries suck ass and everyone knows it unless you get the well done or animal style. Also it's the popular place to go at night unless your area has a canes. Now that I think about it I havent gone to in n out since before the pandemic. Maybe its only a place you go with friends and not alone.

>> No.15207253

1 Bond burger please

>> No.15207262

Number 3
No tomato
Grilled onions
Chopped chiles
Mustard instead of shitty sauce
Dr. Pepper

>> No.15207299

>the fries suck unless you order them in a way that makes them good
Then why is it a problem? Steak sucks if you order it cooked the wrong way too, just order it the right way.

>> No.15207307

>Is it best etiquette to say "one moment" and then when I am ready i say, "ok im ready"?
wouldnt hurt to say "one moment, please"

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ok retard

>> No.15207350

Shake shack is fucking overpriced trash

>> No.15207398

Lemmie get a double double mustard fried with whole grilled onions chopped chilies and well done fries and extra spread on the side.

>> No.15207426

Because when you just say "let me get an order of fries" or order a combo the fries come out shitty. You shouldn't have to modify your order to make them good.

>> No.15208857

Anon, the grass is not greener on the other side. In fact, it is literally pozzed and burning

>> No.15208865

Yeah, get me to the nearest Whataburger

>> No.15208866

agree with this guy. why would you move to the west coast for "more fast food options". that's retarded. have you heard of a grocery store >>15202449

>> No.15208898

Double double plain with grilled onions, an extra side of fries and MUHFUCKIN PINK LEMONADE

>> No.15209354

I live near a bunch of these, but I don't eat burgers. All I've had were the shakes and fries, and they were alright.

>> No.15209446

Nah brah denver is gonna be the next LA or New York
Ship it

>> No.15209471

thanks for bringing your twink ass here for me to fuck! really improved things. your tight anus did, well used to be tight

>> No.15209479

Patrician taste. I’ll have what he’s having.

>> No.15209521

$0.05 for condiments is the homeless population that bad?

>> No.15209526

Nice dubs and decent bait for ‘rado fags. Almost believable 7/10

>> No.15209527

1 mcfood please

>> No.15209535

Fuck me you’re right and it makes me want to puke, brb moving to Idaho

>> No.15209652

3x2, animal style, no tomato, add chilis
A cup for water

Ask for a packet of spread and extra chilis too.

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File: 2.86 MB, 3648x2736, Moonrise_over_Manhattan_-_From_Jersey_City_Shoreline_-_New_Jersey_-_USA_-_05.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Wanna know what LA and New York share in common that Denver is sorely lacking?

>> No.15209967

Animal style is what I did to your step-father's butthole.

>> No.15210250

Grilled + raw chopped onion is where its at

>> No.15210591


>> No.15210643

>it's a dumbass east coastie cannot fathom the vastness of the west episode

Anons it's 9 hours from boston to dc. It's 25 hours from la to dallas. Does that help you understand? There isn't a house every 500 feet even in the "countryside"

>> No.15210662

access to an ocean and a deep water harbor

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I'd like a chocolate shake animal style, please.

>> No.15210706

I'd like a double double with both grilled and raw onions, a fry well done, and a neapolitan shake, please. Thank you!

>> No.15210719

Yeah it’s pretty tasty, I like to get both because grilled onion lose a lot of the raw oniony bite that I enjoy but I also like the slight sweetness that grilled onions bring to the table.

>> No.15210745


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>A cup for water
>fill it with soda

>> No.15211507

There's a shake shack in the mall right across the street from my job in century city, some guy just tried to burn down one of the stores last week

>> No.15211595

Tons of open land and clear weather over 300 days a year for space ports?
Nah, its got that

>> No.15212183

You are a fool if you think Denver is going to be a space port city. There is a reason most of the United states space launches are out of Florida and it isn't because of the weather

>> No.15212191

>3.95 for a burger
Boy you americans got it good, it costs the equivalent of 5 dollars in europe.

>> No.15212206


>> No.15212239

Florida is a fucking meme with terrible weather

>> No.15212273

I turn 360 degrees and walk to Culvers

>> No.15212279

Apparently the whole secret menu thing is super novel outside of California. When I was went to in n out as a kid living in CA, I never really internalized it was secret because I learned most of the orders from my parents or friends.

>> No.15212284

poor fag detected

>> No.15212356


Did some more digging.
The space port is still well into development and it looks like the idea is space planes instead of vertical rockets. An interesting read for sure but I am still doubtful that it will "take off" until another decade or two.

>> No.15212378

Cheeseburger animal style, no tomato
And that will be it

>> No.15212405

the always fresh

there's no price so it must be free :^)

>> No.15212410


northeast already has the country's biggest planned space port. colorado springs is the hq of space force. fuck your deep water port.

>> No.15212591

Went to the shake shack in irvine because i had some coupons. It was ok. Wouldn't go back without the major coupons though.

>> No.15213603


>> No.15213620

>i I s-swear guys its the b-best just drown it in sauce and cheese!

>> No.15213666

I'd turn 720 degrees and faceplant into a Freddy's Frozen Custard and Steakburgers®

>> No.15213678

Can you do a double-double but like, double it again?

>> No.15213696

3x3, animal style with peppers and a medium Diet Coke. No fries, because In-N-Out fries are garbage

>> No.15213698

"Can I get an In-N-Out?"

>> No.15213721

One good burger please, extra secret sauce

>> No.15213758
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Here's a short tour of Aurora.

>> No.15213784

Based Spongebob reference

>> No.15213949

Smoke shack with a vanilla shake

>> No.15214011

Double-Meat, whole grilled onion, xtra ketchup, xtra mustard, mustard fried, pickles ok only. That means no spread, lettuce, or tomato, sweet heart. I’d also like a fry and a large bang’s root beer.

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>> No.15214774

two filet o fish two large fries apple pie and a large diet coke

>> No.15214808

>ctrl f:

>Tfw nothing
This is fascinating to me that someone hasn't vomited this reference yet

>> No.15214812

This but a vanilla shake.

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In n Out fucking sucks. The fries are so bad they might as well not even serve them. The burgers are cheap because they jew you on the meat, the patties are incredibly small and thin.

Shake Shack and Five Guys are both way better.

>> No.15214852

Based and East Coast-pilled.

>> No.15214879

4 Double Doubles
2 French Fries

I have soda at home
I eat the food in front of the tv

>> No.15215024

They give 2 completely different flavors and textures so they might as well be different ingredients at that point.

>> No.15215030

could I get cups of animal style sauce on side?

>> No.15215032

Hamburger, fries and a chocolate shake please.

>> No.15215091

"animal style" is pathetic gay homo shit. If your burger has to be slathered in sauce to taste good that is gay.

>> No.15215154


>> No.15215663

Double double with peppers added, animal style fries, and a neopolitan shake.
Thank you dear. ;)

>> No.15215721

Ok chud

>> No.15215784

Yeah lemme get a double-double with onions, and fries.

>> No.15215798

Two double doubles protein style, extra lettuce, no tomatoes, grilled onions, extra sauce. And uuuuuuuuuuuh large soda.

>> No.15215801


>> No.15215900
File: 29 KB, 480x339, EExB7ShW4AExU4r[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

i'll take a double-triple bossy deluxe, on a raft, 4-by-4, animal style, extra shingles with a shimmy and a squeeze, light axle grease, make it cry, burn it, and let it swim

>> No.15216045


>> No.15216073
File: 178 KB, 281x534, 79E5B6CD-3A62-41D5-A4BC-2058ADF0B954.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Would love a can of ice cold bangs with my meal, that is for sure!

>> No.15216075

kys trannie

>> No.15216241
File: 77 KB, 973x1043, 97551920_3412332572129031_6278305832341864448_o.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

A double double, with everything, extra raw onion and extra cooked onion. Also, a chocolate shake.
To go.

>> No.15216924

big mac

>> No.15216929 [DELETED] 

Add a zero to those prices in Canada lol. You must fund your own dark skinned replacements with your own taxes. Not racist if it's provably true.

>> No.15216939

>No in n out in Canada, so you have to pay someone to fly it to you.
>Price is 10x higher as a result.
Makes sense.

>> No.15216944

ITT: Fat fuckin californians

>> No.15216965


>> No.15216997

>when the only thing your state can brag about is a mediocre fast food place that exists in multiple other states
jesus christ

>> No.15217002

Fuck your state.
It’s overpriced fast food.

>> No.15218416

uhh... you guys got a vegan burger or turkey burger or something. i dont eat red meat

>> No.15218470

Nothing, because I’m going to 5 guys for an actual good burger.

>> No.15218513

Yeah I worked at McDonald’s and unironically I actually loved when it was super busy and someone told me they needed a minute to decide. That gives me time to do other shit I need to do like replacing recipe paper, putting my display back on the correct screen, scratched my balls with my ungloved hands, hitting my vape pen, eating a couple nugz, etc..

>> No.15218517

Lol what a fag

>> No.15218528

Idk why you couldn’t get an answer. Yes motorcycles are allowed. Basically the only way you’ll get denied is if you’re just walking. You can go through the drive through in an electric Walmart shopping cart if you want.

>> No.15218587
File: 84 KB, 323x640, 1604459738812.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Ill have 1 uhhhhhhhhhh burg naw naw let me get a uhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm strawberry sh*sharp inhales*huh well maybe a uhhhhhhhhhmmmmm ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh yeah yeah ok, I have one straw berry shake and 1 LG fries, *looks over shoulder* hey you guys want anything? *all in unison* UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH CANNN I GET A UHMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

>> No.15218637

That's like 5 bucks in sweden

>> No.15218738

Double Double extra sauce with diced onions with hot peppers on the side, fries light-well animal style and a chocolate shake.

>> No.15220066
File: 370 KB, 206x176, 1587949971803.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>tfw went to California 11 years ago and forgot to try In-n-out

>> No.15220387

Plain triple-meat (that's meat and bun ONLY), fries light, and a small light lemonade. The yellow one, not the pink one.

>> No.15220480
File: 78 KB, 680x560, Map-US-SW.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Now it's in the entire southwest -NM -OK +OR, so try it next time you're here if you want I guess or don't whatever I don't care but I do care about you Anon stay based. XOXOXO

>> No.15220484

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh fpbp

>> No.15220486

lower prices *drives off*

>> No.15220544

what if I'm running?

>> No.15220588

i get 2 cheeseburgers, 2 fries. and a vanilla shake

>> No.15220599

Can I get a triple triple with extra extra extra pickles?
Animal style
And animal style fries.
Water, I'm watching my figure.

>> No.15222287

Damn baby can I get a little squeeze of those tits?

>> No.15222291


>> No.15222324

It’s not okay to be retarded

>> No.15222330


>> No.15222334

Double-double animal style, cut in half, an order of fries, and whatever she wants.

>> No.15222337

In N Out shakes are just soft-serve style shakes. Nothing special. Literally on par with McDonald's.

>> No.15222339

Why are their rootbeer floats so small?

>> No.15222343

Well, you guys have white castle so theres that...

>> No.15222359
File: 465 KB, 2048x1536, 3FC57B47-FD25-4F98-997B-F1A356B794D7.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I’m getting hungry bros

>> No.15222368

double double
animal style
grilled onions
no tomato
animal style fries too
strawberry shake
no, i will not be eating in the car

>> No.15222369
File: 228 KB, 1661x1246, C714656D-D7CE-4FB1-8875-6660BBE102D5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

gonna coom

>> No.15222371

bro stop

>> No.15222386
File: 92 KB, 465x600, B959D619-3AD4-424C-B8E5-EEB021776A24.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>3x3 with no tomatos
>animal style fries
>lemonade no ice

>> No.15222396

Animal style
French fries animal style no cheese
...too much cheese ruins the beef flavor IMO...

>> No.15222402
File: 182 KB, 1600x1200, 8C5CF4C0-9C48-4B57-BCB3-D1E33DE5D91E.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

imagine sticking your dick inside this hamburger haha jk

>> No.15222407
File: 26 KB, 640x480, 1FC7D9D1-AC6D-42D9-9A7D-B41D0A16EF07.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>that one anon who fucked a Mcchicken and posted it here a couple of years ago

>> No.15223444


>> No.15223494

Two double singles plain
3 orders of fries
Yo digits girl

>> No.15223509

Pay in cash and make sure you have to dig through your purse to get exact change, ask for extras while your total has already been made, that way if the wagie doesn't want to lose their job, they're have to re-ring everything up depending on the POS and then you potentially have to tell them the entire order again. Make sure to make a comment how the other location never has this problem and when the wagie gets you your correct order, be smug and just vaguely smile and make sure you check the bag and double check everything is correct.

t. former wagie

>> No.15224125

Is there a screencap?

>> No.15224411

I tried shake shack shake, it tastes likes it was the cheapest thing at the shitty store and they didnt even prepare it right or something. It fucking tastes like it has plastic mixed in or something. Like it tastes like shakes are the last thing they know how to make. Decent burger but fries are bad. In n out fries are amazing

>> No.15224443

You mean Barq's, right?

>> No.15224631

Can I get a uhhhhhhhhhh muffuggin beezechurger

>> No.15226233

This, but double size.

>> No.15226282


>> No.15226312 [DELETED] 

Chill out it’s just an objective truth.

>> No.15227014

Fuck off zoomie

>> No.15227047

Somebody’s cheesed.

>> No.15227145

Seattle, home of legalized crime, so yes.