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Is there anything enjoyable to drink during the day that isn't as expensive or filled with sugar as coke/soda and doesn't have caffeine?

bonus points if it's cheap or can be made at home

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>isn't as expensive

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You can usually get these for like a dollar at costco

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obviously something other than fucking water

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Idk, I like spicy V8 with some black pepper and celery salt, maybe a splash of Worcester sauce.

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You can drink my piss and cum, maybe you'll appreciate water more after that

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go fuck yourself faggot
>black pepper and celery salt
nice, I add that to tomato juice sometimes

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drink water unhealthy retard

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Sweet tea, just don’t use a mountain of sugar.

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already do, faggot.

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>be faggot
>luv the boys general threads on /tv/ because I have shit taste
>ask /ck/ what to drink because dumb as fuck

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I never use /tv/
project more

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2/3 isn't bad homo

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you got none of it right
project more faggot.

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Mommy's milkies (freshly squeezed)

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there's really not that much else m8

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buy cheap shit you stupid faggot. black velvet is 10 dollars usd here. and there are even cheaper things than that. don't fall for the meme that the more expensive stuff will make you feel better the next day. you just have to take better care of yourself to feel better the next day -- and not drink the whole damn bottle

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soda is expensive to you? you can get 2L of soda for under a dollar in most places. get off brand, caffeine free, diet soda.

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>sugar free carcinogen juice
ah great

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>the desperateness here

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the alternative is sugar-rich carcinogen stimulant juice.

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uh-oh, single digit IQ showing.
good thing you posted a pic of yourself as the chimp.
the sugar substitute is the carcinogen.

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Has caffeine>>15199596

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add cucumber to water
wait a bit

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Do you have something against caffeine?

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try making lassi

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>cyanide is a pretty good additive to water, brainiac

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Sparkling ICE. Sometimes when I want to treat myself I'll grab a couple 12-packs of these.

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Soda is cheap as piss, cheaper than most bottled water for some reason. If you don't want carbonated sugar water, try lemonade. You can even make it yourself easily.

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Underrated post

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Hibiscus tea.

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sounds like your coping :)

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This. Great with lemon/ginger too.

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very cold water is my beverage of choice.

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Might find some drinks here https://www.tastemade.com/shows/thirsty-for

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Alternativly alcohol free beer

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Herbal tisane. Fruit tisane. Rooibos. Honeybush.

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milk, water, seltzer, herbal teas

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Barley tea

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water. thats all

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drinks are gay. seriously. sometimes I DO drink coffe to wake up, that's gay too. if you drink anything that's not water, that's gay.

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Herbal tea.

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Make iced tea out of noncaffeinated stuff. Iced peppermint tea is God-tier in hot weather.

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Buckwheat tea is also pretty good and cheap if you just buy a big sack of buckwheat groats and toast them at home

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you fucking addict

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sure is reddit in here.

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just get seltzer you dumb bitch

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Take some water, put it in a bottle/jar, add spices, herbs and/or slices of things. I like putting some rosemary, nutmeg and lemon slices on mine.

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It's just coping fat fucks. They assume that OP doesn't drink water, they pretend drinking water is an achievement, they pretend water is tasty and they get triggered at anyone drinking anything with calories because to these fatties, drinking water is a feat. This is also why they unrequested tell everyone about how much they love to drink water, kind of like when a fattie brags about walking two blocks without running out of breath.

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That sentence has literally no meaning, you sheep.

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well said.

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>thinks anonymous posters on a vietnamese boba tea forum actually virtue signal about drinking water
you have some serious fucking issues bro

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the proof in this thread

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Cope harder, fatty, and go chug your carbonated HFCS chemical drink.

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Tea with some lemon in it, normal tea or herbal.
Autists absolutely do though.

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>Cope harder, fatty, and go chug your carbonated HFCS chemical drink.
not an amerifag like you
no HFCS in my drinks

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No wonder why you're asking for tips. Third worlders have no idea what to do without America's guidance.

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>amerifag retard saying this when I live in the first world and he doesn't
el oh el

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Kek, amerishart scum thinks they are first world? Hahahaha, never change, obese clowns.

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The only one you gave a tip to is your mother's obstetrician, you obese vermin.

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>you got none of it right
>third point was that you made a thread about what to drink because retarded
what did he mean by this?

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has it ever occured to you that water is literally the superior beverage?

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I gotcha f a m

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It's the default drink so OP has probably already heard of it and doesn't need it to be recommended to him. Also the fact that this is a cooking board makes it even more likely that OP is looking for a drink with flavor.
Not everyone is a lardass that needs to worship water.

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>Not everyone is a lardass that needs to worship water.
but amerifats can't comprehend it

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>seething at these levels
>essentially about americans drinking water

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Rent free, fatty

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Milk. Tea (there's a bunch with no or little caffeine). Milk tea. If third worlders can drink it on the daily, so can you.

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Herbal tea or seltzer.

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Veggie juice, homemade is way better. It is expensive tgough

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Iced tea, sparkling water with fresh citrus juice, a pitcher of water with cucumber of strawberries or herbs in it

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The most delicious of fizzy waters

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Water is yummy but ice cold kvass with a little lemon is where it's at. You can make it at home, but it's not non-alcholic. And it's good for you.

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Fuck yeah it is. I'm on the verge of buying a juicer but low sodium V8 is so much easier and cheaper considering the fact that all I'd do with the fucker is make salt-free veg juice.

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TEA you fucking neanderthal. Especially tea + lemonade

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Kombucha is great. I know it gets a bad rap because it's trendy and people make up all sorts of health claims but if you get past that it's the perfect drink.

Regular soda's no good because it's too high in sugar, diet soda has that nasty artificial sweetener aftertaste, and sparkling water is too bland.

If you want a flavorful fizzy drink that's not too sweet and doesn't have an aftertaste kombucha is the way to go.

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>salt BAD
do fatties really?

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Decaf coffee or booze.

I'm more partial to booze myself.

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OP truly is a salty fucking faggot. Why start a thread just to be obnoxious and ungrateful for replys? Ur cringe and fat

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is this what they call a "slide thread"?

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Sorry that nobody thinks you're healthy because you managed to drink a glass of water, obese abomination.

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Orange juice.

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There is nothing better to do currently.

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Sugar free arnold palmer drink buy by the jug

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>#1 military power
>#1 gdp
>dominant western hegemony
>creates all the entertainment the world enjoys
>thinks I give a shit about his no name country hes too embarrassed to even disclose
get back to mowing my lawn Sanchez

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>>#1 military power
Lol, you can't even hold China back.
>>#1 gdp
Yet your people queue for hours for food, millions depend on welfare, tons of homeless, many can't access healthcare, etc.
>>dominant western hegemony
Niggers twerking and rapping about drugs and shitty jewish movies telling you how worshipping the LGBT is a must.
>>creates all the entertainment the world enjoys
It just appeals to the lowest common denominator.
>>thinks I give a shit about his no name country hes too embarrassed to even disclose
Yet you bothered to type this out, mutt subhuman.

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Oh, and the shitty infrastructure, rundown cities, drug epidemics, etc. Truly a shitheap of a nation.

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how2make it at home?

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>>>dominant western hegemony
>Niggers twerking and rapping about drugs and shitty jewish movies telling you how worshipping the LGBT is a must.
Sad to see the entirety of europe following in these footsteps.

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ITT: Fat Americans who (project and) think normal people don't drink water, or that drinking water is noteworthy

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>Lol, you can't even hold China back
Hold them back from what? Its actually fucking insane that China has 1.4 billion people and hasn't long dominated the world militarily and economically

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so salty

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>Get cup (16 - 20 oz)
>Ice, 2-3 g sugar, 1tsp lemon juice, 1tsp lime juice
>Water, or if you want it soda water

Kino, goes good with the booze too, cuts out all the garbage and 90% of the sugar

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redditfags are too poor for Pellegrino anon

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No /cordial/ chads here?
It has sugar, but way less than any soft drink per serving.
You can make it pretty weak too if you're worried. A bottle of raspberry cordial lasts me ages.

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tap water's nice (you don't live in some poor neighborhood, right?)

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diet soda or 2 l seltzer with sugar free drink packet

how is this complicated it's fucking beverages. like how long have you been alive? how are you struggling with what beverages exist. what you think you're gonna find the holy grail of fucking beverages here. you're just baiting. there's no way you're this much of a retard.

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good quality green tea with lemon juice
water with lemon juice

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For me, it's WATER

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You can make ginger beer with molassis. There are several recipes online and you can choose how much molassis you want to use. Alternatively you can mix the "beer" always with carbonated water. It's very refreshing.

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tea u dickhead

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Iced mint tea, with lime juice and some sliced cucumber