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went there for 2 weeks why the FUCK does everything taste better

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Because America does everything better.

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Because we season our food with euro tears.

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Sugar, salt, butter, animal fat

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At first foreigners don't like the taste, but they come to love it, the taste of freedom

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What, did someone actually go to good markets and restaurants for once? Stupid foreigners only eat at shitty restaurants and shop at shitty markets, then have the nerve to say our food sucks. It's not our fault you went to some random diner in Flyoverland.

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>the taste of freedom
Now in a handy 1litre bottle for amerilards to drink neat

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You seem to be the racist, as is very common with your types. I simply don't give a shit about your fucking nations and don't want to visit them.
If you want to call me racist for disagreeing with you then you must have been shillary supporters since that's the best that they can do.
Are you still seething in your closets because Trump beat your annointed one?

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too fancy. we use corn syrup since we got all this fuckin corn constantly shooting up out of the ground

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All in levels that would make your wussies food scientists and regulatory agencies faint.
It's like rat poison for humans.
Delicious, succulent, tasty rat poison...

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We have this much corn because of the aliens.

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The deepstate elected biden anon. This jargon is dated.

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>Implying this shit doesn't exist in your shithole

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point to me where you're talking about because i've lived in the US for my entire life and all of our food tastes like SHIT

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We're fat as fuck obese people and you're SURPRISED that we know how to make tasty food? XD

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ok european

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>implying yuropoors have invented that shit yet

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Even your best shops are shit. The problem is at the agricultural level, not the retail level.

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Sugar. Lots of us Americans over sugar foods that dont need it. A little is alright, but too much is a thing. Most non-Americans either love it or hate it.

Pizza in my town is my go to example. There's a pizza place here with sauce that I'd have once expected only in a flyover state. Tried it once and after a single slice I felt so sick I sent it back and left.

Bread is another. I wont pretend I eat high end whole grain, but most of our bread is flat out cake. I'll usually spring for higher end white bread for sandwiches.

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What are you talking about america has way more agriculture than europe... I agree that good food is about access to fresh ingredients but Europe is nowhere even close to the amount of agriculture America produces

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You missed the point entirely. Quantity doesn't equate to quality.

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Industrial agriculture produces shit quality.

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Based and redpilled.

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