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signs of a bad cook

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I have a few Shuns
Fuck you, poorfag cuck

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The skin specifically? I don't think I've ever met someone dumb enough to do this.

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salts the pot once. fuck that.

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posting on /ck/

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When he can't cook.

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>i burn water haha

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Being left handed? Yeah it looks like that guy has a hard lot in life.

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being left handed in a kitchen is fucking shite i tell ya

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imagine chopping onions with a knife and not your hand
imagine chopping at all and not using your telekinetic powers to discombobulate the atoms in a grid formation to dice the onion neatly
imagine consuming food at all and not merely synthesizing nutrients from sunlight

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Doesn't season at every step
Doesn't taste the food during preparation
Must have at least 1 cabinet/drawer dedicated to seasonings or spices

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Being named Jack

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brah you season at the start, again when you add either something tough or a lot of liquid and then you season at the end if needed

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doesnt do some degree of mise en place

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>every step
Please elaborate anon because this just seems wrong

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Never reply to me again you fucking retarded plen.

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Waste of time, just grab stuff from the cupboard/fridge as needed

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do you also chop things as you need them?

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enjoy your salty grey mush you over seasoned ballsack

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Yes? Especially if I'm making something where the ingredients have different cooking times, I chop up the slowest cooking first, start cooking, and chop the other stuff while the first is cooking

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I guess you enjoy burning your spices then? Did you see this in some retarded cooking show or where do you get the notion from that seasoning at every step is a sign of a good chef? It's just a sign that you have no good judgment.

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is an american.
There's a reason during america hours all cooking threads get archived and replaced with fast food and soda threads

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they post on 4chan

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Uses French terms unnecessarily

sous vide, mise en place, nouvelle, etc.

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>Being a lefty

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>He doesn't use dimension folding powers to create onion spheres that still fit together perfectly.

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Yeah just like all top tier chefs in the world? Fucking retarded flyover

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>sous vide
Do you call it "water bag" or something?

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Being left handed but buying a right handed knife?

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when making chicken kiev

you season the butter
you season the breading
you season the chicken
you season the pan
you season the stove
you season the season
you season the self

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>not seasoning the board

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oh yeah
you season the soul
you season the counter
you season the kids
you season the knife
you season the mallet
you season the clingfilm


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Did you remember to season the trolley at the supermarket?

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oh shit
brb season

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why would a drawer of spices and seosoning be a bad thing?
no meme answer unless youre a retard.

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I’m left handed and have never had any trouble. What specifically are you referring to?

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I wasn't clear. I meant a good cook must have that amount, but I see how you read it

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He peobably means as a line cook or someone in a restaurant because their systems of grill rotation, utensil organization, and most communication are designed around being right handed.

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Pre ground spices. Especially nutmeg and cumin.

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I see, that makes sense.

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When you've cooked for as long as I have, there's no need to season "at every step." You just know how things are going to taste when you've made a dish hundreds or thousands of times.

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You want to keep the root on so the onion doesn't fall apart, but keeping the skin is going overboard. Probably just afraid he'll take off too much or something.

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plastic infused meat. Because that's what it is

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I thought he was talking about the urge to resist killing people seeing as how left handed people are more likely to be psychopaths.

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Easy to hold onto and then save the end for making stock

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>Add too much olive oil
>Roughly chop onions and other vegetables so they dont cook evenly
>Plonk stuff carelessly into the pan
>Use chilli jam to spice up Asian dishes
Tear up ingredients like feta cheese with your hands and just chuck it in because its 'rustic'.

Why have these low standards been allowed to take hold and even become celebrated

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>Why have these low standards been allowed to take hold and even become celebrated
because of his lisp

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Do you have any proof that the plastic melds with the meat? Have any tests been done on it?

>> No.15185083

is underweight

>> No.15185087

I'm not gonna prove shit to you, but yes that has been tested. And just use your fucking common sense if you have any. Plastic is not at all an inert material and especially not the soft plastic used in trash bags and sous vide bags

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how does a good cook dices an onion, for me your OP pic is how I upped my onion slicing technique

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But it doesn't boil or anything

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not him, but
>what are plasticizers and are those endocrine disruptors

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> Retarded flyover
je viens de lorraine

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> Most chefs are French
> How dare they use French verbage
I believe the word 'unnecessarily' does not wholly exclude all use, but simply the unnecessary use. Come on. Do you really need to butcher mise en place to say "prepare ingredients"? Is your native tongue that disgusting to your ears?

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Pull those knickers off and let's see those danglers. I'm going to post a few dick pics shortly. Approximately 2 hours time. Get ready for my cheese stuffed pepper.

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Looking like you had an appearance in my 300 lbs life

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Imagine needing a study to validate a claim before you use your common sense

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Sorry you're gonna need a peer reviewed study to show me that specifically uses the type of bag I use, a cnn article within the last year agreeing with the claims of the study and also a link to a reddit thread where a comment with at least 500 upboats validates your claims. That's before I even begin to CONSIDER questioning my use of this product
Why would the government allow a product that does the things you describe to be sold? They wouldn't, the government cares about me and would let no harm come to me except through a huge fluke so the burden of proof is on you when you make such bold claims

>> No.15185320

>the government cares about me
Not as much as about gross domestic product, alas.

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>just boil some plastic lmao
the absolute state

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Are you one of those retards who says seasoning food is just covering up bad cooking? Ever eat indian food you fucking dipshit? I have two cabinets full of spices and herbs. I can make quite a lot of shit without having to think about if I have the ingredients. Just started a pot of apple cider last night and had everything in the cabinets already.

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Up is a preposition not a verb. Stop using it as one, it makes you sound retarded.

>> No.15185363

alright, noted

>> No.15185366

Wow digits and you upped his grammar game, top koality post.

>> No.15185367

>you season the self
Bro, you just gave me such a cathartic epiphany that I finally feel at peace.

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Crazy how languages work innit

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>all this pretentious shit because I don't understand a colloquialism

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You sound like a fag

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Boil in a bag, because that is what the Army DFAC called it. Sous vide is trash and unskilled.

>> No.15185463

and you still used it wrong. nicely done retard.

>> No.15185491

Retards pls. Learn the words increase and improve. While English loves to verb nouns it sounds fucking stupid to do so with a preposition.

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If I'm saying anything in French, I'm either flipping my shit, or giving instruction - which means I'm giving you shit - Mise en Place: "Get yourself prepped"/"Unfuck yourself." Sous vide: "Get that slab of [bambi] up to temp and ready to go." Bain-Marie: "Double-boil it in an oven" Vite, tabarnac de calisse: "Get your thumb out of your ass before someone breaks it with a boot."

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Up is also a verb

The more you know

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>Put eggs into pan
>Uh oh

>> No.15186747

c'est faggotte

>> No.15186785

basé quebec bro

>> No.15186815

>turn on the oven
season the burner
>Pull out the pan
Season the pan
>Prep your ingredients
Season the knife
>Fuck your mom
Season your mom

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I call it Hyper-American-Water-Boiled-Grill-Finished-Steak goes great with double fried Freedom Fries™

>> No.15186913

imagine forgetting to season your seasoning

>> No.15186927

now this is a bait that i rate 7.5/8

>rent free

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>> No.15187224

>using knife instead of Slap Chop

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Go fuck yourself, I love to cook

>> No.15187489

140 degrees F

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I've never met anyone dumb enough to make a post like yours
Until now

>> No.15187692

what are you supposed to do with feta? dice it?
sounds retarded, plus this way i get to lick the feta off my hands

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There are thousands of different types of plastics, most of which are specifically made to be inert with water, air and other things depending on their purpose.

Go back to grade school you Steal muh election, antivaxxer, gay frogger, idiot.

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Do we have his breaking point on film, or is there just pre-snap and post-snap Gordo?

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No he didn't, it is time for you to overcome the stinging shame of correcting someone when they weren't wrong. We all make mistakes, how we move on and learn from there is how we can separate successful people from the the unsuccessful.

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Informal and stupid are not the same thing. Are you actually arguing for a high level of formality in all media and in all fora? That would be some android level of language actualization.

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he's not salting anything in this webm you fucking retard

>> No.15188127

bag & boil

>> No.15188349

no friends

>> No.15188369

only correct answer ITT

>> No.15189455

whenever someone doesn't use a proper pinch grip on their knife.

>> No.15189663

not allowing onions to caramelize before adding additional ingredients for stews, curries, masalas, sauces, etc.

not roasting whole spices in a pan before adding them to a curry, stew, or masala.

not allowing a rue to deepen in color before adding liquid.

not skimming scum with a ladle or spoon when preparing homemade stock.

cooking marinara for hours instead of twenty minutes.

not using acidic liquids, such as lemon, wine, or vinegar, in cooking whatsoever.

not using one’s nose to identify the perfect proportion of spices for a dish (spices age and change in flavor over time; never rely on a recipe).

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>> No.15189682

roasting the spices all at once instead of seperately (they need different times for best flavor)

>> No.15189694

His avenues for legal contest run out in December. Victory in January would require violent revolution.

>> No.15189697

thank you for clarifying.

personally, I use my nose to determine when they are finished roasting.

>> No.15189707

Okay, seriously. What's the problem here.

>> No.15189717

Lowering the level of language in thought makes you more stupid. It's a dangerous thing to do. I accept yall and aint but not disregarding existing words to use a preposition as a verb. It only started happening a few years ago and just makes me think people have forgotten the words improve and increase as our societies vocabulary shrinks to 300 words for a fucking native speaker. It's embarassing. If you read a book from before 1960 you'll see how rich our diction used to be.

>> No.15189770

nobody asked u noob

>> No.15189807

What's wrong with this?

>> No.15190506

>Cook chicken breasts with thermometer in the middle of thickest piece (nothing wrong here)
>Only takes it out after reaching maximum recommended inside temp (uh oh)
>Doesn't cover the chicken after taking them out of the oven (fuuuuck)
>Cuts a piece of two apart to REALLY check it being cooked through (point of no return)
>Puts it in 5-10 more minutes despite having confirmed it being cooked fine

>> No.15190522

>eats chicken breasts

>> No.15190523

My favorite part of the fraud is that the news isn't actually covering the investigations, they just report it as over and finished every day.

>> No.15190527

Apes don't ask questions.

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A good cook is supposed to be sensitive to the delicate palates of autistic children like OP.

>> No.15190534 [DELETED] 


Cartirdges hitting you in the face when defending the drive-thru window.

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Why are you so gay?

>> No.15190569

if i was quick at chopping i wouldn't bother with this

>> No.15190586

>Has one small knife for literally everything
>Doesn't sharpen or hone it ever
>Thinks they will cut themselves easier if the knife is sharp
>Once tried a honing rod by applying enough force to nearly throw sparks from it "it doesn't feel sharper to me"

>> No.15190600

I have to admit, I’m still a little confused about what mise en place actually means. Is it literally just a fancy word for prep? Or is there some special procedure for it? I’ve heard it refer to a couple other things too, but I think that was just from people as stupid as I am.

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>decimates own ecosystem within a few thousand years
>destabilised habitat leads to gradual extinction
>life that has survived multiple global extinction events continues to evolve and adapt, perpetuating life for millions of years to come whilst humanity is ground up in the shifting sea beds.
Nothing personal, kid.

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Somebody doesn't browse at 3am. It gets extra cozy.

>> No.15190682

>season at every step
Absolutely based

>> No.15190707 [DELETED] 


That girl looks far too young to be lactating. Do Americans really?

>> No.15190710

is an anglo


>> No.15190891

yeah, this too

>> No.15190913

i thought this was a cooking board?

>> No.15190993

This board is toxic

>> No.15191061

It just means getting everything ready ahead of time. I like to chop and put stuff in bowls and go through my spices and have them out on the counter ready to go.

Are you mixing it up with the term mirepoix? Onions, celery, carrot/green pepper

>> No.15191080

You're what's wrong in the kitchen. This is how people's food starts tasting bland or off. When you get too comfortable around the food you are making because you've done it for so long your recipes start slipping.
T. also been cooking for a long time

>> No.15191130

Seasoning at every step is how salt and heat get away from you. Season when it makes sense - if you're marinating something, that obviously gets/got seasoned. It probably doesn't need another hit of salt when it goes onto the heat if you plan on seasoning it again when it comes off. It shouldn't need seasoning when it comes off the heat, if you did it when it went on.

Test your food. Adjust. Learn. Quit poking the steak.

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Signs of a bad cook
1) The food tastes like shit
2) Acrylic nails
3) Kitchenware looks unused
4) Pantry doesn't have random shit you don't need
5) Use bacon with everything
6) Dull knives
7) Well done steaks
8) Have a gadget for fucking everything. Real cooks make it work with what they have
9) Burn microwave popcorn
10) Lots of take out menus
11) Watches cooking shows but never makes the stuff on cooking shows
12) Not pre-heating cooking surface
13) Not letting meat rest
14) google simple recipes
15) when you invite people over and they don't ask to bring anything. this means they can't or they will pick up beer since they know they're a worthless cook
16) working woman, they typically never cook because they choose a career they can't handle
17) cut shit right on the granite countertop

>> No.15191184

I'm not who you were replying to, but i'm sayin that once you stop testing your food, even though youve made said dish hundreds of times before, you will either start missing steps or over/under seasoning the food.

>> No.15191194

The original shitpost was "Season at every step." I figured it was just another shitpost scabbed onto the shitpost of a shitpost.

>> No.15191332

Nah I was watching a cooking show one time and that fat blonde with the short dyke haircut used it to refer to that specific way of dicing onions. Pretty sure it was worst cooks in America since that’s all I’ve seen her on. Though again, I admit I could have misunderstood or misremembered since I’m not smart either.

>> No.15191336

>google simple recipes
That’s me. I even google how long to boil eggs sometimes since I always forget.

>> No.15191639

Putting salt and pepper on everything is literally what he's doing

>> No.15191667

Chili jam?

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>8) Have a gadget for fucking everything. Real cooks make it work with what they have

I thought this at first, but GODDAMNED does a hand chopper make dicing my vegetables so much faster.

>> No.15192613

>working woman, they typically never cook because they choose a career they can't handle

This works for every fucking adult you retard. Not every person is dragging in six figures in a comfortable job that doesn't require lots of work and cuts into their personal time.

>> No.15192687

Real cooks have learned how to improvise in understocked kitchens, but will often own and bring the right tool for the job if it's a necessity.

>> No.15192736

>mise en place
>making food for 1 to 2 people
Do people really

>> No.15192755

Depends what I'm making... but if I plan on using one cutting board, yeah - veggies get prepped first, separated by cook time if necessary, then meat.

>> No.15192788

Hey dude, you'll never be a woman

>> No.15193556


>> No.15194514

i don't use seasoning

>> No.15194552

I'm already a cute girl though

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Using extra virgin olive oil as a cooking fat

>> No.15194709


>> No.15194751

It's a technique that's a part of other recipes. What do you consider "skilled" cooking to be?

Roux, and you might want a more blond roux to preserve a pale color in the sauce. Good points otherwise, though.

>> No.15195363

bet u couldnt of done no good in school w/that dumb head lol
just embrace degen
simple as

>> No.15195379

Poorfag? Evoo has rather high smoking point, above temperature at which meat start to char.

>> No.15195382

as a thought exercise, do you enjoy the taste of burned, or overcooked garlic?

>> No.15195407

Go fuck yourself pearlclutcher.

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After having worked as a line cook for years and known many chefs:

>Using recipes at all unless it's for obscure cuisine (montenegran, uzbekistan, etc.)
>using all-clad pans/La Crueset dutch ovens (always compensating for bad skills)
>cooks with butter instead of butter+oil or clarified butter
>can't mince a whole, skin-intact onion with 15 seconds
>puts in fats in pan before allowing pan to preheat
>uses store-bought stock
>can't gut a fish
>uses an oven thermometer for LE PERFECT OVEN TEMPERATURE instead of going by look
>uses a vegetable peeler instead of a small paring knife, which is twice as fast
>ALWAYS salting pasta water for ALL PASTA

>> No.15195468

>15) when you invite people over and they don't ask to bring anything. this means they can't or they will pick up beer since they know they're a worthless cook
What world do you live in where the person who’s been invited is expected to bring cooked food?

>> No.15195525

I only believe you are a line cook because only one would be as retarded as this.

>> No.15195528

I only believe that you are a line cook because only one would be this retarded

>> No.15195536

I can only believe that you line cook because only would be as retarded

>> No.15195537

I can't believe it's not line cook

>> No.15195982

The grill marks on those buns is a work of art

>> No.15196031

>Electrical tools but no Mortar or Snow Whisk
>Uses Microwave and calls it cooking/owns a microwave
>Doesn't keep a stable stock of Onions, Garlic and his go-to potato variety in proper storage

>> No.15196033

The fuck is a snow whisk? Also nothing wrong with a microwave, it's a tool.

>> No.15196086
File: 12 KB, 298x494, 41lC5AeZd9L._AC_.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

This thing. Nothing wrong with a Microwave but when a guy keeps using it to blast everything it is a sign of a bad cook.

>> No.15196088

I've always seen that referred to as an "eggbeater." Don't see much point in having one if you have an electric hand blender, though.

>> No.15196100
File: 32 KB, 552x663, 1605286051158.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I just did a rough translation of the German term. Eggbeater is correct after looking it up, sometimes also called an "Amish Handquirl" which I find adorable so that's what I'm going to use from now on.
I don't see much point in having an electric hand blender if you own one of these.

>> No.15196106

Yeah they're pretty interchangeable for the most part, but I think electric ones can have dough hooks or other odd attachments. "Amish Handquirl" is indeed quite good.

>> No.15196107

>Signs of a bad cook
>1) The food tastes like shit
No need to look further. The rest is unmet personal preferences.

>> No.15196144

I just don't see the point in most electric appliances for a home cooking setup when reliable mechanical alternatives exist that are smaller and don't require cables. 9 times out of ten when I visit someone with a kitchen fully decked out in various powered kitchen appliances the owner barely knows how to cook eggs or whip up some dough. Leave that stuff to professional kitchens that need to serve 100 tables a night.
For example - I knead my dough by hand as at most I will serve a single table of eight friends with weeks of notice so why clutter up my kitchen.

>> No.15196201

it's the growth hormones in the burgers

>> No.15196247

fuck you I bought granite so I could cut on it. Its easier to clean fucking countertops then a slab of plastic or wood

>> No.15196283

everyone has a few gadgets, but some people have everything. Cherry Pitters, etc. All this ridiculous shit they never use

I've worked from home and my wife is a stay at home mom for 4 years now. Every one of her friends with a career is a shit cook. The ones with boyfriends or husbands the men are better cooks because they can at least bbq. Some people are good cooks but are busy, sure, but if you truly are a good cook you make it work and don't let yourself get too rusty.

Midwest. Its generally assumed at big gatherings like holidays or dinner parties someone will offer to bring dessert or beer or something. If they don't ask it means they are usually a shit cook. Its definitely polite to say "do you need me to bring anything" once you're +30 like me.

sometimes yes i agree but it also fucks up your knives anon.

>> No.15197555

haha me

>> No.15197823

This. You have to be seriously retarded if you think 140F is breaking down food-grade material.

>> No.15198527


>> No.15198557

Doesn't spit the pot to give it a personal signature

>> No.15198582

Mostly because all the fraud claims presented have no evidence to base any claim and is just a constant repeat of frivolous garbage to gum up the transition process and sew seeds of doubt in the most luke warm IQ dregs of society.

Even the right wing outlets that ask for proof in the smallest amount can't be given anything to work with to continue the grift.

>> No.15198601

I have granite countertops but I wouldn't cut on it, the knife edge would instantly be gone. They hold up well - don't scratch or blemish and you can put hot things on them w/o damage.

>> No.15198646

>but I see how you read it
No. That's how you wrote it you pompous, condescending cocksucker.

>> No.15198691

that still counts as mise en place

>> No.15198735

I think his grilled cheese video was the snap. He was semi-coherent yet almost everything went wrong.

>> No.15198765

>sew seeds
You have no business calling anybody else low IQ lmao

>> No.15199112
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>chili jam
Seethe harder faggot

>> No.15199148

no man its really chili jam not sambal


>> No.15199178

maybe if you're a retarded nigger and not an autistic dynamo like me, who is a master of repeating things

>> No.15199348

I can be average IQ and make grammatical errors. Its better you use that to dismiss me based on than try to make an argument for fraud regardless.

>> No.15199598

i can imagine jorobe saying something based like that

>> No.15200110

this shit is fucking radioactive

>> No.15200786
File: 110 KB, 1124x1120, 1585081476402.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

they're dumb.

cooking is really fucking easy, unless you're dumb. which is most people.

it's literally just "put things in a pan and use common sense". There are a few tasks which benefit from manual finesse (like fileting fish) but they can be done 90% as good by a novice.

>> No.15200835

The Michigan footage is compelling.

>> No.15200947
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not all of us post fast food threads you know!

>> No.15201070

>Not just a few, not just a few dozen, but THLUSANDS of eyewitness testimoies
>Security camera footage showing briefcases full of harvested balots
>Thousands of dead people voting
>Thousands of people "voted", were called after election day and said they did not vote
>More people voting for Biden than for Obama despite complete lack of voter enthusiasm
>Statisticians calling the victory a statistical impossibly


>> No.15201112

>50+ lawsuits filed by tRump and his cult of bootlickers dismissed by republican, democrat and tRump appointed judges due to LACK OF EVIDENCE!
But keep licking Dear Leader's boots!

>> No.15201131

The two parties are owned by the same people. Trump didn't play ball enough and brings up taboo issues far too often. Sure he fucked the middle class with his tax system, sure he invaded syria, but he still didn't play ball enough with the status quo and kept stirrring the pot too much. The political system is such a fucking joke. Trump only got elected because we all fucking hate the way corperations own politics but he still didn't do shit.

>> No.15201154

white hands

>> No.15201173

thinks meat has to be cooked 'until brown'

>> No.15201263
File: 93 KB, 1496x525, you have the downs.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Your premise is that using "up" as a verb somehow "lowers the level of language" in the first place, and there's just no reason to think this. The specific verb used doesn't lower the complexity of the sentence or thought. (Ignoring the fact that the link between vocabulary and intelligence isn't even solid).
Your argument is that "up" is inherently a preposition and this for some reason makes it "wrong" to use it as a verb. This is plainly not how language works. Nothing about "up" makes it inherently a preposition except for the fact that that's how people use it. When people start using it as a verb, it becomes a verb. This is the basic concept of descriptivism. What makes even less sense is the fact that you seem fine with verb-noun conversion but for some reason arbitrarily draw the line at prepositions. Noun-verb conversion is a natural part of English, but preposition-verb conversion will destroy civilization? Arguing that conversion somehow lowers the level of a language is absurd. The existence of "up" doesn't take away all the other synonyms like "improve" and "increase"; now we have one more word for it. The result is a broadening of the English vocabulary, not narrowing as you seem to think. As other posters have pointed out, each synonym has a different degree of formality. The difference between "Increase your skill" and "Up your game" conveys a lot of information by tone and word choice alone.
Plus, if we're following the line of reasoning in your premise, the process of conversion inherently shows creativity and high-level thought.
Typical prescriptivist doomsaying and pearl-clutching. All the words in those 1940s books you jerk it to got there only by undergoing the exact same process of change you're bitching about now.

Case in point: "down" has been used as a verb since the fifteen-fucking-hundreds. Source: OED
You have no idea what you're talking about. You're spewing the language equivalent of "nofap gives you superpowers".

>> No.15201292

>most of which are specifically made to be inert with water, air and other things depending on their purpose.
But are they inert when soaking at a high temp with meat? You know animal tissues aren’t inert themselves right? They have all kinds of things in them like enzymes, minerals, proteins etc that might actually bind with the plastics.

>> No.15201293

This thread is a fucking mess.

>> No.15201304

Not using onions and garlic on everything

>> No.15201306

The flavor of EVOO is very strong and not appropriate for many dishes.

>> No.15201308

Good post

>> No.15201370

Just don't keep it in a container for the purpose of huffing Radon, and you shouldn't be any further into harms way than usual.

>> No.15201382

Enjoy your Newspeak anon.

>> No.15201387
File: 2.87 MB, 375x250, 1607389613282.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Yeah sounds like what he fucking said dipshit

>> No.15201423

Why isn't your post written in Proto-Germanic

>> No.15201457

I believe I did a line of coke; this is retarded.

>> No.15201473

My taste is shit because my nose is always stuffy. I just add tons of shit that I like so I can taste it. Paprika, garlic, raw onion, etc

>> No.15201481


>> No.15201568
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based kitchen utensil

>> No.15202408

posting about frozen dinners isn't that much better if at all

>> No.15202414

It is though. English is retarded german.

>> No.15202986

this isn't "signs of a GOOD chef", anon

>> No.15203281
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I second this. There are a few people who know what they're talking about.

>> No.15203293

Based and redpilled

>> No.15203355

Say that again I'll kill your family

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