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Anon’s pipe edition

Post and discuss cigarettes, cigars, pipe tobacco, hookah/shisha, dip, snus, snuff, etc.

(Also we should work on creating a sticky, with information about cigars, pipes, and snus for those new to it)

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I’ll bump this thread to 310 myself if I have to

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A question for my pipe bros.when relighting a pipe, am i supposed to ash out and relight the fresh tobacco or just light it through the ash?

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Is this a joke?
an off topic thread isn't going to get a sticky, dipshit.

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if the ash is too deep i scrape out a bit
i just ordered a bruyer pipe from a hungarian manufacturer (im hungarian) which is nice, cuz i dont trust amazon or ebay with this shit

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I love tobacconist that have their own house blends. Most shops just sell cigarettes and vape juice nowadays with a couple of dried out cigars in a plastic humidor in full sunlight. Unfortunately good shops are hard to find.

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their own blends are just new names slapped onto the stuff they buy bulk from Lane Limited or an Everything Bagel sort of deal where they are trying to get rid of a bunch of blends that have had 2-6 ounces just sitting in the jars for over a year.

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ash it out a little and puff, you should have some lit tobacco under the ash

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German citizen here. How come pipe tobacco has such steep preice ranges. There are a lot of tobaccos that are - based on pure weight/price ration - more expensive than cheaper hand rolled cigars (2€/piece(15g)).
But if you look around you find cheaper tobacco that's also pretty fine regarding taste.

Is it all just marketing or based on the decline of pipe smoking over the years?

How's that in other countries, especially USA?

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Can I talk about vaping? I don't mean BRO SICK CLOUDS, I mean nic salt vaping, actually getting a nicotine buzz and not shitposting while I transition away from cigarettes due to mostly the smell and not being able to smoke indoors?

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no you can't, fuck off zoomer

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This is a tobacco thread, I’m sure you could make a vaping general on this board or another one

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I tried vaping and it didn't feel as satisfying as real tobacco. Supposedly this is because tobacco contains more than just nicotine which gives it more effects. I've seen people saying they can get "whole tobacco alkaloid" vape juice if you want to give that a try. Haven't tried it myself though because I just switched to snus which overall feels more satisfying as the effects don't wear off as quickly compared to smoking/vaping.

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For me, it's gotta be Arirang.

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I'm 36 years old, anon.
Fair enough, I was just checking.
Snus is the atomic bomb of nicotine and tobacco. I was never in love with tobacco, I just liked the light headedness. I actually enjoy the flavors.

I will respect your wishes, enjoy your tobaccos anons. Happy holidays.

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>I was never in love with tobacco, I just liked the light headedness.
You could always try nicotine inhalers or lozenges, zero tobacco and zero harmful substances, just nicotine

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Hey I’m in Canada and buying retail tobacco is obscenely expensive
I like to roll my own
Any good links to good stuff?
Also wouldn’t mind trying some snus

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I can’t help you with good rolling tobacco, but I’m pretty sure you leafs have Indian reservations where you can buy cigs for dirt cheap because they’re not taxed

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American Spirit tobacco is what I use. I go for the regular blue variation, which is just a normal blend. There is also black (stronger) and then some others that I think are organic or something, haven't tried to those.

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Go to your local HA bar and ask for the special.

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I’m not supporting feather niggers
I’m not supporting biker boomer meth niggers

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>I’m not supporting feather niggers
You can either support your Jewish owned government that hates you for a ludicrous price, or you can support feather niggers that dont care about you for a much, much cheaper price. You’re just proving the fact that all Canadians are massive faggots

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Cigar bros, do you prefer a torch or soft flame?

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You can't undercut the market of an inelastic good and also care about supporting the industry. You have to pick one.

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I was thinking about getting into Pipe smoking during this winter, got my eyes on a corn cob pipe.
Whats a good starting tobacco?
I read somewhere that you should use Burley to smoke break a new pipe in, is that legit or should I just get tobacco that sounds good to me?

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Ive heard both are good. Get a softflame made for cigars tho not just a bic. You have to toast the foot of the cigar evenly before actually lighting.

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You used my pic! You actually did it. You crazy son of a bitch.

I'm at work and I just put a fat plug of pic related in my lower lip and it reminded me of the thread. This dip is satisfying my nicotine craving, but to be honest I'd rather be smoking my pipe. Can't wait to get home, cook some dinner, then enjoy a nice after dinner bowl (the best bowls are after dinner)

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>Get a softflame made for cigars tho not just a bic.
Why is that then? BIC not good enough somehow?

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>You used my pic! You actually did it. You crazy son of a bitch.
I’m a man known for following through. Except when it comes to satisfying my wife, because I am sexually impotent

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It imparts a chemical like taste on the cigar.

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I dont care unless I'm in the wind then its gotta be a torch. stick matches are a meme. for the past five years I've been using this tripple torch bugati someone at Cigars International slipped in my order free of charge (dont know why. wasnt a promotion nor did I spend a lot). its the first torch I've ever used that had lasted this long. its still working just as good as the first cigar I lit and I smoke an average of 2 a day. I use to just get cheap $5-10 torches that worked fine for about 3 months, or used bics.

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no it doesnt. it uses butane like everything else

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I stand corrected. You are absolutely right. Sorry for spreading misinformation like a moron. :x

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For me it's General Extra Strong Portion.

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Isn’t that like 18mg?

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15mg, which is still pretty strong

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If you want something that'll blow your head off, try this.

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I dunno man, I occasionally use a Kronan strong which is about 13mg and don't feel like I'd really enjoy anything stronger. Even with regular strength I feel like taking a break from it after I go through a few pouches over 3-4 hours.

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>how to die

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I can feel my gums melting already. I don't trust any of that bootleg Russian shit.

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>I smoke a pipe m'lady
>I can tell you are impressed

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>"i get upset over people liking things that i don't like"
>her face when

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>i like to cosplay as sherlock holmes in 1826
>i get lots of pussy

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lol. what does this faggot thread have to do with cooking anyway wtf lmao

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Sherlock Holmes is an actual chad though

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I just got whatever sounded good to me. Breaking in a pipe is kind of a meme IMO, you'll be fucking around trying to keep the thing lit too much to enjoy the flavor for a little while, so who cares how well it's seasoned when you're still learning.

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>le epic win my fellow pipe bretheren!

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I just like pipes because they last longer than cigarettes and cigars cost too much to use them regularly

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and the bonus is how you don't look like a complete and utter faggot!

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Anyone who smokes is a total faggot, so it's a wash.

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>le cope! seethe! dilate!
using meme words doesn't make you less of a complete faggot anon, in fact it makes you more of one.

if you are a chubby 20 something year old walking around smoking a fucking pipe you should honestly kill yourself

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Jannies haven’t deleted this thread and they never will, I’m literally jacking off with your tears right now

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Any online retailers selling snus in bulk to the US with discrete packaging? I have finally found a gas station that stocks General but the 3 packs I bought was $24.
Some anon posted a Swedish site but I lost the link.

>> No.15155880

Snus24 and Snus central both sell rolls and ship to the US

>> No.15155887

For me, its a red Virginia cavendish mix in a Missouri Meerschaum followed by a Latakia mixture with perique and a dash of Orientals in a church warden.

My local tobacconist has several fantastic aromatic flavors. I tried to get into English blends, but they weren't for me. I prefer aromatics.

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i dont think there is a more pathetic possible scenario than a chubby 22 year old wearing a fedora and smoking a fucking pipe while posting that he is jacking off with someone elses tears
holy KEK thank you anon.

>> No.15155930

Nice, looks like less than 60 USD for a 10 pack so cheaper than I can get it here.

>> No.15155945

You will never be a woman

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New smoker in leafland here.
Currently smoking Northfield Naturals. What else should I try? Marlboro Reds?

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> if you look like a faggot, smoking a pipe doesn't make you look less like a faggot

No shit, idiot

>> No.15156012

I'd recommend snus24, they're cheaper and snuscentral is more popular but feels a bit shady.

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Yeah that's the one I looked at, the other looked like a scam site honestly. What a nice UI does for a brand is often missed. I guess being banned in all of Europe doesn't afford you much though.
I still don't understand the EU ban on snuff but you can buy a 20 EU pack of ciggies and be fine. Do they ban dip there too?

>> No.15156047

Snus Central, Snus Direct, Snus Me.

>> No.15156121

I'd make an exception for Black Note Juices. They extract their flavors from actual tobacco blends. It's what I used back when I vaped but goddamn is it pricey.

>> No.15156155

jesus christ you faggots really are just as bad as fedora losers. holy shit. they always do the same fucking BS - post men from the 50s as justification for them looking like a complete faggot in 2020
holy shit lmao you PATHETIC F A G G O T S

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You just jealous because you look like a faggot even without smoking a pipe while I get pussy hitting on me mentioning my pipe

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For me I started with aros, then moved onto orientals and burleys before I tried a full english. I think aro to english gives your tastebuds too much whiplash esp. when youre just starting. It takes a while to taste the more subtle flavors in an aro besides "vanilla" and "tobacco" and when you can differentiate the heavier use of burley or virginia from blend to blend then you start to appreciate an english much more.

>> No.15156877

look >>15156450 and >>15156534 and convince yourself they don't get laid

>> No.15157154

>I still don't understand the EU ban on snuff but you can buy a 20 EU pack of ciggies and be fine. Do they ban dip there too?
I think they can sell it as "chew bags", where the bag is supposed to be a little thicker and you have to work on it a little bit to get it to start flowing, but it's still essentially snus. It's probably due to tobacco companies not wanting snus to compete with profits from cigs. Doesn't make sense that nicotine pouches are freely available either when they can go up to 150mg of nicotine which is starting to be a dangerous amount. The only reason it's still legal in Sweden is because they threatened to not join the EU over it being made illegal.

>> No.15157253

Marlboro southern cut

>> No.15157310

How are the General Original portions? What do they taste like? I've had plenty of the mint the past couple years but I am getting a little sick of it.

>> No.15157316

I got sick of the mint as well. Original is like a combination of tea and pepper. Kind of weird at first but it's what I prefer now. It's good as long as you don't do something like get the pouch really wet and swallow a lot of the liquid at once which can be a little irritating.

>> No.15157325

>Original is like a combination of tea and pepper
Is it like General White? I've tried those before and it had a peppery bergamot flavor.

>> No.15157328

meant for >>15157316

>> No.15157330

Yeah, the white portions are just original with less moisture.

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>> No.15158198

you were thinking of zippos

>> No.15158205

you take thing and add fire to thing to make it taste good. its literaly the same thing

>> No.15158209


>> No.15158216

at the very least it keeps the dicks out of your mouth for the next hour

>> No.15158281

You will never be a woman

>> No.15158430

just wait until my flesh suit is finished then I will show you

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I'd fuck him

>> No.15158457

I’d fuck him so hard

>> No.15158458

smoking is for gay people i only do crack

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>> No.15161287

Bump #2, cmon you fuckers get talking

>> No.15161302

It's a slow board and semi-off topic so everyone who wanted to talk about it might've had enough already.

>> No.15161306

Well we got to bump limit last time so I presume more people want to talk about tobacco

>> No.15162922

Guess not

>> No.15162980

A simple english blend is pretty good to start with. Something like Standard Mixture and such.

>> No.15163393

question for you guys, how long does a 9 once bag last you? I want to get off cigarettes because pipes and cigars last longer and have more variety. However packs of cigs usually last me at least a month because I never smoke more than once a day(sometimes not at all) and right now Im low on cash for a while. So can a 9 once bag and cheap Missouri pipe last me that long or am I better off buying another pack and waiting til I have more cash to put in?

>> No.15163418

friendly reminder that if you smoke a straight shank pipe, you are a faggot, and love to suck other man's meat pipes.

at least a little bend is neccessary to be a real man

>> No.15163429

can I smoke without gaining a dependency?

>> No.15163460

Depends completely on you. You can smoke and barely have any decency at all and only smoke when you’re in the mood, but Im not going to lie many people arent able to do that (usually normies) and quickly make it an addiction. You have to gauge how interested you are in smoking tobacco to begin with and whats your track record with self control. If you’re not that interested and have trouble even getting off simple shit like coffee then its not worth it and even if I like tobacco would advise you against it

>> No.15163471

barely have any dependency*

>> No.15163638

Cigarettes? You shouldn’t risk it
Cigars and pipes? If you don’t inhale (you’re not supposed to anyway) you won’t get addicted

>> No.15163689

Ive smoked on and off for 13 years, never had a problem stopping. Ive quite for a year at a time with no smoking and other times smoked a pack a day. It depends on the person and how easily you get hooked on a habit. I believe its more an addiction to habits than to nicotine.

>> No.15163814

>I believe its more an addiction to habits than to nicotine.
Thats a really good concise way to put it

>> No.15163850

This is true, if you have an addictive personality it's probably a bad idea to start smoking, doing drugs, drinking, eating sugar/chocolate etc. It is something only you, personally, can be a judge of through past experiences - whether you can "put down" something or if you have to finish it and have a unignorable urge to get more. I wouldn't smoke cigars just for the meme though if you don't have a nicotine habit.

>> No.15163867

I just tamp it down and relight it.

t. Heelsmoker

>> No.15163888

I've smoked on and off for years.
Have gone months without smoking just because I either didn't feel like buying any or simply forgot about it. Also gone months smoking a pack a day.
Never had any feelings of dependency never had to 'quit'. Only time I want a cig is when I'm drinking a lot.

These days I have a cigar once a week, and use a vape pen when drinking, just to take the edge off.

>> No.15163974

Just relight through the ash after tamping. Works fine.

>> No.15164030

you still take in nicotene even if you dont inhale. I'm def addicted. I quit for a couple years and I still remember the withdrawals.

you also get way more nicotene from cigars and pipe tobacco

>> No.15164053

So far, yeah. I have a pipe and have been smoking for about 9 months and really only do it when I want to or I'm with a friend. I do remember feeling the addictiveness at first, before I bought my own stuff but after that it's just whenever I feel like it, usually twice or three times a month.

>> No.15164180

>you also get way more nicotene from cigars and pipe tobacco
You don’t inhale so that’s literally a moot point

>> No.15164191

Checked, and I’m kind of the same way. I bought a 50mg disposable vape and I can go for weeks at a time without hitting it

>> No.15164469

Geez, nicotine and tobacco (and alcohol, for that matter) are among the worst drugs ever created. The "high" is total garbage, the withdrawals are rough, it's extremely addictive, it's terrible for your health, and it carries a social stigma.

I say this as someone who spent 7 full years doing *extremely* large amounts of drugs of every variety (I've now been sober for 9 years and have a graduate degree and a high-paying job, so fuck off with your judgment). Even then, I had enough sense not to smoke. Can't you losers just get high on psychedelics or sleeping pills?

Also, not cooking. If this is cooking, then a thread about some tasty kratom, khat, salvia, or betel nuts would be cooking.

>> No.15164533

You can still absorb nicotine through your gums. It depends on the pH level of the tobacco. Cigars are more alkaline which lets you absorb more nicotine without needing to inhale.

>> No.15164534

Carter Hall

>> No.15164558

>If this is cooking, then a thread about some tasty kratom, khat, salvia, or betel nuts would be cooking.
Betel nut general when?

>> No.15164561

Do you think people swallow chewing tobacco?

>> No.15164566

I used to smoke cigarettes so I know what nicotine addiction feels like and I don't feel addicted to pipe tobacco at all, I could quit today and not have withdrawals at all but I won't because I still enjoy it

>> No.15164578

Not the addictive kind of nicotine, pipe tobacco nicotine at worse will make you feel sick and throw up but you won't be addicted

>> No.15164590

That might be true. I think your lungs absorb the nicotine faster which is what makes people want to smoke cigarettes more often because it also wears off faster that way too.

>> No.15164653

Just don't vape. That shit is arguably the most addictive because you can smoke in your room all day and build up a huge tolerance

>> No.15164730

Probably doesn't help that a lot of people assume it has no downsides like actually smoking but a lot of heavy vapers say they've noticed it still affects their breathing too.

>> No.15164742

>That shit is arguably the most addictive because you can smoke in your room all day and build up a huge tolerance
That shit only happens with the new 50mg and higher nic salt crap, box mods with an RDA or mesh sub ohm tank are the only way to go

>> No.15164779

Nah a lot of recovering smokers have a hard time pacing themselves on a vape. The sticking issue seems to be that you know a cigarette is done when you've burned it down to the butt, but with a vape you have to deliberately measure your intake.

>> No.15165899

I can attest to this. I got my parents to change from cigarettes to vape and they literally puff on those things non-stop all day.

It's also annoying because I smoke cigars and pipes and they treat it like cigarettes and get mad at me because it makes them want to smoke when they smell smoke on me whenever we meet and yet they don't have the discipline to just have a cigar or a pipe and approach it like a treat.

>> No.15166075

my friend who smokes 5 cigars a day couldnt get his hernia surgery done because his nicotien levels were too high. he had to start vaping for two months to get them down

>> No.15166101

cig manufacturers add chemicals that facilitate the delivery of nicotien into the blood, thats why they are more addictive despite having way less nicotene than cigars

>> No.15166344

thoughts on Romeos y Julietas? I bought one on a whim the other week, haven't smoked it yet though

>> No.15166368

I went aromatic for my first blend. Was really nice.

>> No.15166376
File: 3.15 MB, 4048x2606, vitamin N.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>5 cigars a day
Is he rich and unemployed?

>> No.15166382

I enjoyed their domincans a while ago, I assume the quality hasn't faltered.

>> No.15166484

They're normally quite good but you can get some that aren't made well as is typical of all Cuban cigars.

>> No.15166498

It's pretty doable if you commute or work at home. Or the most rare and luxurious of things, being able to smoke in the workplace for some reason.

>1. Ablution, Breakfast, Coffee, etc.
>2. Smoke in car travelling to work.
>3. Smoke during hour long lunch break if you have one.
>4. Smoke on way back.
>5. Smoke at home.

Depends also on size and quality of a cigar. He may be smoking small petit coronas or short robustos and may not smoke all the way down to the nub,

>> No.15166515

The only dependency I got for smoking was the fact that I enjoyed doing it so much that it became a routine part of my wind-down sequence, and that I smoked while writing so if I was working on something, I'd always have a pipe in my mouth. Psychological rather than chemical. I started to dial it down and stopped smoking at all for a month or two. During which I didn't get any chemical cravings. I fancied a smoke, sure but it was like one fancied a cup of tea or an ice cream every so often. I started up again and dialled back the smoking as I went.

>> No.15166526

Friendly reminder that if you care more about how you look smoking than you do finding a pipe that you like IRREGARDLESS of shape, then you, sir, are the homosexual here.

>> No.15166560

Is this druggie cope? Tobacco is comfy and relaxing and I can still be productive and cognizant. Meanwhile you're so far lost you're rating "the high" of poisons.

>> No.15166572

I have to say I've never experienced a 'buzz' from nicotine. I just like the flavour.

>> No.15166588

>I say this as someone who spent 7 full years doing *extremely* large amounts of drugs of every variety
Tobacco users are productive members of society, unlike you junkie losers that overdose in droves and get medical care and resuscitation without paying a dime. You people all need to die

>> No.15166603

There was this tobacconist that had the best house blends ran by an old guy who was always smoking inside the shop despite the state having a law against indoor smoking in retail establishments. My favorite was this Kentucky fire cured tobacco mixed with Virginian sun cured, aged in oak whiskey barrels. The aroma was sweet when fresh but was a smooth full bodied tobacco when smoked. They had another blend that was Burley x Turkish, that one was a mild easy to smoke tobacco. Their tobacco was really affordable too, it was like $5/lb. They met an ironic end, the public library next door caught on fire and took the tobacconist along with the rest of the block down.

>> No.15166709

in my whole area theres like 4 that sell cigars that aren't fucking JM mass made shit, and they usually sell Drew Estate and stuff like that
However, a mountain town near me had a massive humidor with tons of actually good selections. I make the trip when my orders aren't in, worth it over settling

>> No.15167401


You can buy cheap cigars in bulk for around $0.50 - $0.75. Cheaper than a pack of cigarettes a day, better quality tobacco than cigs and they don't fuck up your lungs.

>> No.15167492

when I was a government dog, I knew a guy who gutted his dip spit. Every government dog knows at least one guy who guts dip, it's mind boggling for me to understand and I was that guy who regularly smoked reds with a fat dip of grizzly in my lip

>> No.15167948

friendly reminder that if you spend money on an onrate object which you carry and use in public, and not care about the looks but only muh utility, then you suck penises recreationally

>> No.15168461

>pipe niggers fighting with each other over who the bigger homosexual is
I shiggy diggy

>> No.15168558

I can go on cigarbid right now and get some decent toros for ~$1.25/piece. 5 of those is roughly the price of a pack of cigarettes, but I'll be fucked if I can smoke 5 of those a day.

>> No.15168738

People outside the US aren't used to just how cheap cigars are. Most countries put a huge tax on them based on weight rather than value/cost or give them a special tax class. I buy my cigars from Germany which has a pretty mild pricing system for them, but the cigar I buy from Germany for 3 euros would cost over 12 euros in my own country just because the tax for cigars is done by weight. It doesn't really do anything other than price people out of the cigar market, make budget cigars non-viable and can actually result in smaller, but more expensive cigars being cheaper than a large short filler that should cost about 2 euros but instead costs 12 because it's so heavy and big.

>> No.15168759

It's just shitposters. I've never known anyone who actually smokes a pipe care too much and more often they're more interested in the pipe regardless of its shape.

>> No.15168896

>Shitty over priced tobacco
>Wave of "refugees"
>Car and firearm ownership is prohibitive
I guess the trains and old architecture are cool, but I cannot imagine living in Europe.

>> No.15168987

Look, dude. It's the future. You no longer have to put down others to feel like you are not like them, it's okay. No one really gives a fig if you want to have sex if other men, hell, it's vogue!

Probably the truest comment on the matter.

>> No.15168991
File: 56 KB, 500x500, lo3-pm-1005_art-1802.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

At first glance I thought these were just some ugly bastards but they became one of my favorites in recent history

>> No.15168995

Cigar smoking did fuck up Europe over that whole "archduke Ferdinand" thing. They could still be still be sore.

>> No.15169185


>> No.15169293


That was my exact thought when I first saw them lmao

I need to get off of this fucking website :(

>> No.15169295
File: 267 KB, 720x1385, leef.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I had one of those recently and was surprised by how good it was. I saved the leaf but i have no idea what to do with it. Smoke it in a pipe maybe?

>> No.15169602


I composted mine

>> No.15170084

>archduke Ferdinand
Roll up, and smoke the thinnest cigar ever.

>> No.15170088

Damn you, Crtl+C!

>> No.15171035

he was employed and he smoked like he was rich, but I dont think he was. btw vaping increased his nicotein levels initially, then he went to zero nicotien vape juice + nicotien patch

>> No.15171045

cubans are good and so are their nicuraguans by AJ Fernandez. dont really care for their Dominican ones. the ones in a tube called ROMEO were decent

>> No.15171055

my first strong cigar (which was like my 3rd cigar ever) made me lightheaded and kinda high

>> No.15171061
File: 27 KB, 378x264, MagrittePipe.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>> No.15171065

>cancer treatment and heart disease isnt a drain on society

fuck off you pretentious faggot

>> No.15171084

>was always smoking inside the shop despite the state having a law against indoor smoking
I did this when I worked in a cigar shop. I told them if I get caught I'll pay the fine and never do it again. Turns out when its too cold to smoke outside its usually too cold for the faggots who checkup on such things to do their job. never got a fine.

>> No.15171098

I'm pretty sure tobacco shops are allowed to have indoor smoking.

>> No.15171105

Do you have a humidor?

>> No.15171147

Yeah it takes a little time to get used to the nicotine. Even then, if you have low blood sugar or such, you can get a bit nic hit by a cigar.

>> No.15171156

Depends on where you live. California? Noooope. Arizona? Yes.

>> No.15172235


>> No.15172307
File: 1.64 MB, 2944x2208, 20201204_201608.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Smoking bump

>> No.15172318

Fuuuck I wish my tobacco store sold this.

>> No.15172323

Goodbye horses

>> No.15172334

You shouldn’t post your face on 4chan

>> No.15172341

You should mind your own business and let others learn for themselves friend.

*pounces* >:3

>> No.15172344

How much was that pipe?

>> No.15172352

26.95 on Amazon, one of my first and favorites. Fits a 9mm filter, but I took it out.

>> No.15172413

I wanna get a pipe. Heard corncob is good for beginners, and briar is usually used. But I like the look of those white pipes that color over time, that I can't remember the name of

Which type should I get?. Have no interest in cigarettes cause they smell like shit and my mother would go through wood packs of them a day. Nor snuff cause one of my uncle's spat it on my shirt once on accident.

Cigars I'd be okay trying. Mostly just want to smoke to accompany scotch or cold mornings

>> No.15172438

The white ones that you're thinking of are called meerschaum, and you should practice on a basket pipe, so called because they are cheap pipes traditionally sold in a basket at a dime store, to see if you like it first. Meerschaum pipes are pricey and delicate. They are called meerschaum, German for sea foam, because they are made out of sepiolite, which floats in the water on the ocean where it is typically found. The best is Turkish block meerschaum, be sure this is a hobby that you like before you plonk down 150-500 dollars on a nice one.

>> No.15172449

>Nor snuff cause one of my uncle's spat it on my shirt once on accident.
You could try Swedish snus which doesn't require spitting.

>> No.15172463

Oh thanks mate, probably saved me from buying something too pricey for my first pipe. but the closest tobacconist to me is a few cities over and none of the general smoke shops in my city have affordable pipes, or a good selection of them.

Should I just order a pipe online or spend a few hours driving? Also I've heard strong tobacco can make you throw up, any suggestions for a first tin?

How the fuck does that work?

>> No.15172474

>How the fuck does that work?
American dip is fermented and fire-roasted which makes it a lot harsher, Swedish snus is only steamed to pasteurize it.

>> No.15172478

So do you swallow it or something then?

>> No.15172482


>> No.15172508

You are welcome, fren. When I took up pipe smoking, because my girlfriend is allergic to cigarette smoke, I just nabbed a basket pipe at the local tobacconist on a larf. Now I love it, I have gotten many inexpensive pipes from amazon, and a whole pound of Lane Limited 1Q from Smokingpipes.com. Excellent community, with a discount to new registered users. Good luck, and remember, rule #1 is: ENJOY YOUR PIPE.

>> No.15172514

Ooh, now that's the site I was looking at meerschaum pipes on, didn't know they sold tobacco as well, thanks

Neat, any reason for the different methods?

>> No.15172531

One last thought, Lane Limited 1-Q is excellent for beginners. Not too strong, I regularly inhale it with no illness. WONDERFUL room note, or how it smells when you're smoking it.

>> No.15172536

>Neat, any reason for the different methods?
I think it's easier to just ferment and fire-roast it, but the downside is it makes it harsher on your mouth and stomach. Swedish snus seems to not cause cancer or dental issues unless you're a habitual heavy user and using the really strong stuff which you should avoid for other reasons anyway.

>> No.15172581

not in my city. you cant smoke anywhere indoors where people are employed, and you cant smoke within 10 feet of an entrance outdoors. if you have an office where you and you alone work, where nobody but you ever enters the building, you have to go outside and stand ten feet away from your entrance.

first they made resteraunts install tens of thousands of dollars on air filtration systems if they wanted to have smoking sections, then the following year they outright banned smoking. one place erected a small enclosure outside, like a bus stop, and the cunt responsible for all this made the owner get rid of it saying we are not going to make things comfortable for smokers.

>> No.15172613

One robusto on the mouth, two cigarretes on the nostrils and snus under the eyelids. What would you call that combo?

>> No.15172618

its tough knowing if you are getting a good meerschaum. the good ones are carved out of a hunk of the stuff. the shit ones are made from the dust of the stuff which is pressed together and formed. either way if you drop it it will probably break and there goes a lot of money.

for corncobs I highly recommend the missouri meerschaum Lord of the Rings pipes, especially the Wizard. I bought one of each of the series. I found the bowls on the others to be too small so I used there stems on the larger MM corncobs like The General

>> No.15172620

woops that was meant for this guy >>15172413

>> No.15172623


>> No.15172630

1-Q wae our best seller at my shop but everyone called it IQ

>> No.15172632

I was actually looking at that series of pipes early, when I read that corncobs were good pipes. They made the pipe macarthur smoked didn't they?

>> No.15172648

yeah thats the General. its a good pipe on its own but with the long stem from the shire series its even better. smokes cooler. you might have to shave a little off a little of the inner shank to get it to fit.

>> No.15172660

actuaally wait. it wasnt the general I use to smoke, it was this with one of the cobbit stems (its been a couple of years, stopped smoking pipe)


>> No.15172667

wait again I think I had both. anyway general is half the price and same size so I'd get that


>> No.15172671

oh the general is not the macarthur pipe afterall. I forgot all this shit since its been awhile


>> No.15172689

>No one really gives a fig

>> No.15173228

I don't want that insecure cocksmoker to be the last post bump.

>> No.15174305


>> No.15174937

Cigar bros, what's you opinion on box pressed.
The ones I have had have a loose draw and flaky ash.

>> No.15175030

How is this cooking?

>> No.15175042

I heat stuff up and inhale it. Don't see much of a difference between that and how I eat most food

>> No.15175053

It doesn't matter. Tobacco isn't food or cooking. There's a reason why you can't smoke in restaurants anymore.

>> No.15175140

based pipe bro.

>> No.15175190



>> No.15175247

Any moron can point out a problem, but frens will try to help. If this isn't a /ck/ topic could you at least suggest what board it does go on? It could be argued that many tobacco products are roasted or cooked, which is cooking.

>> No.15175272

I'd recommend /r9k/ probably.

>> No.15175369

If you're ever intrested in rolling your own cigars, Id save them in a moist plastic baggie so they stay soft and pliable and when you're ready to use them roll them up as a bit of extra filler for your cigar.

>> No.15175412

I disagree. We're talking about applying heat to a substance for the purposes of ingestion, or ingesting substances that have been prepared with heat for consumption at a later time. If tobacco can't be on /ck/, then neither can alcohol, with has been long established as acceptable.

>> No.15175419

Alcohol is a beverage which is "food".
Tobacco belongs on /r9k/ imho. Idk why but it seems like it would be a thread there. Probably because the druggie threads.

>> No.15175437

I think we're gonna hafta agree to disagree on this one fren, and post where the posters are.

>> No.15175450

I smoke and dip and cook.

But neither at once.

Tabacco has no place on /ck/ you faggot.

After you smoke, you can't taste.
After you taste, smoke is good.

Go back to /out/, you lonely addict.

>> No.15175456 [DELETED] 

just know i will report these threads then :)

>> No.15175536

Then be a faggot if that's all you're good at.

>> No.15175548

You two might be happier and a helluva lot less irritating if you could just have a fun night of sucking each other's cocks.

>> No.15175726

you cant cook in resterants either unless you work there

>> No.15175727

>Submitting false or misclassified reports, or otherwise abusing the reporting system may result in a ban. Replying to a thread stating that you've reported or "saged" it, or another post, is also not allowed.

>> No.15175738

tobacco is as much food as alcohol is

>> No.15175741

>false or misclassified
tobacco is not food or cooking.

>> No.15175745

neither is alcohol

>> No.15175746

Announcing a report whether legitimate or not still isn't allowed.

>> No.15175751

Cooking wine exists.

>> No.15175755

neither is mcnuggets

>> No.15175762

Mcnuggest is food adjacent.

>> No.15175764

stoving tobacco exists

>> No.15175772

Snus is categorized as a foodstuff in Sweden.

>> No.15175773

thats like saying burning incense is cooking. you don't use tobacco to cook.

>> No.15175785

Look, we get it. You're one of those people that can't stand it when your food touches, or when people are having a good time and you can't understand why. Tell your mommy that you need another pill, and if you can still maintain an erection after you finish your tendies go chill out on /gif/. Maybe mommy can help you keep your pee pee hard?

>> No.15175788

flip flops are food for poor indian children

>> No.15175793

look man, I'm not anti-tobacco. I think you should be able to smoke wherever you want. I personally don't smoke but I think people who are anti-smoking are fags.
but unless we're talking brisket, smoking doesn't belong on /ck/

>> No.15175812

Then why do you care what we post about or where we post it? This thread has been going strong and helping people out. Do you for serious care about board hygiene? Does this really make you that upset that we're talking about tobacco on /ck/?

>> No.15175831

Helping people out with what? Breaking the rules?

>> No.15175842

Don't deflect, answer my questions you short dick toddler.

>> No.15175874
File: 112 KB, 800x877, 1B0E0624-BF77-4823-8285-CF12EF130F8D.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

I think 1(one) tobacco thread should be allowed. Unlike fast food it doesnt take up the whole board with its garbage because its audience is relatively small.
Others comparing tobacco to those druggo threads on r9gay are literal retards, smoking for the express purpose of tasting the flavor of the tobacco is not comparable to downing a bottle of xanax.

>> No.15175892

Tobacco is grown and cured and actually used in some cooking processes. Fuck off

>> No.15175897

That stuff's gonna kill ya, dad.

>> No.15175900

what cooking process includes rolling it up in a stoagie and sucking on it like a BBC

>> No.15175934

There we are, the one common denominator that weeds out drugs like tobacco and alcohol from other less savory vices and places them alongside other foodstuffs: Flavor.

>> No.15175984

Something's gotta kill us, son.

>> No.15176556

This thread has been up for almost a week and still hasn’t been deleted, seethe harder faggot

>> No.15176805

You do know 420chan exists right?

>> No.15177038

no but you do cook pipe tobacco, hence stoving. also nearly every pipe tobacco has food in it. most of it is cased in boiled honey

>> No.15177049
File: 82 KB, 500x703, 212A66AA-7CE5-412D-8D8A-05154DD63214.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Stop arguing with these faggots, just use pic related in a mass reply from now on

>> No.15177079
File: 413 KB, 818x400, gambler_pipe_tobacco.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

There was an awesome pipe and cigar shop where I used to live. I haven't smoked in several years, but this thread got me wanting to again. I went to my closest tobacco shop and this was the only kind of garbage they had. The closest shop that looks like it has anything decent is a 30 minute drive. I didn't realize how spoiled I was until now. It's probably the only thing I actually miss about my old town.

Does anyone have any experience ordering tobacco online? Paying $7+ just in shipping for 1.5 oz is ridiculous, but I don't want to buy tobacco in bulk if I'm not planning on smoking all the time. How long does it keep if it's unopened?

>> No.15177198

I've been rec'd these sites

Smoking pipes
Pipes and cigars
Tobacco pipes
and cupajoes

>> No.15177264

Is there any other snus that kind of burns your lip a little? I've only had that happen in general mint. Maybe it's the salt or mint flavorings?

>> No.15177271

There's Kurwa killer which isn't a snus, but nicopods. They melt your fucking gums. So, staay away from that shit

>> No.15177279

I like exotic smokes but that filter looks long as fuck

>> No.15177280

Have you tried zyn? My friend swears by them but the portions look really small from what I've seen

>> No.15178683

The mint might be doing it, but I've had it happen with original flavored snus until my gums got used to it. I think the nicotine "burns" a bit but after a while your gums toughen up and it won't happen as much anymore.

>> No.15179165

that shit is cigarette tobacco its only sold as pipe for tax reasons

>> No.15179180

the bulk stuff that comes in 5 pound bags, like lane limited, that you would buy loose by the ounce, is doused in propylene glycol to keep it moist. they sell tiny button sized humidifiers for tins and pouches.

>> No.15179204

with other men?
yeah sure

>> No.15179206

All of you are disgusting, lazy, and smell like shit. Hopefully the cancer will make you all suffer. Enjoy your yellow teeth, and women with deep busted voices fags.

>> No.15179210

what shop in DE?

>> No.15179753
File: 93 KB, 600x600, large-nub_cafe_mac_438_sgl.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Had these for some time in my little humedor. Fuckin nice coffee smoke and not that harsh.

>> No.15180087

how obese are you?

>> No.15180345

Had a hardy kek over this during a mellow pipe in my beautiful backyard watching my children play while my trad wife brought me hot coffee. Thanks, fren.

>> No.15181423


>> No.15182392

Out of all the Captain Black tobaccos, which is the best?

>> No.15182604

I assume those are infused with coffee flavoring?

>> No.15182881

nice piece. always was interested in a pipe but live with my parents that abhor tobacco yet somehow find hookah acceptable. used to go to the local hookah cafe when I lived up north every week, now need to hide my dip and snuff.

>> No.15182910

corona makes good cheap cigars

>> No.15183788

None. But if I had to say white or gold is probably best.

>> No.15183792

>/ck/ - Food & Cooking

>> No.15183855

Tobacco goes with food.

>> No.15183962

alright faggots what's your opinion on cigarillos?

>> No.15184369

Ehh, for me smoking a cigar is an event, I relax and have a good long smoke 3 or 4 times a week. Cigarillos can't give me that.

>> No.15185226

Pipes and cigars is where I order from
The bulk tobacco is a good value, *if* it's from a company that also does tins.
Tobaccoreviews is a good site to check if you're looking at a blend you're not sure about. About 60-100 dollars for a pipe to get decent quality, over that you get diminishing returns if you're not a collector.

>> No.15185236

It keeps fine unopened. Freeze it if you're worried, or put it in a canning jar. I buy bulk blends at 2.50 an ounce and order enough to get free shipping.

>> No.15185243

I should add, I've been ordering online from pipes and cigars for about a decade. Customer service is good, they shipped me the wrong pipe once and sent me the correct one with a return label for the other within a couple business days, no charge, no fuss.

>> No.15186227

I dont think of them in the same category as cigars since they're so heavily flavored. Its more equivalent to a very aromatic pipe tobacco rolled into a ciggie shape. Yknow, so aromatic you cant even taste the tobacco most times. But I can see the appeal. My favorites are the Nub single roast.

>> No.15187012

>Just turned 18
>Zion Don decrees that the smoking age is now 21
Life is pain

>> No.15187121
File: 1.58 MB, 900x1200, Basedborored.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

daily reminder that if you smoke anything else than filtered cigarettes you're probably a homosexual or a sissy faggot.

>> No.15187137


I hope you get cancer

>> No.15187150

Daily reminder that if you smoke you're probably a homosexual or a sissy faggot

>> No.15187506
File: 81 KB, 347x288, 571830D8-4721-4A51-8A67-54CDD2D18E01.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

U mad?

>> No.15188149

I feel for the people that have been using tobacco products since they turned 18 and were only 20 when that passed. At least you can go die in the middle east :V)

>> No.15188493

Actually if you go die for Israel they’ll let you use tobacco at 18!

>> No.15188552

It's funny how lax the rest of the world is on alcohol and tobacco sales. I get carded by the Spanish dude all the time when I get my liquor and every time I buy my dip they always study my license. The Cuban and Indian milfs remembers me when I get my bourbon but othwerwise I have to present my ID. I had some retard ask me to tell me where I lived because I was out of county. When I went to Spain when I was 14 I bought a six pack of Estrella at a small store and the owner just was happy to get his 4 Euro.

>> No.15188587
File: 119 KB, 617x932, 1476983438382.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>calls others a homosexual or a sissy faggot

>> No.15188942

this absolutely nothing remotely gay about sucking on a 7 inch 60 ring maduro

>> No.15189574

that reminds me of when my uncle was telling me about baseball players would chew tobacco with glass powder in the mix to help to the nicotine in their blood faster.

>> No.15190147

yep heard that as well "finely ground glass smaller than a grain of salt poking many small holes into the gum and lip for better effect."

>> No.15190151

mmmm cancer
just smoke weed

>> No.15190172

Weeds tastes like shit, makes me feel like shit and the way I smoke has low risks of cancer and probably lower risks of cancer than weed, especially as you have to inhale cannabis.

>> No.15190482

You can change the amount of free nicotine in tobacco by changing its pH level so that other poster isn't entirely wrong. I think Marlboro was criticized early on for making stronger cigs that way.

>> No.15190521

So inhaling tobacco smoke gives you cancer, but marijuana smoke doesn’t? You potheads are fucking idiots

>> No.15190930

>inhaling poison gives you cancer but smoking literal medicine doesn't ?
how much time did it take you to realize it ? Idiot.

>> No.15190950

This thread deteriorated quickly

>> No.15190984

Imagine seeing a cigar and you think of BBC. You're actually brainwashed, cuck.

>> No.15191123

The difference between medicine and poison is usually a question of dosage. Don't believe me? Take an entire bottle of aspirin and see how the medicine makes you better. It'll sure cure my headache.

>> No.15191642

Or eat some polar bear liver, it’s chock full of vitamins!

>> No.15192513

Retard, just like all pot heads. They hack and wheeze more than any smoker I know

>> No.15192540

For some reason potheads always feel the need to interject themselves in discussions about tobacco. Go to any cigar, pipe, or cigarette video on YouTube and there’ll be at least two dozen “Bro just smoke weed lmao” comments

>> No.15192569

Neat, cool that other anons are into pipes
I've been smoking random house blends from my local tobbaconist out of corncobs for about three years off and on now
too much of a poor brainlet to buy anything fancier

>> No.15192619

/ck/ - Food & Cooking

>> No.15192621


>> No.15193175

I wasnt wrong period. there are additives in cigarettes whose soul purpose is increase nicotien absorbtion, such as amonia

>> No.15193210

Fren, there are plenty of perfectly good pipes, many that come with kits of pipe smoking shit, available for less than fifty bucks on Amazon.

>> No.15193223

you know the smoke from any plant (or anything for that matter) can turn cells cancerous. did you know that people who eat meat well done have higher cancer rates too? didnt learn that on JRE did you potfag?

maybe you might want to take a crack at why despite a massive increase in the number of smokers in Japan over the decades, their lung cancer rates havent grown proportionally

also try to splain why in the US fewer people smoke today than 50 years ago yet the cancer rates have grown

get busy potfag.

>> No.15193252

>did you know that people who eat meat well done have higher cancer rates too?
Not him but I never knew that, I went from eating steaks well done to medium rare a year ago and I’m never going back

>> No.15193441

>did you know that people who eat meat well done have higher cancer rates too?
Source? I don't think that would matter as much because both steaks are being seared on the outside, doneness only determines the internal temperature. And most studies I looked at said the carcinogens in smoked/browned foods aren't high enough to actually increase your risk of cancer. But chainsmoking is different and you get more acrylamide from that than you would ever get from food.

>> No.15193913

It's just the usual boredfags that can't stand to see anyone having a good time without coming into the middle of the room and farting as hard as they can.

I pity their empty lives.

>> No.15193932

Are long pipes a meme? I want my smoke cold.

>> No.15194014

>Are long pipes a meme?

They're as much a meme as you make it. The only faggots you should be listening to are the ones that run free in your heart.

>> No.15194595

the look cool as fuck and go great with any sort of fantasy wizard larp
and yes the smoke cools down significantly, so long as you know how to pack it properly and keep it alight without going too hard

>> No.15194862

It's all relative to what you smoke, but if you are buying at a brick and mortar place and you want a lower price, you may want to look online.

>> No.15195867

They're not a meme and they work very well. I have a long churchwarden clay pipe and I'll probably get a briar at some point, but they're not very portable and awkward unless you're just sitting down with one. Basically just buy one to keep at home. Also you need extra long pipe cleaners for them (one reason why I got the clay pipe, I can just use a burner to clean it).

>> No.15195954
File: 90 KB, 800x800, H_Upmann_Half_Corona_Box_of_25_Hand_Rolled_Cuban_Cigars.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

name a better all-rounder budget cigar

>> No.15195970

Interesting actually. It's a shame they only seem to sell them by the box as I don't have the space in my humidor right now.

>> No.15196319




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