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you're watching me make a burrito, don't try to fight it. Also what else should i put in this bastard?

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first step, get drunk to improve the taste of the burrito

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>no avocado or guac

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Avocado and guacamole are for plebs and people who likes to destroy the planet

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I fucking hate capsicums, bros.

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roasted or grilled marinated mushrooms

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Put some protein in that bitch

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I tried to fight it, I lost.

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gently warm the onion and peppers

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wish i had some steak to put in it but beans are all i got
thats what the beans are for

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i lighly spritz to wrapper and nuke it for 10 sec to soften it up so it doesn't tare when wrapping it up

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just get capsicums-free hot sauce then

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Where's the meat and your seasoning?

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well its a bean burrito so no meat but what do you mean by seasonings? i put some Habanero tabasco in it

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Ditch the sour cream, plebbo.

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browned up nicely in the frying pan

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>saying capsicum

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no, thats the best part. I'll never get why people hate on it. Americanized mex food is superior in every way

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a leafy green lettuce wouldn't work on a burrito, it needs the cool crispiness. romaine might work

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hmm... using that as the wrapper might be good if you seared the outside also

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No herbs just tabasco in it? No other sauce? Seems like it would be bland.

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meh, the green onions and sauteed garlic,onions and bell pepper add a lot of flavor and the beans are seasoned with cumin and peppereka. With hot sauce, sour cream and tomatoes it would be to runny if i added any other sauces

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i guess i should have add some cilantro

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i'm glad they clarified that for me, i was a little confused on the issue

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Hows this? I know palm trees are fucking the environment

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>palm trees are fucking the environment
they're tearing down rain forests to plant avocados

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Now that's what I call a meat wallet.

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>what do you mean by seasonings?
Christ on a bike, anon. You don't know what seasonings are?

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Good job anon *chef's kiss*

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>burrito seasonings
it's already got cumin,peppereka, hot sauce, onion, green onion, bell pepper, garlic. what else would even put on it aside from cilantro, lime?

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Onions and bell peppers aren't seasoning. What is wrong with you?

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onion powder is a seasoning, but my point is i get flavor from the ingredients

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Lays Sour Cream and onion chips. Trust me.

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The ol reverse sear /ck/ always tells me about

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Put some fuckin carne asada in that bitch, pussy.

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Nobody eats a bean burrito without rice you fucking piece of trash.

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those "new recipe" old el paso beans taste like dog shit now
just like how chef boyardee pizza tastes like shit since they removed the sprinkle cheese

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Chef B makes pizza?

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they have pizza kits that used to have some sort of chemical sprinkle cheese you added that was addictive as crack

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Are burritos really something worth making a thread for? and one this sad?

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the it would be a fajita not burrito

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yes they do, its quite common. Rice is just a filler like beans in chili

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definitely shittier, i bought some lard and pinto beans and i'm going to start making my own refried beans, i was just in a hurry and being lazy today and i already had the can. Homemade are much better tasting once you get the seasonings down and really easy to make, i make a huge batch then freeze individual serving in sandwich baggies.

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Shut up, pussy.

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yes depression burritos are a important part of /ck/

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what ever you say

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False. Rice combines wit the beans to form a complex protein superfood.

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ok boomer, my parrents would say that they combine to make a complete protein, i still don't know what they mean by that.

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i was a little let down when nobody fucked it.

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Black olives.

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i'm green olive kinda guy, the briny flavor add a nice kick to a burrito but i've been told that its blasphemy

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Blackened chicken, cilantro, rice, lime juice, black beans, diced onion, and marshmallow creme. Soft flour shell and optional corn based salsa. You are welcome.

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genrally yes but if you put then in the deep fryer they become god tier

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put them on a bed of crisp iceberg lettuce

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