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>sentenced to death, dines like a king
Are last meals based? What would be yours

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Mine would be a traditional Australian aboriginal meal. Not that we have the death penalty in Australia. But I would want my last gesture on the earth to be an acknowledgement of the traditional custodians of the land. It could send a powerful message to other whites to stand up for native rights.

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A smokie with raw onion jalapeno and tostito cheese sauce. Rare ribeye salt n pepper only. King crab legs with lemon garlic butter over a candle and a glass of nice nebbiolo. Plain vanilla ice cream in a waffle cone for dessert.
Step up cu/ck/s

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Why do we have 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 last prison meal threads in /ck/ every week for years?

Is OP a bot?

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Why does ragusea complain about every thread on ck that isnt about him?

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I feel like the funniest option to die would be to shoot yourself in the head with like a .50cal and your head just EXPLODES lol

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LAWL. Good joke fren. Libs owned. #lol

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I saw these same threads about execution day last meals on /ck/ for about 4 years now. Always the same stories too (e.g. the lord of the rings trilogy, steak and lobster meal).

I'm starting to be afraid that I am actually living in a purgatorial loop.

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Purgatory is a dream for reality

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Repent tranny

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what's tranny about saying "k" to meaningless circular statements?

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The word of Christ is the word of law. Any blasphemy will be dealt with accordingly

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>eat nice
>fall asleep during boring movie
>don't even notice getting killed


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Habent sua fata libelli
Veritas liberabit vos

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Two coney dogs and chili cheese fries.
Fried shrimps with cocktail saucce.
Strawberry milkshake.
Wild Berry Skittles.
Andes Crème de Menthe Thins.

If drugs/alcohol is allowed, I'd order a fifth of Jack and some Cokes and a pack of Marlboro Menthols.

What's a smokie

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So...an abo baby?

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Just a type of sausage. Better than hot dogs. I think it's a mostly western canadian term

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Nah, it's just that most states have abolished the last meal tradition and instead you just eat whatever the other prisoners are eating for chow the night of your death.

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Oh great, fucking Christfags in my /ck/. Go eat a bag of dicks.

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Say what you will of the state of this board but if you keep up this blasphemous talk there will be consequences.

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>thousands of shills creating ad threads
>cu/ck/s stay silent
>Christian makes a moral judgement based on actual morals
the absolute state. Fuck off from my board you useless tranny nigger.

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I've been making daily fast food threads for every chain there is for about the last 6 years now. It pleases me to know it's driving some of you nutcases inane.

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The only thing inane is your troll attempt, tranny. Takes Christs hand and cleanse yourself

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Native's don't have rights. They lost those when they couldn't defend what's theirs.

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>anglo detected
The sun has set. Back to your island neville. You will be forgotten

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i also wish whites would stand up ffor native europeans rights

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I'd love to take a beautiful woman(who used to be a man) on a date to White Castle for Valentine's day, that way they're gassy when I'm swirling my tongue around in their asshole later that night, and might even get a special accidental dessert.

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You will repent before the judgement of God. I hope you realize before its too late. God speed leper

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God wouldn't judge me because I love beautiful women(who used to be men).

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I don't think they would give a deathrow prisoner petrol
and don't be rama rama

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>larps a religion that got eternally btfo by Christ

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>larps a religion that has been watered down and constantly altered by the papacy

I’m not saying that I’m not retarded, but you’re just as retarded as I am.

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After all it is the retards that will inherit the esrth.

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Gay, can't even let them order a fucking pizza or something?

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The lord of the rings sucks.

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>t. gryffindor

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I only come on this board to talk race issues and watch you fat fucks wallow in the shilling anyways :)

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>pretends he isn't Christian but every single of his morals is fundamentally Christian
fucking wew lad

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Jewish, rather, since the vast majority of that was a direct descendant of Jewish tradition

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>Christians are jews
Try harder usurer

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I'd be done eating that before Frodo even leaves the Shire

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A McRib sandwich, large fries, and 2 cokes.

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congratulations, youre a fatass

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kill yourself leftypol

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>Are last meals based?
certain ones are

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What moral did I display that’s Christian? I’m just saying that objectively every religion has about the same amount of believability. Save stuff like Scientology or Heaven’s Gate.

Also, don’t LARP that morality is sourced from religion. Christian morals and “values” stem from not wanting to get their asshole stretched in hell for all eternity, not because they want to do shit out of the goodness of their heart.

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Easy choice.

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Kek’d n rekt HP faggot

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Most western morals derived from Greek and Roman philosophy prior to it's corruption by the Jew cult worshipping a crucified criminal who's last meal was dry stale bread and vinegary wine.

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I believe some states just don't let you pick anymore after some people trolled by getting a bunch of food and not eating, or the guy who got shellfish and died from his allergy, instead you just get the default of a steak and spuds as I recall

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A couple of batteries and a swig of cooking oil

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Doesn't most states these days just give you a list of options you have to chose from??

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My morals sure tell me not to say k instead of ok. That is blasphemy too though, I believe everyone who does not say "okay" shall burn in hellfire.

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A bullet in your worthless faggot fucking head. Stop making this god awful unoriginal thread

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>eat it all while watching the lord of the rings trilogy
Can't imagine stretching that plate for 10 or whatever hours. Did he get refills?

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Excellent choice, king.

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I can't process corn and dairy properly so I would eat as much corn and dairy as possible to kill someone with my farts on the way out.

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Some gabagool and a nice wine

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Eggs benedict
My Beer cheese soup
Slice of garlic bread
Heavily peppered medium rare steak.
Glass of bookers bourbon

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Honestly this may be mine too.

I’d probably get rid of the shrimp and do fried cod though. Maybe catfish or flounder.

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Does that faggot actually come here?

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What a weak bait, jesus fucking christ

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So gasoline?

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based and midnight oil pilled.

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Barack Obama's still beating heart.

>Mine would be a traditional Australian aboriginal meal.
A liter of petrol?

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of course he does. he's deeply insecure because he has some self-awareness of his own retardation. he scours the internet for morsels of validation.

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No contest

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The uncooked heart of the judge that condemned me.

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Flame grilled Moreton Bay Bugs with lemon and butter.

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Only white countries are in Europe and they don't care about themselves

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It really varies from state to state, but most have or are abolishing it to save money.

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wtf I didn't know firing squads were still used in US for executions

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cup noodles and a bottle of water, menthol cigarettes if permitted

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>sentenced to get shot
>in the USA
he was released?

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The world's rarest truffle.

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