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Which country has the worst cuisine?

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North Sentinel Island

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>shoots arrows at intruders on the spot
>kills a missionary in cold blood
I'm thinking based.

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The Principality of Sealand's food is kinda fishy

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UK or one of the Scandis

But in terms of how highly they think of themselves, Italian. That shit is so fucking overrated.

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Isn't it mostly basic shit like garlic, oil,https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVGPaPGV5jQ and pasta?

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Oh shit, I messed up the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oVGPaPGV5jQ

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Incredibly based

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your country

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we don't really have a cuisine though and freely admit it

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Fuck you and every other canadian

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Poutine and moose.

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Fuck Canadians. Why are you all so weird? I bet in Canada, being ginger is a good thing.

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India has the most disgusting food I've ever tasted in my life

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Bad food, but good people.

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Can't handle the spices, huh? Nothing personal, kid.

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>also killed two Indian fisherman poaching crabs with axes
>stuck their bodies on bamboo spears as scarecrows before burying the,

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Canada doesn't really have a unique cuisine besides cheesy gravy fries.

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spices to cover up terrible quality ingredients and the taste of shit does not count as flavor

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>tonguelet can't taste multiple things at once
Are you British or Scandi?

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Scottish, Irish, German, Hungarian, and Danish.

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Well, that explains a lot. The only ethnicity in your list that has good food are the Germans.

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I made chicken kadai last week for dinner and it was fucking delicious


Well I can see now why your taste in food is so poor.

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>good food
As good as their humour

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The few things they do, they do right.

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Like wars. That worked out really well for them, didn't it?

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B-but we're talking about food

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.t Polish

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It was food for thought. Just sayin'.

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>hasn't had goulash

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I hate Canadians so god damn much

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Oim terribly sorry mate

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in my experience usa, canada, kazakhstan, albania and iceland in that order

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go shit in a river

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Have you ever even been to USA?

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yes i have been to all those countries. i wouldnt rate any food as good or bad if i hadnt been there to try the real thing

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How do you think us Americans feel having these freaks as our neighbors?

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I'm just getting something to eat!

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Nah, we love Indian food over here. The people on here who vocally hate it are almost always americans living in some podunk shithole who've never actually had any but want to insult them anyway because they're brown.

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Bannock, nanaimo bars, poutine, smoked meat, halifax donair.
We have a cuisine it's just all derivative and/or shit

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Poo in loo, Pajeet.

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Nah dude, Southern Brazil had some amazing steaks.

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At least we can cook a pot of chili you massive faggot.

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Imagine eating a missionary. Incredibly based.

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you probably think Macaroni goes in goulash
fuck you I'm (>>15129886) not sorry anymore you useless tasteless fuck

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? lmao pleb

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There's a bigger difference in Scandinavian cuisines than people think. From good to bad it goes

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>But in terms of how highly they think of themselves, Italian. That shit is so fucking overrated.
Italian cuisine is definitely in the top 3 of European cuisines. Other two are Spain and France.
Partially yeah, but it's extremely good food for how simple and cheap the ingredients are. Very unpretenious. People mistake it with being arrogant for having a culture and tradition and strongly knowing what fits a specific dish and what doesn't. You have fuckload of dishes here though, every region a cook book of their own.
UK or USA. Maybe Scandis because they don't have much food up there and need to use all sorts of gimmicks to make it appear interesting. I like some of their stuff though, but overall they're all pretty horrible.

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Canada cuisine bad BUT Australia worse

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Imagine being under french rule so long and have literally nothing.

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What food do germans make that you consider bad? Also do you consider Knödel and Sauerbraten bad?

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i like boiled dinner, but i think it's just Pot au Feu.

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My country if grannies and natives cooking is anything to go by.
>overcook the fuck out of everything, and yet still somehow manage to not render the fats
>only national dishes are sauerkraut with some barley and pork and literal flour in sour milk
>flavoring is consitent of putting shitload of dill everywhere to the point you taste nothing but dill
>None of the grannys can cook worth shit

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Yours, OP

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south korea is pretty depressing
>country is a giant souless commercial city that sells kimchi everywhere

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probably Germany
however it gets even worse North and East of it

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Except for the related webm, the Brits have the worst cuisine BY FAR

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fish pie is very good ngl

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Redpill me on british cuisine. Why does everyone hate it?

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Alright, what is Spain known for besides paella?

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>Which country has the worst cuisine?
Philippines. See the video

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How can something be the worst if other things are even worse?

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it's bland

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No wonder why depression and suicide is so high there.

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tortilla de patatas and chorizo

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Why are Canadians such massive fucking faggots

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It's so obvious that you voted for Trump.

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>Tripfag tranny

Oh, the irony.

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they're american

british food is boring but it's fine - americans can't handle any food that hasn't got dozens of additives crammed in

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1. Take another country's dish
2. Melt oil-based cheese substitute on top.
3. Muh Freedom™©®

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lul not that it's suprising that reading isn't your strongest suit, shitting street dweller

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fucking 20% of sugar in every god damn product

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>pot calling the kettle black
That tonguelet thinks that covering shit tier meat with spices will mask the flavor. That implies he can't taste too many flavors at once.

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Great deal of seafood and all sorts of cheeses and cured meats. Maybe not so popular outside of Spain, but visiting Spain for food alone is worthwhile.

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Finland? Iceland?

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They have less food culture than new worlders.

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Indian food is sloppa garbage, I'll never understand what coastie cucks see in it, besides virtue signaling how progressive and cultured they are. Cardamom does NOT go with rice.

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even the most well executed reindeer turd or whatever those lap niggers eat is disgusting

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>people who like what I don't like are virtue signaling
Are you a sperg?

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>cardamom does NOT go with rice
Milkbreath Moment right here. Why are americans such obese fucking retards?

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What is exactly considered "American cuisine"?

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>I hate Canadians so god damn much

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eastern europe. puke.

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they literally eat beans on bread for breakfast. Fucking nasty.

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british food definitely always looks worst

>> No.15133446

Mongolia. It's all dairy and sheep whatever.

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Lmao how many dads do you have nigger

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Vatican City serves Chinese food, but it's only cream of sum yung gai.

>> No.15133896

the English

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>that cringe truck
This has to be from 2001 or 2002.

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The Netherlands without a doubt.
If you knew what the average Dutch person eats, mainly because of how they prepare it, you would be taken aback.
Our idea of a good meal is boiled bland potatoes with boiled green beans and porkchop.

>> No.15134319

Do you guys at least have high quality produce and meat?

>> No.15134458

Kanker lul

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burying the what ????

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The UK was a on rationing well into the 50s and American experience of British food was either from that era or the immidiate post-rationing era were people still ate poverty food because it's all they knew.

>> No.15134516

Looks like they got to him before he could finish

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The UK

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Go shit in the streets, Raj.

>> No.15134595

gagged immediately when ketchup was in the picture

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???ok pickysnot no one asked

>> No.15134665

I got my first (you), thank you anon. now do yourself a favor and kill yourself.

>> No.15134676

shooshoo trash

>> No.15134706

>Paul 'soyjack' Watson
Now that's a man I haven't seen in a long time.

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Finland, Estonia and any country in west africa.


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Finland gets no love on /ck/, I guess. Don't West Africans at least have jollof rice?

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This anon knows what's up

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Yes, and it's good, but that's not enough to save their cuisine on the whole.
Almost every meal (unless you're at a somewhat "upscale" restaurant):
>Would you like some starch with your starch? Also, I noticed your plate could use more starch. How about some potatoes with your noodles and a side of rice for your bread? I also recommend som yams with that.

Admittedly some countries are better than others, but it's starch galore and I can't stand it.

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They are not scandinavian.
Nordic countries and scandinavian countries are not the same things.

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This is always the argument made by tastelets that somehow seasoning is bad and only covers up shitty food. Meanwhile every chef on the fucking planet worth a damn seasons their food to an extent. No they may not use seasoning packs and measure and mead out seasoning methodically but they all generally season their food a good amount. All these people who complain about seasoning and talk about shitty ingredients don’t know the first thing about quality ingredients but probably just buy whatever some faggot YouTuber tells them to. Just order your Mac and cheese with chicken tenders and go, you 7 year old palate having, pasty pale-faced, absolute fucking nigger

>> No.15135246

Unless you’re going to a flyover state, not even the shitty restaurants serve fake cheese anymore. Stay on the East/West coasts and stay away from fast food (and most diners, a lot are fine but many are run by flyover people in real people suits) and you’re fine. Europeans really come to America, try Burger King and be like “SACRE BLUE, ZIS IZ AMERICAHN QUIZINE?! ZIS IS DIZGOOSTING!”

>> No.15135263

enlighten us, upside down satanic trip frog

>> No.15135279

I may have come in late, but...why is the catalog in the boards I go to all fucky

>> No.15135304

Would you care to enlighten a mutt on the difference?

>> No.15135781

>Europeans really come to America, try Burger King and be like “SACRE BLUE, ZIS IZ AMERICAHN QUIZINE?! ZIS IS DIZGOOSTING!”
Said no one ever. You mutts really are retarded and insecure.

>> No.15135793

>Europeans really come to America, try Burger King and be like “SACRE BLUE, ZIS IZ AMERICAHN QUIZINE?! ZIS IS DIZGOOSTING
cope harder amerifat

>> No.15135808

Russia, never want to see sour cream or mayo ever again.

>> No.15136839

no they don't
t. Euro family

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Do you even know swedish cuisine?

>sell some rotten fish to foreigners due to salt shortage
>eternally known by people as stinky fish shitty cuisine because of one thing

>> No.15137051

hard to say. the most overrated is italy though.

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Not sure why Iceland is included as Scandinavian, I think they should not be there.

>> No.15137725

England or deep mud-hut africa. They're both equally gross. Either bread with beans on top or diarrhea shit stew with lentils. Take your pick.

>> No.15137734

The US, the UK and all of eastern Europe

>> No.15137741

Phew, Dutchbros, they we managed to survive

>> No.15137749

That kebab and chips thing with cheese on top stops your food from being the worst.

>> No.15138098

Finally someone educated

>> No.15138445

t. american

>> No.15138461

Germany has some of the best bread in the world. Germans invested all of their culinary autism in fermentation (bread, beer, preserved meats, cheese), and things they focused on, they do them very well.

>> No.15138473


India or England.

>> No.15138504

Germanic barbarians didn't even know what bread was until they were conquered and beaten into submission by Romans.

>> No.15138528

US, the only actual distinguishable cuisine is in New Orleans/Louisiana, and even that is pretty overrated. Southeast asian countries that use a bunch of different herbs tend to be the best, i think.

>> No.15138542

Overall, it looks like Finland, and other Nordic countries are widely regarded as the worst, followed by England and the USA. I've made another thread asking the exact opposite question: >>15138533

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Norwegians got everything figured out but food, the stuff they eat is just sad

>> No.15138580

Ah, an American

>> No.15138597

is that toilet paper in the middle

>> No.15138623

Is that a napkin sandwich? wtf

>> No.15138725

>open face sandwiches
Nordics can't even make a proper sandwich lol

>> No.15138791

What's so bad about Eastern European cuisine
It's basically a mix of med and Germanic styles

>> No.15138814

What else have they figured out? They have horrible food, their women are all with foreigners and they have no sun
Like what DID they get right?

>> No.15139452

Germany made a comedy where Hitler is brought to modern day and everyone loves him. That alone makes them better at comedy than unfunny places like UK of Australia

>> No.15139503

I mean I've never had any good Russian food. Everything has mayo or horseradish in it.

>> No.15139526

This film was a complete fucking flop even in GER.
All German directors are a joke, the actors being just as bad.

>> No.15139545

Considering Russia literally has no distinct cuisine or food culture ( I'm not memeing here, it's the truth) then they win by default.

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Mexico because they don't have a cuisine other then tamales and the American Spanish food they claim as "mexican food" they suck at making compared to White Americans who invented "mexican food" . "Mexican food" was recently created in the USA by Glen bell (Taco Bell) who copied it from Spanish/French fusion American cafes.

Its just really retarded mexicans started calling Spanish/ French fusion food invented by White Americans their "food". Straight up cultural theft from White Americans and now you have Americans claim how much they love "mexican food" when its West coast White American food more than anything.

>> No.15139580

How do you think we feel living above a nation of fat, water-headed, hillbilly fuckwits. Your country is a disgrace. The empire is crumbling and the barbarians are at the gates.

>> No.15139612

>Cardamom does NOT go with rice
Thank you, anon. Everyday I wait to see what will be the stupidest thing I could possibly read on 4chan. It’s usually in /news/, sometimes in /out/, rarely in /tg/, but today /ck/ is the winner. The winner is you.

>> No.15139695

Except you’re fucking wrong because bread came out of the Fertile Crescent and was carried throughout Eurasia by proto-Celtic tribes centuries before Caesar took his first piss in Gaul, you uneducated inebriate. Read a book.

>> No.15139701

Some Russian food is fantastic. The problem is most Russian restaurants are fronts for the mob so they don’t give a shit about the food.

>> No.15139713

Look Who’s Back was pretty funny.

>The film was a box office success, reaching number one in Germany in its third week of release.

Werner Herzog. Klaus Kinski. Fuck you.

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>> No.15139738

its better then north Korea

>> No.15139868

Cringe cope post
One of said "joke" German actors went on to govern California

>> No.15139930

Phillippines probably. Fucking ketchup spaghetti.

>> No.15139996

He’s Austrian

>> No.15140021

>"Mexican food" was recently created in the USA by Glen bell (Taco Bell) who copied it from Spanish/French fusion American cafes.
please killyourself, you fucking idiot

>> No.15140297

every country in africa.

>> No.15140646

>No Greece
French is the most overrated food in Europe.

>> No.15140649

Japanese also have ketchup spaghetti

>> No.15140668

Because he's got a rural bumfuck's voice, like the guy in Vader's suit who got dubbed over because he was from the West Country.

>> No.15140831

not having food in the first place excludes you from having a cuisine

>> No.15141170

Unironically Swedish is great and I love it. Very few things beat Swedish meatballs.

>> No.15141173


>> No.15141905

South African cuisine gets my vote.

>> No.15141919

I mean it's not like we know much about it, they might as well be master chefs

>> No.15141922

Read what you wrote again and use some critical thinking

>> No.15141940
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>> No.15141956

Lmao absolutely not
Fish markets in Amsterdam and the area are notorious for having old, nearly rotten fish

>> No.15141975

Dan noem je ook een plek

>> No.15142313


>> No.15142317


>> No.15142899

>boiled fish with corn and peas AND CHEESE
What the fuck? How do people eat this shit? It's like a kid was told to make a healthy meal and he put this together.

>> No.15142957

Switch sweden and norway you absolute mongoloid

>> No.15142991

That's not even UK food, it's one moron who puts shredded cheese on store-bought fish and frozen vegetable mix. Brits do have poor taste though, there's an unfortunate number of examples of them doing this nonsense but you'll never find such a travesty in a pub or restaurant over there.

>> No.15143366

You are really putting a lot of trust into a chef

>> No.15143369

How can we know that when they refuse to let us see what they eat?

>> No.15143484

Land verrader

>> No.15143501

What is there to hate about Canadians? God just head back to pol you stupid cunt

>> No.15143512

>Pasty pale-faced
>Absolute fucking nigger
Pick one

>> No.15143826

literally everything

>> No.15143932

they eat poo

>> No.15143945

id kill to have paneer rn

>> No.15143965


>> No.15144013

spatzel is fucking disgusting

also mexicans and french make better bread

>> No.15144069

I guarantee you that most of the bbc/blacked canadian posters you see on other boards have yellow skin.

>> No.15144075

>But in terms of how highly they think of themselves, Italian. That shit is so fucking overrated.
Italian food is pretty good, but it's also incredible easy and peasant food...which is perfectly fine. What makes Italian food so awful isn't the food, it's god damn Italians and can't shut their grease fucking whop mouths

>> No.15144109

youre welcome for all of the extra votes for biden. love from canada

>> No.15144199

Literally nothing more like it

>> No.15145266
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The scandinavian countries are defined by sharing the mountain side the term is coined after (Denmark's bit is underwater). I am not sure where the term Nordic (other than the countries being in the general north) country comes from but the nordic countries are: Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden and Finland.

>> No.15145273

Except that Iceland is not a scandinavian country.

>> No.15145293

I love my ginger gf a lot, so yeah bud I think it is a good thing.

>> No.15145353
File: 85 KB, 220x304, 220px-Biogeographical_regions_Scandinavian_mountains.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Iceland is not actually part of Scandinavia though.

This confusion ats fr the British who are a little bit lazy - they like to organize countries and terms by cultural similarities rather than what is real - not entirely unlike how they have behaved for the last 400 years in most scenarios.

The picture depicts the scandinavian mountain range which is what defined what was scandinavia. Back in the day, the tip of the mountain range did not come into finland, even though it does every so slightly today, and back in the day, part of what today is Sweden used to be part of Denmark (today a small portion of the scandinavian mountain ragne pokes into Denmark under the ocean). Iceland was never even near the candinavian mountain range, fegardless of how aimilar it might be culturally to Norway, Denmark and/or Sweden. If someone really wants to make a case for Dinland due to modern borders rhat would make more sense, although the term scandinavia was coined and defined a long time ago when borders were different.

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i am typing on a cell phone in the back seat of the shittiestly suspended car ever made: a 2012 Kia Soul. Bump galore. So, please, forget all those typos.

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File: 1.24 MB, 1200x628, D7O8y-1461188942-819-blog-vans_starcraft_header.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>a 2012 Kia Soul
My condolences anon, we really need to go back to the days of conversion vans because those things are fucking sick.

>> No.15145433

Russia or England. Most food in Europe sucks that doesn't come from Italy, France, or Iberia

>> No.15145510

Same in finland but our national food is pieces of meat in water

>> No.15145557

no one will know what I'm talking about but Colombian food is the blandest, most boring shit I've had.

>> No.15145692

Nah I know what you mean anon. South of Central America most Latam food seems to be rice + banana + beans + meat with minimal seasoning

>> No.15145994

>All German directors are a joke
funnily enough uwe boll ended up making postal & rampage which were decent. it was probably a thousand monkeys with typewriters kinda deal.

>> No.15146107

i had a shorty chevy van with a 350, rode great and was fastest enough to surprise many 4pot shitboxes

>> No.15146165

"I like rape!"

>> No.15146201

Uwe boll is actually pretty decent when he's not making shitty cash in movies where he thinks his dumbass ideas are better than sticking to the source material (which he is almost always unfamiliar with).

>> No.15146389

forgot to add bacon.

>> No.15146418

please have sex incel freak

>> No.15147136

what's so difficult. finland isn't scandinavia. it's nordic yes. difference is, it's still not a part of scandinavia.

>> No.15147154

>flyover states

City slicker cope.

>> No.15147178

"Just rough sex. I want you to pretend like you didn't want it, and stuff".

>> No.15147198
File: 1.69 MB, 498x278, 1599250823763.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15147216

No way, they must be holding on to something good, otherwise they wouldn't kill foreigners on sight

>> No.15147265

Nordic cuisines excel in fish and game dishes and baked goods. Plenty of fresh ingredients such as berries and strong use of natural flavors such as smoke in the foods. People who bash them are just doing it to be pol level memers or have never actually been to the nordic countries.

>> No.15147273

>December -1, 2020
>Still seething over ORANGE MAN BAD
Yikes, cringe, oh nonono

>> No.15147310

>Election day +27
>Still worshiping a pathetic loser

>> No.15147411

>car salesman: *slaps roof of American8
>this baby can fit SO many ethnicities

>> No.15147434

why won't you poo in the loo Imjam?

>> No.15147440

German is pretty bad but it's definitely not the Wurst

>> No.15147658
File: 625 KB, 558x782, swedish_bishop.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Samefagging this hard.

>> No.15147885

>"Mexican food" was recently created in the USA by Glen bell
It was made by tejanos, who were former spics that lived in Texas and became citizens after we conquered the place.
It still has very little to do with the average mexican though.

>> No.15147966
File: 435 KB, 600x638, letmetelluaboutcountry.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]


>> No.15147995

You're not all of those things, you're an American.Get it through your fucking skull and accept it

>> No.15148006

Give him a break, no one in their right mind wants to admit being an american.

>> No.15148012

Scandinavia was politically defined and took its name from those mountains you utter fucking retard

>> No.15148015

>being this mad

>> No.15148016 [DELETED] 

it's always going to be the slavic countries. they are wintery wastelands and they eat things like putrid shark meat and whale blubber soaked in a lye solution. How is that cuisine?

>> No.15148017
File: 422 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20201130-141204.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Oop my finger slipped

>> No.15148021

holy shit that is so much oil

>> No.15148032

holy shit I fucking hate youtubers. this video is 10+ minutes. he has an intro. there's way too much talking before the recipe. he does the youtuber thing where you have to be 8 inches from the camera. he can't write a fucking script so he has to piece the video together one to two sentences at a time. at least he hasn't chopped his sentences into pieces like some dumb fucks. god I hate modern content producers. this video is so goddamn long. "virgin oil is the purest oil you can find on the planet" is this guy a used car salesman?

>> No.15148059

Panama is the first thing that comes to mind for me.

>> No.15148079

That's right now I feel a bit bad

>> No.15148121

Alio e olio is good yeah. A very simple cheap carb meal. The fact that italian "chefs" take it so seriously is funny tho.

It is literally just garlic flavored oil and pasta.

>> No.15148303

I do it sometimes and it's quick and tasty,but it's nowhere near to a national cuisine pride

>> No.15148314


And not exactly fine dining/good pub/tavern grub. The joys of living as a resource extraction country is you are always a step behind others in culinary since food is mostly on the go.

>> No.15148325

>they eat things like putrid shark meat and whale blubber soaked in a lye solution
>slavic countries
what in gods name am i reading? my mind is full of fuck now, thanks anon.

>> No.15148335


>> No.15148345

I hate tripfags so goddamn much

>> No.15148766

Exactly, no argument.

>> No.15148773

>10 minutes is too long!
>doesn't know about playback speed
You must be 18 or over to post here.

>> No.15148785

>positive thread way less popular than negative thread
Many. Such. Cases indeed.

>> No.15148803

Bong food isn't as bad as people think it is.

>Beef and Ale Pie with mashed potato
>Chicken Tikka Masala (yes, it's actually British and not Indian)
>Battered fish and chips

>> No.15148831

go ahead and watch your shitty youtube channel, I'm not going to watch that terrible content at 1.5x playback or something stupid like that. I click through videos rather than watch them sped up and I already got the gist of his recipe. that is a fuck ton of olive oil

>> No.15149084

>I click through videos rather than watch them sped up
So you basically want to complain for no reason.

>> No.15149092

Cope on a rope, my Amerilard friend.

>> No.15149095

>food from brits
Oh, so that's a bong

>> No.15149116

no I'm likely never going to watch another video from that channel.

>> No.15150202


>> No.15150791

Oh you sweet summer child. If you’re a waste of fucking oxygen, you’re a nigger. Not all blacks are niggers and not all niggers are blacks

>> No.15150904
File: 87 KB, 444x640, Skandinavierna.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Please, explain what you mean by "Politically defined" and also by whom, you very pleasant anon.

I am confident in the accuracy of my description.

The origin story of Scania (Skåne) is not how the term Scandinavia came to be, regardless of how many pop-cultural history books you have read that states that little dinner party fact. While the terms are similar, the region and its nations were described as Scandinavia due to the mountain range. There were no real "politics" involved. There was a cultural, intra-nationalist movement that described it as such and used the name of the mountain range. While a few speakers of the movement of the time (one Dane and two Swedes [on record as far as we can know today, right now]) referred to Pliny the Elder's description of the "Danish"/"Norwegian"/"Swedish" area as Scania, it was clear in multiple documents that the naming suggestion came from the mountain range. No politics involved, tough guy.

>> No.15151026

I would break it down into classes

A. scarcity. (mountain regions, islands, stations)
You're going to get some kind of high density canned shit, tushonka, rendered fat, strange flours, dried meats.
B. time poverty (subsistence farming regions)
Plenty of food but no time to cook, everything burned or boiled.
C. food deserts (major industrialized centers, capitalists dead zones, resorts)
Here the market is artificially constricted by commercial entities where a monopoly has forced out all that is fresh, tasty and decent.

Genuinely the worst places are those where food has to be brought in, and rich people compete with poor people.
What the staff eat at resort islands or cruise ships is heartwrenching, to serve salmon and lobster to guests and to be forced to eat rice and some muck for every meal.
Base camps on mountains, where rich tourists demand retarded food- so there is not enough space to airlift in what the workers need to survive
It is not uncommon for these workers to deliberately fatten themselves before the season starts in anticipation of the hardships which will follow

>> No.15151632

>samefagging this hard

>> No.15151634

The right can't meme.

>> No.15151806

The British love curry so much took over an entire sub-continent. It's usually Amerifats (or at least a sub-set thereof) who can't handle anything spicier than garlic.

>> No.15151816

I've heard that Filipino food is truly awful, but most people are only vaguely aware that the Philippines even exist, so nobody knows about their horrible food.

>> No.15151822
File: 419 KB, 1440x2880, Screenshot_20201201-085312.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

>still being this mad my Hungarian grandmother is perfectly fine with fast food, possibly more than I am

>> No.15151826

neither can the left, wingcuck, you're both embarrassing motherfuckers in my book

>> No.15151834

No hashbrowns? Very disappointed.

>> No.15151852

Beans on toast is delicious I will fight you irl

>> No.15151872

It looks like someone got an A.I. to try making a sandwich.

>> No.15151884

He's right; it should be brown sauce.

>> No.15152128
File: 518 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20201201-094504_Clover.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

All aboard the cope train, America!

>> No.15152175

My buddies Tita makes some of the best food I've ever tasted. Only Philippines restaurants are bad

>> No.15152210

The reddit answer = Britain
The edgelord answer = Italy
The correct answer = Russia

>> No.15152225

On the contrary, the nicest meal I've ever eaten was in a restaurant in Estonia.

>> No.15152747

easily uk
a multicultural smorgasbord of awful garbage

>> No.15152758

>t. Low test faggot

>> No.15152771


>> No.15152778

beans on toast is good ill give you that but in general their food is bland and shit
i lived there for a while

>> No.15152827

>he doesn't know bakewell tarts, peppered whelks, malvern pud, steak and kidney pud, cyder pork, bacon sarnies, ploughmans lunch
Should've gone outside of London, lad

>> No.15153016

>eating 1500kcal for breakfast alone

>> No.15153026

>come to the US
>eat food
WAAAHHHH you're not supposed to eat that food WAHHHH you are doing it wrong WAHHHHHHH this food doesnt count

>> No.15153054

>he's never heard of bahn mi

>> No.15153065
File: 16 KB, 474x266, african why are you gay.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Everyone is saying the UK or US or whatever but it's probably some African or tiny Asian country where they eat bugs and other gross shit.

Or Hatian dirt cookies lol

>> No.15153097

mmmmmmmmmm sheeps head yum yum fuck off

>> No.15153130

not to sound like a preaching whiny faggot but why the fuck is every single thread on /ck/ filled to the brim with retards arguing about who's the bigger retard? this seems like the only board where at the drop of a fucking hat the thread will derail into pointless nonsense. Anyways I'd say the worst food is probably somewhere in southeast asia if you're looking at cuisine as a whole and not just cherry picking

>> No.15153134


>> No.15153166


>> No.15153194

for what purpose tho, absorbing stomach acid so it fucks you less? or did the niggers Really want to shit bricks?

>> No.15153218
File: 52 KB, 980x551, when you spill ALOT of ketchup and have to hurry and clean before mama sees it.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

Nothing beats bread with liverpate and a glass of milk. Goddamn we know how to make some great fucking bread. And don't you faggots shit on our matpapir

>> No.15153397

>Saudi Arabia is not our ally. They are disgusting inbred coward bastards

>> No.15153411

>Which country

>> No.15153416

shut up tripfag

>> No.15153430

this dude is such an attention seeking bitch

>> No.15153443

In their defense that bread looks pretty good.

>> No.15153446

? and my answer is Europe. I don't like their food and they're always making fun of American food like it's worse. (it's not)

>> No.15153452

Italians are an arrogant bunch when it comes to their food. Reminds me of niggers and MUH DICK, except its MUH PASTA.

>> No.15153463

This. Some of the most utterly useless people in the World. They contribute just about nothing, shamelessly consume the culture of other countries, and have the arrogance of a people who have actually accomplished something. Along with those kangaroo niggers and new Zealand homos, leafs are the biggest faggots on the face of this Earth.

>> No.15153467

scandi food is shit and scandiods cant handle criticism

>> No.15153473

Not country, but region. Scandinavia. There are some good exceptions such as their meatballs, but most of the native food ranges from mediocre to vile. The cold must've fucked up their taste buds.

>> No.15153492

>exceptions such as their meatballs
that shit doesnt count. everywhere humans lived they came up with sausage, dumplings, pancakes, bread and so on.

>> No.15153500
File: 109 KB, 800x570, festlig-raktarta-med-polarbrod_7949[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google]

The swedes took it one step foward and decided to make an entire cake out of this stupid open sandwich concept.

It is like someone told them what a sandwich is, but not as to why the west loves it so much. The sandwich is supposed to be a nice portable meal for you to bring to work. These fools heard "Mayo, bread, cold deli meats? We can combine those for a meal!" and then made these open face sandwich abominations that show complete disregard to the concept of a sandwich.

>> No.15153501

Nauru pidentää ikää.

>> No.15153518

no way, /tv/, /v/ and all the other big boards have orders of magnitude more stupid shit than /out/.

>> No.15153551

>and then made these open face sandwich abominations
fuck off, sandwich cake is delicious

>> No.15153676

you nasty ass bastard

>> No.15153711

how would you knnow its the worst if you haven't tried it dumbass

>> No.15154136

you mean turkish meatballs

>> No.15154235

Nigerian food is pretty good. I also think Ethiopian food looks alright but haven't tried it

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