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has this actually happened to anyone?

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Fuck off with your shit thread retard

Kill yourself

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>be me
>working at in n out, junior yr of college
>my frat brother comes in
>give him a free cup
>manager sees
>fires me in the back

It wasn't a big deal, didn't have to close and miss the party that night anymore. Damn I miss college

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>be grocery store bag boy
>get reassigned to Dairy fridge
>Manager gone
>left me to stock eggs and go home
>crates of the fuckers on a U-boat
>15 minutes before shift is over
>have to push them up an uneven ramp
>crates fall over
>I have no idea what to do
>salvage what I can
>get paper towels from Meat & Seafood to clean up the rest
>leave 30 minutes late
>fired the next week

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Why does she have cum on her face?

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You had stock delivered by submarine? That's awesome!

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I went to Rubys once and the waitress dropped my food twice. Pretty sure she was drunk.

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no, I never worked in food service.

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I got let go because I'm uncoordinated as hell and couldn't handle more than 2 tables well.

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It's a maid cafe. I'm pretty sure it's common

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I spilled a beer on a customer because his dipshit friends decided to "help me out" by grabbing their drinks off my tray, throwing off the balance entirely. The customer was chill about it but I was angry

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why would you steal from your place of business and give a customer free food?

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I don't get it. Why are there crates of eggs on a German submarine?

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the embarrassment is a pretty good deterrent to make people not drop plates

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>ywn have a clumsy but qt maid waitress(male) to fall on your dick

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Not to me but
>be me
>at ihop with family
>waitress carrying dozens of mugs in pyramid form to kitchen
>hear a 5 second long series of crashes behind the counter
>manager comes out of dwelling
>slaps down his towel off shoulder and lays into waitress
>hear her crying trail off to back of kitchen
>eat rest of pancakes while listening to ceramic plinking of mugs being swept up

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You tend to drop stuff when people suddently cum on your face.

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hahahaha stupid bitch

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This doesn't happen at Dennys.

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>he doesn't have his eggs delivered by submarine
What's it like being this fucking poor?

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Why would anyone fire anyone in the middle of a shift are people really that dumb

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I eat and sleep at Denny's literally every day

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Humiliation is the best weapon

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What no?

The only thing it shows is that the person doing it is a weakwilled vindictive faggot that can't even muster enough self control to have an important talk with the person after the day is over, the only one being humiliated is the boss him/herself and the brand that gets hurt seeing as they likely don't have a replacement ready at the get go.

The only reasonable thing to do is to have the person shadow someone else and train him or her seeing as the person is likely very new or having a rough day and putting the time in to train that person more or less ensures loyalty from that employee and should also result in a happier more trusting group and happy employees does a better job which in the long run will generate more profits due to the customers having a good experience seeing as we are talking about the service industry.

I swear you gotta be one of those that think cutting employees due to a slow period which ensures worse quality of service to customers, overworked employees i.e. more sickdays and risk of long term sickness and less stellar performance not to mention somehow replacing seasoned workers at some point when things pick up as the only way to cut costs which only guarantees a constant loss of customers and good luck ever fixing that reputation when the numbers get back in black

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this is an anime website

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maybe dont steal. now you can never use that place as a reference for jobs and makes you look bad.

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no and will never , my fucking brain is self aware of those situations so much that i started imagining situations where i drop shit

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There was this host at my place that broke cups every other day but he busted ass so no one really cared, just teased him about it. Tried to fuck him and his sister but it didn't pan out cuz I was still a sperg 17 year old.

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My dad dropped like 20 plates and got fired

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It's yogurt or whipped cream or something, she was carrying some kind of parfait.

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>Tried to fuck him and his sister
>fuck him and his sister
>fuck him

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>Tried to fuck him and his sister but it didn't pan out cuz I was still a sperg 17 year old.

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Anon, you know bi people exist right?

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>Tried to fuck him and his sister

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Wasn't expecting much of a reaction. But yea. Have a soft spot for Asians and they were very beautiful people. Went on a date with the sister once but all she did was confide that she was forced into an all girls boarding school and was extremely confused because of it and thus not open to anything at the time

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This is a freshly dug grave. You’ll be there eventually with your birth name on the headstone.

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Lies, that doesn't look deep or clean enough at the edges to get the "railings" in and why didn't they dig it straight from the tombstone, damn that aggravates me why does it have to be so damn crooked!?

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you need to go back

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I’m sending you back to hell, tranny.

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nigga wtf

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Not even weird compared to other shit. But if you've got questions I've got answers I guess. Dinner isn't for another couple hours

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>implying there will be coffins when you and I die
there will be no coffins. just bloody jellies.

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You were fired for breaking a few eggs? Mom and pop store? I once dropped an entire pallet off a fork lift and my manager just laughed and was glad no one was injured. Cleaned up olive oil and tomato sauce for hours.

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...You actually think managers and businesses literally care about what's good for the company's long term value and the loyalty and happiness of their employees? LMAO holy shit dude, you're either rich as fuck or 65. Or both.

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rent free
there aren't even any trannies here retard

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Not for dropping things, no... I've definitely had a chef completely lose his shit on me for getting my job done in a timely fashion? I dunno. The thing I got fired over had been waiting for pickup for a minute. Apparently it was 45s overdue.

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shut up you filthy capitalist

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Ok tranny tard, keep taking your “titty skittles”

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>go back to medicating and bettering your image to become who you want to be
What did he mean by this anons?

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No, Ive never worked in food service. As a kid it looked like fun because the waitstaff were always so happy with the customers, but once I saw a server drop a plate of food and EVERY SINGLE EMPLOYEE cheered and clapped (yes we are American) which was apparently some rite of passage in that restaurant and I said nah fuck that Ill be a camp counselor and drive a forklift until I graduate high school.

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Of course the set budget, quarterly and yearly reports are really freakin' important but eroding the health of a company only for short term profit just doesn't make any sense I guess other than something of a hail mary in conjunction with a possible sale but if you plan on running or being with the company long term then why wouldn't you look at it long term.

A small dip into the red provided you can carry the loss of course makes more sense if it means you can keep appearances up, customers happy, employees happy and have a good vantage point for when it picks up which you already should have some strategy for instead of putting yourself in a negative deathspiral of sorts (granted you could take yourself out of it I guess although a lot of managers get to go if they don't perform as expected so it's more likely either not getting to hold out on the dip or picking up the slack after a lot of the damage has been done but reparing the loss of trust and goodwill as well as competent loyal employees that could be a whole different ball game although not impossible) which could mean you could struggle to barely make ends meet or just slowly bleed funds.

Happy employees does a better job, gives better service, produce more i.e. in turn generates more profits but then again I guess you could argues that a sweatshop with just a crack and a whip without any form of carrot does generate a profit as well

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Not to mention the drain it puts on society with overworked unhappy employees getting a higher risk of getting sick and all negatives that comes with that.

Treating employees well is a win-win not only for a company but also for the individual employee and society as a whole

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Oh and not me, but I was at a hookah bar with my ex (she was Muslim and loved that shit, Im not but it was a nice atmosphere) and they come around and change your coals every so often. Well the girl changing ours dropped one on my lap and I quickly picked it up and tossed it on a plate. I didnt get burned but her boss saw it and took her in the back screaming in some Arabic language and then she let in casual clothes a few minutes later with really red eyes. I felt bad for her, some mistakes are forgivable.

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This is one of the main reasons why Trader Joes is considered to have some of the happiest employees, they make shareholders their last focus, prioritize the needs and wellbeing of their employees and always try to hire management from within.

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Nice dream but businesses will never, EVER do this. They'd rather assign three people's work to a single person, grind their souls into dust, and then replace them when they burn out completely. Quarterly profits are the only thing that matters.

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Guess we have different views and experiences then and what if whoever gets to do three peoples work enjoys it?

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No matter how hard I fucked up, and I fucked up bad a few times, I never actually got in that much trouble. I've been fired once but not because I did something wrong.

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because you dont owe them shit

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>I'm just going to be sarcastic in lieu of having an actual opinion to avoid exposing me to criticism and real discussion
4chan or no these posts are such bitch moves.

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