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god the level of cringe

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Why do modern compilations chop up clips with each other? Just go one at a time goddamn. It's so retarded.

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13 seconds is as far as I could get. This chinese tik tok trash feels inhuman. It makes my body instinctively pull away.

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The average attention span is rapidly declining

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guarantee he'd "roast" someone following one of his shit recipes to the t
what a hack

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Why does he shit on someone who makes a pizza with mac and cheese and cheetos on it while he cooks shit like this?

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Notice how he completely dunks on every single person except for the 1 black person that he trips over himself to keep complementing


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Did you watch the entire video where he rips on him several times, or are you purposely being obtuse?

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Well, he wasn't being paid by the Frito-Lay corporation back then. Now he is.

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>rips on him several times
one comment about letting the juice go otherwise at the end he said it looks good. No one else did he get hyped for their cooking. It's such transparent bullshit and I am not American before you start mouthing off and whining about Trump.

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having watched a lot of kitchen nightmares gordon tends to like black people because they fall in line under him easier and have big tv personalities.

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He likes them because some kike said he has to otherwise he will get called racist. Every soul food places he usually gushes over some part of the meal and gets touchy feely with granny it's pretty pathetic of an act like he is afraid to say anything too bad

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he was brutal towards the place he planted the mouse at
tore those niggers a new asshole over their food

you are completely full of shit.

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and the whole getting touchy feely with gran over her one dessert which is the one good thing is something he did at la galaria 33 too

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You mean the restaurant where he said their cake was delicious and made sure to kiss granny on the camera you dishonest piece of shit


Put a bullet in your own head you retarded piece of shit. Faggots like you are the reason the world is in the sorry state it is running damage control and flat out lying.

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woah lets not go full /pol/, retard.

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what is the difference, between that, and this:


It's the EXACT same bit.

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>n word
/pol/ faggot kill yourself

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saying 'n word' is just as bad as saying nigger.

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Your video is blocked you retarded racist. Go back to /pol/ no one cares

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I'll run it down for you. He eats the italian grannies tiramasu and gushes over it and hugs and kisses her

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No one cares about your fantasies you racist stop shitting all over this board

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so are you going to admit you were lying? You said Gordon is racist because he kisses a black granny and compliments her dessert, but i proved to you he's done that other times and so it's nothing about her being black, merely, kissing a granny is good tv and grannies make good desserts sometimes.

are you gonna own this, you liar?

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I can't watch the video but everyone in the thumbnail is not white. You made his argument for him.

>> No.15118598

you're getting triggered over a word instead of actually thinking about what i'm saying. it's pathetic.

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I said Gordan shows favoritism in tik tok videos like the two posted. You have been arguing with other idiots you moron.

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She's Italian. She's got the same skin tone as Gordon.
What is it with mutts obsessions over who is or isn't white?

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>He likes them because some kike said he has to otherwise he will get called racist. Every soul food places he usually gushes over some part of the meal and gets touchy feely with granny it's pretty pathetic of an act like he is afraid to say anything too bad

If you didn't say that, you still replied to me replying to address it. That's what we're talking about. And the general point that Gordon is supposedly some timid libcuck who is afraid of being mean to black people or gushes unduely over them and i haven't watched your retarded tictoc reaction video or whatever but from his tv show that's simply not true.

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grill cheese master right here

>> No.15118624

I said this
and that was it you triggered fuck.

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so what are you saying? she's some disenfranchised minority and Gordon is only kissing her and praising her tirimasu because she's nigger-tier and it's an example of the same 'anti-white racism' you're accusing him of ?

or are you just being obtuse and nitpicking nothing?

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I am saying Italians are not white

>> No.15118631

so you're just being obtuse and nitpicking nothing then
if you have no further point.

>> No.15118636

>gonna make a grilly cheesy toasty greasy
>...with cheese that literally can't melt

Why did he post this video?

>> No.15118637

i don't know what you are referring to i made no other point than Italians are not white

>> No.15118639

why did you say that

>> No.15118642

because they are not white

>> No.15118649

why does that matter ?

>You made his argument for him.
did you say that?

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no you fucking retard. read this https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_Islam_in_southern_Italy

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I do not care.
fuck you

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you come into this thread, with people being actively racist, to be pedantic about race and think you can just pretend to 'mean nothing by it' and just be having a tangential 'cultural/historical discussion'?

get fucked you retard. You're either dishonest or completely naive.

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Did you read the link you dumb mother fucker? What is wrong with you? Holy shit you have issues

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>salt and pepper your plate
she learned from the best

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Awfully defensive there for a non-burger...

>> No.15118907

Even if he's getting paid by Frito-Lay to shill their corn chips that's no excuse for salting Fritos.

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Kek. Shut the fuck up faggot

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I watch the whole thing. Do I win a prize?

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>be on this site
>say literal anything that upsets an American leftist

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