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What do you think of this pizza, /ck/?

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I like every pizza appart from green ones, therefor I like it

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post bottom. The edge looks pretty burnt.

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Looks a little burnt but I'd still eat it

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Looks good I like it when toppings go to the edge 8/10

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I bet the bottom of Space Shuttle Columbia was less black than that thing.

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based AND panpilled

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I hate when pepperoni cups up

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Looks good. Would degrease and eat.

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... "degrease"?

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Oh my god what is wrong with him

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yeah you know, the thing homosexuals do before eating pizza with a knife and fork

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Oh honey, I'm sorry you had to go through that

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Literally looks like a supermarket pizza overcooked and placed in a takeout pizza box.

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What's "supermarket pizza"? I've never heard this term before, honestly.

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A frozen one or some supermarkets have a hot case near the deli that serves hot foods including whole pizza.

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Little caesars

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don't like pizza that doesn't have the cheese over the toppings
it goes dough > sauce > toppings > cheese

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Are you from the Quad-Cities?

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Gas station tier

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Canadians put crust on top.

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Oh you innocent child. Let me show you what gas station pizza actually looks like.

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>all gas station pizza is identical!
Yer a retarded faggot kike nigger

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But that's basically what you said as well. Also, you seem to have anger issues.

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that's not at all what he said

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"This pizza looks like it's from a gas station." Therefore, gas station pizza has a common appearance that this pizza shares.
The logic isn't hard to follow, well, not for someone with a working brain.

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disgusting deformed pepperones

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>Prepackaged sausage
Into the trash it goes.

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Looks tasty. Heavy toppings with patrician cupping pepperoni. Big pieces of sausage. Cheese is not spotted so probably not cheap. Delicious Gut Bomb/10. Did you make it yourself and box it to fool us?

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