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for me it's pb banana & mayo

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You've taken a perfectly good sandwich & ruined it. I've heard of adding honey, which for me makes it too sweet, but fucking mayo?

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it's fuckin good bro. just google it and see

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looks delicious

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MAYBE butter but mayo?

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pb and mayo is a purposely gross meme, like the /ck/ banner as with a hot dog with toothpaste on it

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it's fucking delicious and your a faget if you hate on it without trying it. mayo adds some zing and creaminess to the sandwich which balances nicely with the PB

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Creaminess to balance creamy peanut butter

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For me, it’s the fluffernutter.

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My boy elroy

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Cheese and jam sandwiches in the microwave.
Just enough to melt the cheese.

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We do a similar thing here in Utah just with a spinach tortilla instead, and it has ranch and buffalo sauce.

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do americans really...

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Nobody puts mayo on their PB sandwhiches. A fluffernutter is just marshmallow and peanut butted. Stop being obsessed fag.

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>they think I was mocking it for being mayonnaise
>they think it being marshmallow fluff makes it acceptable

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>never worked a man's job
>has to count calories like a basic bitch

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>not euro
>just got home from hard labour work all day
>never counted a calorie in my life
cope more fatty

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Hungarian here.

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what's the red sauce and is the white stuff cheese?

hungarians sure like boiled eggs

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red sauce = piros arany / eros pista its like a chili sauce, its really popular.
(but we use ketchup too)

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The cheese is my cum and the red sauce is my cum when I scratched my urethra

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sausage sandwich

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A simple ham and cheese sandwhich on a dinner roll with mayo and cold butter spread on it
apparently the butter bit is a bit unusual outside of the area

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i havent even eaten this in like 20+ years but I still feel a sense of aussie pride every time I see it

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is this what a circumcised dick looks like

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ask your mother(male)

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