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>look at supposed nice restaurant's menu
Do they not teach significant digits in burgerfat physics? If I am eating alone at a place that does this, I order the second most expensive dish and walk out two minutes later. Then I call the GM the morning after, tell him what I did, and laugh in his ear.

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You'd think third worlders would be more concerned with stopping immigrants from breeding them out, but here we are watching them being obsessed with superior culture. Sad.

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Did you post the right menu there, chief?

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what in god's name is OP talking about?

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Converting prices to whole numbers because the price looks less intimidating and more chic. Dollar signs are optional too.
And then they add a single significant digit for no reason when they want to attach 50 cents to it.
If you're going to call $12.50 '12.5', then $13.00 had fucking better be '13.0'. Yes, I am autistic about this. Yes, I have really ordered expensive items and walked out over this.

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something to do with $24.99 rounding up to $25 i think

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everything on that menu is under $10

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You're not just autistic, but you're also a faggot and need to go back to your Redd/int/ circlejerk.

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imagine not wanting a menu written in numeric(13,13)

yes i would like my steak for $62.6262262626262626262

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I'm aware, I was posting a menu picture of my own to keep the menu theme going. But OPs image doesn't demonstrate what he's even bitching about.

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I'm not denying being autistic. It's still an extremely questionable design choice.
Lately I've been seeing fucking mall food court places putting up whole numbers now that $10+ menus are being realized in the low-end.

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Kel what a bitch

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what happenes to Nash in the white hot summer of '92?

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12,50 = 12,5

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>Do they not teach significant digits in burgerfat physics?
Yes. For example, when you go to a nice place that costs lots of money, the bill says $1.35 x 10^2

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They do this shit in Yurope too?

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he got his wish

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