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Don't forget the potato scallops when you order your fish & chips anons. I prefer Blue Grenadier to Flake, & don't even try to serve me Basa.

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So the fuck is it? A large french fry or a fucking McDonalds hashbrown?

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Its a mcnugget, cooklet

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It's a slice of potato battered.

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we call that a potato cake down here mate

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Fucking Victorians. You blokes pronounce Cicada like an American would, you can't be trusted.

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>"potato scallop"
>shitty battered plain potato
Do britfags really?

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It's fucking amazing. I once made a batch with potato flour batter & it tasted like it was covered in potato chips/crisps with a fluffy potato inside.

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BASED thread. Might have to grab myself some.

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westerners are amazing at inventing 6 gorillion pointless names for the same food.

it creates an illusion of diversity and substance where there is none.

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Every country has regional dialects unless nationalist governments have deliberately destroyed them.

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Basa is eggwhites.

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fuck off faggot southerners
it's a potato scallop

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The craziest one is that shitty processed lunch meat people put in sandwiches with sauce, or you can grill it and make it nice and crunchy. I've heard so many names for it.

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