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What're your thoughts on weenies on buns being called "glizzies"?

>> No.15101528

I think it's a weird way to annoy people

>> No.15101532

DC sucks.

>> No.15101536

Literally nobody cares about white trash slang.

>> No.15101551

It's actually niggertalk that got coopted by DCfags because they're overrun with violent niggers.

>> No.15101785

This. I'm really starting to hate DC posters. There is an especially obnoxious one you might have run into

>> No.15101788

The dudeweed kike?

>> No.15101839

It's a gay guy who is pretty militant about it. He posts on /pol/ and /out/ too

>> No.15102141

so lame
please stop forcing this shit meme

>> No.15102785

This is true, I know it to be fact because the mocha skinned mamzer mulatto zoomers have already integrated it into their ebonic hipster vernacular like the negroidic parroting faggots they are.

>> No.15102805

The entire DMV sucks.

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