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Guys, I have a lot of breakfast sausage coming my way. I killed two deer and a wild pig 2 weeks ago. The processor will be delivering my meat tomorrow. Does anyone have recipes they love that use ground sausage? Please share

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Literally anything that normally uses sausage. You aren't quirky or unique or whatever for using game meat.

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I grew up on deer meat it gets old really fast make burgers but add 2 eggs for every lb because the deer meat is so lean with little to no fat so it'll fall apart

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i do variation on laab and eat it with rice pretty often
a lot of room for variations here
but the core of punchy aromats, chilli, etc + quick cooked mince + fish sauce/lime, herbs and crunchy like toasted rice or roast peanuts or whatever is excellent

Similiar to above but more chinesey with lots of shaoxiang wine and soy sauces (dark for the colour) and sugar and then thickened with corn starch over rice with a fried egg and scallions is excellent too like chinese sloppy joe rice.

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Awesome! thank you

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i'm jealous of you hunting venison and pork
i'd love to do that one day

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Cube 1 potato softened in boiling water 10min
Pan fry with butter, rosemary thyme
1 egg
2 Mushroom chopped
Halved tomato
bacon rasher
2x Toast
2 Sausages

I'm not gay(english) btw

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I asked for favorite sausage recipes because I have a lot of sausage. You must be a miserable shit.

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I didn't grow up in a hunting family. I made friends with hunters and embraced looking like a newbie. You can do it!

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This. OP is just a retard. He probably votes Trumpt oo.

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>You aren't unique or whatever for using game meat.
well actually they are though

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Just feed it to your dog its not like you can't harvest 100 more pigs and deer

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I would not eat wild animals unless I knew that the land they lived on wasn't poisoned
you're going to turn into a sissy eating estrogenized deer meat

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Biscuits and sausage gravy is obligatory. Cornbread/sausage stuffing would be fitting for this holiday season as well.

Tbh, although breakfast sausage was the primary fresh sausage made at the Fall pig slaughter by everyone, there aren't a lot of specific dishes incorporating it. Other than the 2 I mentioned, it was generally just fried up for breakfast.

You would have been better off getting the processor to use some of it for Summer sausage.

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Meatbread, my friend, meatbread.

You can do different types and flavors but brown some ground sausage, roll it into a dough with flavoring and some cheese and bake it. Bada-Bing Bada-Boom, a tasty, easy to make meal.

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Biscuits and sausage gravy

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Or toast, breakfast sandwich style with eggs etc...

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Fucking murderer, stop killing animals.

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t. Processed meat eater who eats only things stored in plastic

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Do they take a cut of the meat or charge you? Been thinking about getting into hunting for cheaper meat and wonder if it would be cheaper to dress the animal myself

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>Guys, I have a lot of breakfast sausage coming my way. Does anyone have recipes they love that use ground sausage? Please share

fixed your blog post for you

make frozen breakfast burritos. eggs, maybe some beans, sausage, and some green chillis or whatever else you like. keep it dry.

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Do you even know the flavor of breakfast sausage? It has no similarity to American style italian sausage whatsoever. No, just no.

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