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what kind of dried fruit is your favorite?

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What do you call dried raisins?

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So you're supposed to eat the peel or?

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Raisins, you dipshit.

It's hard to say, so many of them are good. As far as what I use and how often, it's a toss-up between cherries, apricots, apple slices, or figs.

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Throwing around insults on my board is just asking for a whoopin. You want a whoopin?

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0/10 memepasta. Go suck a fart.

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Just try it, small fry

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Hey guys, we doing this or what?

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You cock suckers. All three of you at once. Where you at?

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A place where scrawny (or alternatively, fatass) nerd faggots can't possibly get under my skin. Crawl out of your own putrid asshole.

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Peel's edible and probably loses its toughness when completely dried of moisture.

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citrus peel is 100% edible and even though it doesn't taste as good as the fruit, it still has a lot of nutrients. just make sure its clean

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Dried figs are nice to have with tea.

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Dried apricots, the best dried fruit

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Dried mangos

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all of these are good, but i'd say of the 3 figs win.

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Dried apricots, figs, craisins, apples, dates, mangos, strawberries, god I wish dried fruit wasn't such a calorie bomb

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If we're talking dehydrated fruit, Trader Joes sells these dehydrated mandarin oranges that are ridiculously good.

If I'm making it myself I really like dehydrated apples, figs, and bananas.

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i love dried apples
i used to make them with my grandpa whenever we visited him.
when he died my uncle took his dehydrator and i cant get the same texture with mine.
i still have 1 little ziploc bag of my grandpas apples left that i am saving

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Dried apple or banana

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Figs, peaches or mango without the sugar.

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seconding, those dried mandarins are delicious

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I was thinking I'd make candied lemons this week

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Dried cherries. I don't get them very often.
By volume, my favorites would be raisins, dates, then apricots.

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berries and mangoes

his spirit is still with you and will be even after the apples are gone anon, just remember him often and think of him when something reminds you of him and he'll be with you always. the soul is a form of energy and energy can't be destroyed

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