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I just had the thought "I don't like sweets for breakfast" because I don't like muffins, donuts, etc for breakfast. But then I realized, it's false because I do like pancakes and waffles for breakfast. Why?

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I haven't eaten breakfast in 15 years

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>why do I like what I like?
Literally who gives a fuck, faggot.

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Because you're fat and gay

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Less sweet obviously. Either that or your just a slut for maple syrup and butter. But compared to muffins and doughnuts a pancake is much more filling. Usually fresh too compared to a muffin or doughnut you get that was maybe made a week ago.

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Savoury pancakes are great and beat the hell out of toast. I'll pass on the sweet and syrupy ones.

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a few weeks ago my friends wife made me pancakes and eggs for breakfast. we had been up all night drinking and what not. first time id had pancakes in probably 10 years. it was nice.

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Pancakes are such a good hangover food. Good starter that can lead into some coffee, bacon, eggs, hashbrowns, even a medium-well strip steak if your up for it.

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The ratio of sugar to other ingredients is higher in donuts and muffins than it is in pancakes and waffles.

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Have sex, incel

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